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Via The Guardian:

Sometimes, Stuart Ritchie feels like he’s being pursued by an army of smiley faces. The lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London, is not delusional: instead, and somewhat to his surprise, he is on the frontline of a coronavirus information war.

The emojis often decorate the Twitter profiles of the self-proclaimed “lockdown sceptics”, a subset of social media users who remain unconvinced that coronavirus restrictions are necessary, even as the number of deaths in the UK approaches 100,000.

Often they are indignant at the efforts of Ritchie and others to refute the claims of a small but thoroughly amplified cadre of columnists, academics and enthusiastic amateurs, ranging from the free speech advocate Toby Young to the engineer and diet guru Ivor Cummins, who provide dubious but densely argued justifications for their stance.

At some point they settled on the smiley as their membership badge. If it is meant to be friendly, it doesn’t necessarily come across that way….


The information warriors fighting ‘robot zombie army’ of coronavirus sceptics (The Guardian)

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This morning.

UK’s Talk Radio.

Chronic disease specialist and Covid response critic, Dubliner Ivor Cummins aka The Fat Emperor discusses the new rona data, false positives and ineffective lockdowns with Julia Hartley Brewer.

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“This a mobilisation of the organisation”.


So many we ran out of time.

Chronic disease specialist and Covid response critic Ivor Cummins aka The Fat Emperor took to the piping hot ‘stool of doom’ this morning (8am) to address YOUR queries.

Even rude ones.

With Vanessa Foran and John Ryan.

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