“This Has Got To Stop”



Eric Clapton (top right) name checks Ivor Cummins (left) during an interview about his experiences with the Covid jab and his collaboration with Van Morrison.


Slowhand & Van – The Rebels (Eric Clapton, Van Morrison)

A new single from Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.

Proceeds will go to The Van Morrison Rhythm & Blues Foundation assisting out-of-work musicians.

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25 thoughts on ““This Has Got To Stop”

  1. Rob

    Is that the Enoch Powell supporting Eric Clapton, or someone else, who hasn’t expressed disgusting racist views?

    1. Micko

      Clapton has expressed shame and regret about his previous views. He’s done several interviews over the years.

      So, do we allow racists to repent and change their views or condemn them forever?

      1. paddy apathy

        Maybe in a few years he’ll express “shame and regret” about his current views.

    2. scottser

      i wouldn’t excuse it, but he was pooaced for most of that period. the racist rants probably weren’t the worst of it, if the anecdotes from people around him are to be believed.

      1. Micko

        He may have said worse.

        And I’m not excusing it. But, I think that accepting a person can change is something we have to be open to.

        If not, what’s the point of berating and calling them out – when we could possibly just murder them instead :)

        Soylent White anyone?

      2. Junkface

        Did Eric Clapton go on a racist rant before? I had no idea. Doesn’t he play live with black musicians all of the time? Confusing, but yes, he’s been through periods of heavy drug and alcohol addiction. I wouldn’t seek out any wisdom from himself or Van. Old rich fellas. The last time they lived normally was the mid 60’s.

  2. Bitnboxy

    Paytriot nincompoop-alert. Ivor’s flimflam and credit card machines are oiled-up and ready to go and wants you to give him and his brilliance the attention he deserves (craves) and throw a few bob his way (shur he’s worth it at twice the price!).

    1. K. Cavan

      Have you considered going for a few more of those Aunty Covid injections, Bitnboxy? “A Jab A Day Keeps The Covid At Bay”. A little prick isn’t gonna bother you, for obvious reasons & you get more & more protection the more they jab you. Sure, there’s a risk to your health each time but I’m willing to accept that risk, because sooner or later, one of the jabs will eradicate the annoyance that Ivor creates in your little head. Go for it, man, jabba-jabba-hey!

  3. joe cool

    No one mentioning the copious amount of Colombian marching powder and alcohol has had on his system?

    1. K. Cavan

      Still, his sentences have a start, middle & end. That’s harder to do than you realise, clearly.

  4. stephen moran

    Clapton…the crown prince of the great academy of the most over rated artists of all time. He’s been getting away with playing that same shite “meet me at the crossroads” guitar solo for over half a century now. Pick & mix him with the biggest moan hole (& that is really saying something) from that pissant swamp Norn Iron – Van the unlistenable – the Belfast bore ,the Tinfoil Cowboy , Mr. All Hat & No Cattle). Maybe his new found friends in the Northern Taliban (aka DUP) can take him down the chippie

    1. phil

      George Harrison counted him as a friend, they even shared a wife and stayed friends, he is probably an OK fella, I prefer to listen to his music , if he spoke about covid Id skip that …

  5. K. Cavan

    Why bother embarrassing yourself with this comment, Stephen? You might as well have written “Sarkasim”, in your own faeces, across your forehead, although that would look a lot prettier.

  6. Jonboy

    It’s easy to be COVID-Sceptic / Anti-Vax when your a millionaire who doesn’t have to work on the frontlines.

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