Needles To Say [Updated]



This afternoon.


This morning.

The Cabinet will meet later to consider a proposal to develop a system that would permit only those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to eat and drink inside bars and restaurants.

Via RTÉ:

This would mean that the reopening of indoor hospitality, planned for next Monday, would be delayed for several weeks to allow time for the system to be established.

The Cabinet Covid Committee met until well after 1am as it sought to formulate a recommendation for this morning’s meeting of Government.

If there is agreement at Cabinet today, the Government will aim to have a plan ready by mid-July that would lay the foundations for the return of indoor hospitality.

It would see fully vaccinated people getting clearance to spend time inside pubs and restaurants.

Cabinet to consider proposal to reopen indoor hospitality only for fully vaccinated (RTÉ)





This morning.

Today with Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio 1.

Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara expands on ‘risks worth taking’.

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101 thoughts on “Needles To Say [Updated]

  1. John

    This is a ridiculous curve ball from NPHET, they should have suggested this months ago if it was such a good idea. Let’s delay reopening by a couple of weeks when we work on a plan to delay things even more. Great idea!

    1. Bitnboxy

      Israel’s indoor dining reopening was made possible by checking proof of vaccination or negative test – three months ago – worked really well..

      Now the cabinet will defer indoor dining because we don’t have the system they should have been working on.

      1. Can a Da?

        It takes time to write the tenders so that Micky’s or Bridie’s mate’s company gets it

        1. K. Cavan

          scottser, so far, for the entire month of June, Israel has had 6 deaths, down from 33 in May. Lockdown?

    2. Mr. T

      This is NPHET trying to “appease” people in the wake of their announcements of a delay on indoor dining.

      They want to throw as many obstacles out there to stop people from getting out and socialising.

      2000 dead and 700k cases in 3 months, beggars belief

    1. Micko

      They won’t need to enforce it.

      The Irish are so compliant now, that for the most part the unvaccinated will just stay at home.

      Afraid someone might give out to them or they’ll be judged by their neighbour.

      1. SOQ

        Nope- george is right. Businesses are so desperate right now that the last thing they will do is turn half their trade away. And it will be half, at least, because all it will take in one unvaccinated in a group for the whole group to go else where.

        1. Micko

          I hope you’re right.

          But… I still have some pals, fit and healthy in their early 40’s who are still scared to meet up until they have at least one shot of the Eucharist….sorry sorry… vaccine.

          There’s a lot of people out there who’ve been broken by this.

          1. K. Cavan

            A very important point, micko. Like anyone I have friends with bad habits, a mate or two who’s drinking was socialised had that restriction removed by isolation, then exacerbated by the terror they’ve been living through. Some are not in a good place yet, ironically, they’re stuck there, I don’t think the end of Lockdown has even effected them. Agarophobia will be the new Anorexia.

        1. K. Cavan

          “Just listen to the government”, millie, it’s nothing to do with Ivor, it’s the fascist tendency you’ve been supporting all through this. Lie down with dogs…or fascists.

        2. millie bobby brownie

          I don’t think you understand my humour.

          It’s my burden in life, clearly.

  2. Mick

    I see at least three problems with this plan:
    1. I could go out for a meal with my wife as we’re both vaccinated, but not with my kids (two adults and one teenager) as they’re not.
    2. What about the staff? One of my adult children works in a cafe which doesn’t have outdoor dining facilities. She’s not vaccinated but will still be expected to work, but won’t be allowed to eat there.
    3. How will restaurants check if someone’s vaccinated?

    This won’t work and will only cause more resentment and anger.

    1. Can a Da?

      So what if you can’t go out with the kids? Big swingin… maybe other punters would rather they stayed at home?

      1. Mick

        What are you talking about? Why would other punters rather my adult / teenage kids stayed at home? Because they’re not vaccinated? Not their fault, they’d take it in the morning if they could, but vaccinations are not available to people in their teens/20s.

        But my daughter can serve me in the cafe where she works. However if she wants to have a coffee with her friends, she can’t do it there, but has to go to somewhere that has outdoor service. That’s normal, right?

        1. Can a Da?

          Don’t know why my comments got deleted but maybe I was too honest.
          I don’t see any relevant point in your daughter serving you coffee from behind a counter (or screen, you left that bit out) several feet away with the briefest of interactions, and then someone having a long boozy meal with multiple members of friends and family, Sorry

          1. scottser

            the point mick makes is perfectly reasonable; the rules are half-baked and nonsensical. if you wonder why your comments get deleted all the time it’s probably because you’re a douche.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      A bag of tayto and a bottle of orange in the car while the parents were in the pub was good enough for us when we were kids!


      1. E'Matty

        We had our coke/fanta and taytos in the pub. Not surprised your parents left you in the car though if I’m being honest.

      2. Mick

        I doubt you were sitting in your parents car drinking Fanta and ateing Tayto when you were in your 20s?

