Meanwhile, In Phoenix Park




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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Phoenix Park

  1. nicorigo

    It happened I think few year ago in the States with a baby bison I think. The poor animal had to be put down afterward because once in human custody he won’t be accepted back with his herd or something….Hopefully won’t happened to the baby deer…People are really stupid.

  2. Madam x

    Removing any young animal is the stupidest thing. All animals whether deer sheep cattle work on smell. If you contaminate a newly born with human scent the new born will be rejected. If a sheep has lambs who are born dead farmers will try to get the mother to foster another lamb by skinning the dead born, putting the skin on a different lamb with a view to fooling the mother with the smell of the original lamb. Sometimes it works sometimes not . That’s your farming lesson for today !! ☺☺

    1. Johnny

      Bear Grylls used a somewhat similar technique,skinning a dead seal to fashion an improvised wet suit,allowing him to now cross a freezing lake.
      At least they did not take it home eat it.

      1. JB

        In one episode he used a dead sheep as a makeshift sleeping bag, ostensibly to keep warm but intending also to fool the mother into accepting him as her own.

  3. Junkface

    Jesus! I can’t believe someone actually did this! Do schools still do a Nature class once or twice a week? I remember we did that, or spent the day in the park studying plants and insects with magnifying glasses. Maybe people have lost touch with the natural world?

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