What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?


Graham Neary

August 2020:

I revealed that Neil Ferguson was a recipient of funds from the pharma industry and from the Gates Foundation, and that his calculation of Covid’s fatality rate was utter junk. His models and assumptions were nonsense from the beginning

I figured out that the first five months of 2020 were less dangerous in Ireland than 2015, 2016 & 2018. Overall mortality appeared to be normal. And without any need for masks or vaccines.

This made the Covid death toll very suspicious

Sep 2020:

I finally realised that both Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation were key to understanding the intellectuals who promoted Covid hysteria. This landmark thread exposed the common links between so many prominent academics.

October 2020:

I was now able to show that the official Covid death toll in Ireland made no sense. I also observed the extreme low mortality in summer 2020, despite the ongoing “pandemic” and the temporary reopening of the economy:

November 2020:

I showed that when you standardised for age, Irish mortality had barely been affected by the so-called pandemic.

In the much older UK, despite lockdown, the Welsh mortality rate had returned to the level of 2015, and England back to 2010:

With sarcasm, I expressed relief that corruption at the WHO was a thing of the past. The British Medical Journal had previously found that industry-backed scientists were more likely than others to stoke fear over the fake swine flu pandemic.

I helped bring attention to the humanitarian disaster that cowardice and hysteria in rich countries was having on the poor in the poorest countries.150 million people being pushed into extreme poverty, according to the World Bank

I noted that according to one Freedom of Information request, only 63% of positive PCR “cases” were recorded as having any symptoms. How many of those people had symptoms which had something to do with Covid-19? I guess we will never know.

I noted that Imperial’s Covid modelling was unable to make accurate forecasts – it’s the worst modelling of a bad bunch. This might help to explain why Ireland’s modellers in NPHET have no ability to predict anything:

I investigated mortality in Sweden and found that 2020 was shaping up to be worse than 2019, but very similar to the years prior to that. The predictions of what would happen to a country without lockdown were conclusively shown to be rubbish:

December 2020:

I noted the frequency of side effects in relation to the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, and the lack of important information relating to long-term effects, fertility and transmission.

This tweet annoyed a lot of people but went truly viral.

January 2021:

I explored the thinking of Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR technique.

For what it’s worth, I am in no doubt that he would be horrified at how PCR has been abused for Covid-19.

I studied the hospital data and found that in 2020, the number of ICU patients labelled “Covid” had zero impact on the total number of ICU patients. Covid has been the greatest relabelling exercise ever:

With the final numbers for Swedish mortality in 2020, I found that Covid without a lockdown produced a better result than all years prior to 2014, and was little different compared to 2015-2018.

February 2021:

I reminded everyone that Gabriel Scally and Tony Holohan had promoted vaccination for swine flu. Sam McConkey said a cautious estimate would see swine flu cause 1,000 deaths, as bad as “four jets going down in Dublin airport”

Gabriel Scally blocked me on Twitter and somebody had the YouTube video in which he promoted swine flu vaccination taken down. Here‘s another copy. It will probably be taken down too, so you might want to download it:

April 2021:

I drew together all the links I could find between those who push Covid hysteria and key institutions. The key institutions are Wellcome Trust, the Gates Foundation, and the pharma industry. Links to the World Economic Forum are also common.

March to May 2021:

It became ever more obvious that the Covid death toll was fake news being used to push an agenda on behalf of governments, media and industry.

June 2021:

The Irish government’s attitude to reopening travel and leisure reflects the poor quality of its politicians and medical bureaucrats. I attempted to wake people up with a visual comparison vs. the US. Many states have been open for months:

In time, I would like to see the politicians who voted for Covid-related human rights abuses to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. This includes most currently sitting in the Irish and UK parliaments. The momentum for Nuremberg 2 will build, as more and more wake up.

However, that will not be my fight.

It was an intellectual challenge to debunk Covid. As far I’m concerned, it has now been successfully debunked. I think it’s time for me to go back to the intellectual challenges in my own profession.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work.

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Media Matters

Graham Neary?


Ah here.

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45 thoughts on “What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

  1. Dan

    This guy’s confidence is matched only by his stupidity. “Crimes against humanity” – Jesus wept.

    1. eoin

      By the end of the summer you’ll be eating those words. No doubt you’ll also be trying to join the class action lawsuits against the pharma companies that injected experimental and harmful concoctions into your arm while at the same time the media and state suppressed the info on safe therapeutic drugs.

  2. paddy apathy

    I revealed, I figured out, landmark thread, I was now able to show, I showed, I helped bring attention, I explored, I studied, I found, I reminded everyone.

    Jaypers Graham must be truly exhausted after all that.

    And totes debunking Covid!

    Thanks pal.

