Big Literary Guns


This morning.

Sandycove, county Dublin.

Naval Service patrol ship LÉ James Joyce marks Bloomsday close to the Martello Tower where ‘Ulysses’ begins.

Patrol ship to have starring role in celebration of James Joyce (The Times)

Pic via Brian Coffey

2 thoughts on “Big Literary Guns

  1. scottser

    are they going to bomb all the bloomsdayers out and about today? purveyors of filth and all that..

  2. Otis Blue

    “With the help of the holy mother of God,” he says, Ireland’s empty harbours will fill with vessels and the first Irish battleship will breast the waves and fly “our own” flag. “None of your Henry Tudor’s harps, no, the oldest flag afloat, the flag of the province of Desmond and Thomond, three crowns on a blue field, the three sons of Milesius.”

    And proper order too!!!

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