Hurricane Delta


This morning.

Brussels, Belgium.

“We need to have a full assessment of the prevalence of the Delta variant right now across Europe. It’s not just the UK anymore. There are very high numbers in Portugal, for example.

“Full vaccination is the most important protective weapon we have against the Delta variant in our case, or indeed any other variants that may emerge.”

Taoiseach Micheal Martin.


This afternoon.


This afternoon.





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45 thoughts on “Hurricane Delta

  1. Mr. T

    Vaccines will protect you.. but you still need to stay indoors, wear a mask, dont travel.. etc.

  2. Tony

    Vaccinated people can still carry and spread COVID – which puts the unvaccinated at risk.

    1. K. Cavan

      So, it would actually be BETTER if more people die from the side-effects? Dead people can’t spread viruses, right? It’s all making sense, now.

      1. Tony


        So what YOU’RE saying is that children and small animals should die and that you should have a big Satan-worshipping party to celebrate and that you kiss and love Hitler?

        Shame on you K

    2. Mr. T

      If thats the case then why do we need to vaccinate everyone? Surely just the vulnerable will do.

      Even if we vaccinate everyone, vaccinated people still can spread Covid so it can continue to exist and mutate.

      1. Nigel

        The most eye-opening thing about this pandemic is the number of people who bravely stand up and state ther preference for, nay insistence on, half measures, quarter measures, one-eighth measures, anything but full measures. If a thing is worth doing, they decalim, then it’s worth barely doing at all, and badly.

        1. K. Cavan

          Actually, I was just wondering what the most eye-opening thing about this Scamdemic was! I agree that all those people quoting fractions, rather than percentages, is a problem but only for you, other people can’t hear the voices in your head. You must have to make posts regularly to keep your boss happy & you just can’t keep the flow of nonsense going, it just falls back to half measures, quarter measures, you know the rest.
          Again, Nigel, you’ve hit the nail on the point,
          nobody does it better,
          makes me feel sad for the rest,
          nobody does it quite as good as you,
          Nigel, Nigel, Nigel, you’re the best….

    3. eoin

      You got a 98-99% chance of survival of the pox. Even if the jabs work a treat, how much do you think it can increase your odds of survival by? That’s right. The potentially lethal, experimental jabs everyone is desperate to get will increase your odds of survival by a maximum of 1-2%. Keep an eye on hospitalization figures with regards to the Delta pox variant, they’re deliberately leaving those figures out because hospitalizations in the UK so far have continued to noise dive. Delta has more in common with a cold. Then ask yourself why are the authorities so desperate to keep this farce going? Is it all just about selling jabs?

    1. Micko

      The “Epsilon variant” should have been next (I think) and Omega last.

      But they went with Delta Plus for the new one – ye har!. ;-)

    2. alickdouglas

      Zeta is the 6th letter of the Greek alpahbet, that was used back in March for a variant ‘of interest’ isolated in Brazi (P2). Most recently used has been Lamda, 11th letter, variant c37 isolated in Peru about 10 days ago. I don’t know what they will do when they get to omega, maybe loop back to beta alpha?

  3. SOQ

    What evidence is there that it is deadlier?

    What’s coming out of the UK says the exact opposite.

    1. Micko

      If anyone hasn’t noticed, this entire thing has turned into the worlds biggest cash grab.

      Private sector Lads and politicians all over the place stuffing their pockets to beat the band, government tendering process completely in the toilet.

      UK and Irish politicians giving contracts to pals from the pub and ones who have no medical background. (Looking at you Matt Hancock and Robert Quirke of ROQU)

      Even the music industry’s going for it :-)
      A bloke I used to work with, last week he got over 100k to put on a few socially distanced shows.

      Cash grab. Plain and simple. Give the idiots 350 quid a week to keep them happy while we get away with millions. Sure the middle class will pay it back over the next 20 years.

      1. Nigel

        Yeah, we should treat the pandemic they way we treat all our scandals: let it happen; stand around wondering why nobody is doing anything about it while it’s happening; get mad about it afterwards when it’s too late; and then act too cynical to bother doing anything about preventing it from happening again.