    1. badger

      You forgot the grifters gold – “this tweet that went viral” – all they want is for people to consume their poopy opinion.

      And in his twitter bio – “No advice given”…. Could have fooled us Graham

  3. newsjustin

    “It was an intellectual challenge to debunk Covid. As far I’m concerned, it has now been successfully debunked.”

    Go and throw plops at yourself.

  4. MoRhustyDilis

    Doing God’s work. Someone has to while all the blabbers on here just blab on and criticise.

    But seriously, if it wasn’t for some people raising awareness of these events and circumstances how would we become aware and make informed decisions.
    I say fair play and I for one thank those highlighting this shamdemic.

      1. Tony

        Ah lads. No rebuttal required. It’s just some young lad on Twitter. ‘Good man yourself’ and a friendly nutshot. Job done

        1. Cui Bono?

          You haven’t a clue. He’s 100% vindicated at this stage.

          Ignorance is bliss……..

      2. Cui Bono?

        Exactly, it’s only ever lazy ad hominem attacks form the ignorant who never look at the data for themselves.

  5. Dan

    How come Bodger never seems to post all the craic that the “repressed” youth do be up to on South William Street?

  6. H

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, *click*, you’re under…

  7. Micko

    While we can perhaps critique Graham’s use of words and some of the assumptions he makes.

    I don’t think he’s asking for money is he? (unlike Ivor) Nor is he making money from Covid I’d imagine. There’ll no fee for appearing on RTE for him (unlike every single bloody medi-celeb)

    In fact, it’s probably hurting him and his biz posting this stuff.

    So, agree with him or disagree – if he’s not in it for the money and he’s doing it for altruistic purposes… leave him be.

    He’s doing what he thinks is right.

  8. eoin

    I can completely understand the angry attacks from people. We must try to have some sympathy for these people even though they aren’t actually able to contradict Nearys work and are simply lashing out at the messenger. It really isn’t their fault. Many of them have already probably had the jab and can’t undo that now. Fear and anger and grief will rule their worlds once the truth about the experimental nature of the jabs is finally revealed. Many will have to be held to account. Medical professionals, politicians, journalist….all have failed us. It sounds unbelievable but it is true. Every day more evidence comes to light and then gets covered up by the powers that be. But if you dig a little you can find it.

    1. Fearganainm

      If digging a little leads to finding things easy enough then could you please give us a credible source for your claim (in the ‘Not linked’ post), that ‘…Spain and Russia have advised people who’ve had the ‘vaccine’ not to fly due to the potential dangers of high altitude blood clotting…’ ?

      Personally I think that you’re going to have to be digging for a very long time, the rest of your life perhaps. Because, and I’ll be gentle here, that statement bears no relation to truth or fact and is never, ever going to do so. I think you’re going to have to eventually concede that your attempt to smuggle that falsehood by us is not only unbelievable but also untrue.

      Don’t forget your shovel!

  9. Fergalito

    His twitter feed is full of rebuttals and counter arguments based on data too. The age old commonly quoted problem with data is that you can use it to say anything you want, North Pole or South Pole. Data while potentially valuable is so manipulated and mangled its value is absorbed into the competing clamour and white noise of raging righteousness on any side of a polarising argument or debate or name calling and grandstanding. Part of me thinks that a lot of people who present data to support their argument do just that – go find a scatter diagram that appears to endorse one’s view and present it in isolation like it’s some sort of smoking gun. Don’t be duped by what something looks like, examine what it is.

    I don’t care what people believe one way or the other, bang yer drum for either side, cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in a pie chart.

  10. Joe

    Someday someone will write a treatise explaining why people would rather believe the insane harmful and hurtful fantasies that the likes of of Graham Neary spout rather than believe the entire scientific communities evidence across all of the worlds nations and across all of the worlds political divides that have shown Covid is a vicious killer disease worldwide.

    For Neary to even write the line below demonstrates a total failure in his abuse of statistics and for fools to fall for it is extraordinary.
    “It was an intellectual challenge to debunk Covid. As far I’m concerned, it has now been successfully debunked.”

    What next from Neary and the fools who accept his bunk stats? Stats from Neary clearly showing the Sun orbits the Earth and gullible fools on Broadsheet will believe it I suppose.

    I expect Broadsheet must be losing a whack of advertising revenue because I don’t know any decent company that would want their name associated with a site promoting anti-covid garbage

    1. Cui Bono?

      There’s currently over 58,000 Medical Practitioners & Public Health Scientists that have signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

      Your lazy ad hominem remarks are pathetic. Graham has been 100% correct in his analysis which you can verify yourself.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      What it the bar for debunking? The Journal?
      I don’t think anyone (professional medic) has debunked Neary yet.

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