  4. Cian

    If I had to pinpoint the stage that Broadsheet Bodger moved from a reliable source of useful information (with an anti-government, “you wouldn’t see this on RTE”, bias) to “National Enquirer”-esque articles “just sayin'” conspiracy theory click-bait, I’d probably fix on August 2018… when they continued to support and promote feature Gemma O’Doherty after her presidential campaign stalled.

    What about the rest of you? When did Broadsheet Bodger”jump the shark”?

    1. Joe

      I can’t figure out if Broadsheet Bodger has suffered a genuinely sad total integrity and intelligence breakdown or its just a cynical cash grab in a desperate attempt using click bait for the gullible fools that buy into the anti-vaxxer, idiot magnetism , anti covid denialism nonsense.

      1. Micko


        “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      2. Bodger

        Joe, we don’t make a bean and I have been consistent on tin foil matters here since before the ‘Je suis Charlie’ days.

    2. Micko

      Ah ”jump the shark”. Yes Cian.

      An americanism that has seeped into our lexicon.

      As most of you know it comes from a later episode of Happy Days where the Fonz jumped over a shark while waterskiing. Not a high point of the show.

      It was seen as so ridiculous that fans lost interest in the show and nowadays when a show has jumped there proverbial shark, it is seen as a real downturn the writing of any show.

      But, you may not know of the opposite though – “Growing The Beard”

      I only discovered it a couple of years back

      It comes from Star Trek TNG, which really found it stride during Season 2.

      Which also happened to happily coincide with Riker (Jonathan Frakes’s character) growing his beard.

      So, Growing The Beard is when a show (and or website) gets really good.

      Note: I may have discussed this topic before. Apologies if so – crazy the last year eh?

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Wasn’t it in 2016 that Cian started, and played the innocent ‘just passing through, how do I insert a link’ poster for a few days, but was focused on mainly one subject – Health Service and Simon Harris, and his poor ministership.? And the focus hasn’t really changed from the health subject over those years.

      Cian, if you have a problem with what BS are posting on their own site, while allowing you to comment (The Indo doesn’t allow you to do that even), you should ignore the articles that cause you grief, and focus on the ones that don’t. Alternatively, see M’s comment below.

      The attempt to make BS Bodger a victim of a type Cancel Culture isn’t working. It’s rife here, but it isn’t working.

      1. Bitnboxy


        I can recall when bully boy (well more auld fella) Giggz proclaimed on St Stephen’s Day 2020 that “Boxy, these will be the last words I will ever say to you”. Well, that worked out well. Chortle. And I don’t intend to cause Giggz grief.

        Dearest Giggz, you, in all your auld fella bully displacement activities, may try to get rid of both Cian and my good self from BS but it won’t work. When required, Boxy (!) will point out all your glorious hypocrisy, propagandising and just auld nastiness.

        And if we see a change of editorial line in BS Bodger – we are more than entitled to state it.

        So, quit the nonsense please. And as for what will likely be a torrent of your usual narcississtic abuse as a reply, I don’t care one whit!

        Sorry not sorry.


        1. SOQ

          If you could identify yourself under the one or more usernames used previously- we might understand what you are talking about? Also, explaining why you changed names might help.

        2. General Public

          Referring to yourself in the third person, assuming guilt when you weren’t even mentioned, and an unhealthy obsession with one Commenter.

          Get help, soon.

          1. White Dove

            Good on you, GiggidyGoo. I don’t know how Bodger puts up with some of the comments here – clearly he has patience and tolerance down to a fine art. Great to see one site that doesn’t restrict the freedom of expression of its readers.

        3. GiggidyGoo

          Showing the Narcissism and Gaslighting daily now Boxy. That, and having posts removed regularly due to your inability to refrain from controlling your language. Your last attack on John F last weekend was particularly disgusting.

          Plenty of examples saved.

    4. eoin

      I got as far as ‘conspiracy theory’ and stopped reading. Only morons still use that term (literally created by the CIA to discredit Kennedy assassination theories, discovered via FOI requests). It’s like calling people Nazis on a forum.

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