    3. K. Cavan

      And, eh, the Irish Government never proposed or enacted anything like that, Mick?
      You’re correct that it will both fail in practice & divide society, of course but that’s no skin off the Government’s nose.

      1. K. Cavan

        Why are you having a go at alickdouglas…? Falling out among the Fascists? Not good.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Do you struggle with basic reading comprehension as well as humour?

          Maybe that’s your burden in life.

  3. MoRhustyDilis

    This is all plan fo the delaying tactics to hobble closer to Autumn so that they can start blaming seasonal ‘variants’ for more lockdowns.
    100% more coming. Even if there were zero deaths and zero in hospitals.

    1. Can a Da?

      Good, hopefully it will keep a lot more people at home so I can drive to work in peace.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      You need to change the tinfoil. It’s cutting off what little circulation gets to your brain.

  4. John

    The Australians are claiming they have a brief interaction on airport CCTV where someone picked up the delta variant in about 5 seconds.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      haha, did it see it whiz through the air, can they garantie all other movements of that person …what a load of toss

        1. Can a Da?

          New Zealand (don’t know about Oz) have sprayed people with biocide for decades when they enter the country. Something to do with rabbits I believe. Look it up yourself.

  5. Bruncvik

    EU vaccination passports (“Digital COVID Certificate”) are to be available in all EU countries from the beginning of July. It is already issued in 17 member states, and all others are required to follow suit from Thursday. So, restaurants could easily check for vaccination status.

    1. K. Cavan

      Maybe Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, the multinationals, can afford to put in place the type of biosecurity systems that couldn’t be easily bypassed, it’s completely out of the question for small businesses.
      Even if it was affordable, we would have to become a de facto fascist society to install that. Laws, Constitutions, UN-Mandated Human Rights, Principles of Liberal Democracy, all would have to be discarded or debased.
      That’s far too expensive.

  6. E'Matty

    All unvaccinated should just start wearing yellow stars with “unclean” on them so everyone can easily identify the group who are to be shunned, persecuted and excluded from society. The German people in the 30’s didn’t think what they were doing was evil either. Indeed, they too believed that such measures were necessary to protect German sociey from those pesky Jews. Submit to global mass vaccination or be persona non grata. The past few decades progressing towards a more liberal open society reversed overnight. The closet authoritarian nutcases are positively salivating at the prospect of persecuting the unvaccinated. Are they trying to encourage us towards violence because it sure feels like it?

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      funny well not funny really a polish neighbor was musing to me last night that not letting people in restaurants etc was how the Nazi’s stated, he like all my Polish neighborhood are heading home for two to three weeks, they are not vacinated and have no intention to quarantine when they get back,
      it’s going to be very quiet around here

      1. Micko

        Quite true Janet.

        Jews slowly had their rights removed right through the 1930’s. Dining out was one of the things they were stopped from doing as well as having their freedom to travel removed. The Yellow Star thing didn’t happen until the 1940’s.

        Of course, we’re not there yet. ;) But anyone who thinks that segregation of a population based on medical status is a good idea, needs to have a long look in the mirror.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Not being able to eat indoors is EXACTLY THE SAME as being starved in a concentration camp!!

      If everything opened on the 5th, where would you be without your persecution complex?

        1. paddy apathy

          You know what, the “persecution” of the unvaccinated is not happening, stop equating it to the Holocaust. It’s simply absurd and demeaning to do so.

          1. paddy apathy

            I enjoy reading your posts lads but we are worlds apart in outlook on this topic.
            Vera Sharav is understandably distrustful of authority, medical and political, but she is being wilfully manipulated and misrepresented by the absolute charlatan that is Dr Reiner Fuellmich.
            Enjoy the lovely day.
            Und komm schon Deutschland.

          2. SOQ

            Vera Sharav

            A public advocate for human rights is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) which serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor. AHRP Infomails have a wide following: they are read by physicians and scientists, public health officials, journalists, lawyers, and patient advocacy organizations.


            Mrs. Sharav is very much her own woman and is being manipulated by nobody. That you assume so says way more about than the standing of this woman. It is insulting and patronising of you to suggest such.

            She is Jewish and I assume, you are not- she is perfectly entitled to make a submission on this matter.

          3. paddy apathy

            So it’s all point scoring and doling ou the ‘burns’ eh? I don’t need me to cut and paste her CV. You do know the Jewish State of Israel has been at the forefront of vaccine development and roll out.
            Her opinions are well known but like many good soldiers she’s lost sight of the cross while

          4. K. Cavan

            paddy, it’s being compared to the start of what eventually became The Holocaust and guess what, it’s not similar to the start of that, it’s EXACTLY the same, the same Eugenics-based reasoning, the same Health-based rationalisations, the same principles, the same methodology, the same disgusting fascists, excusing it, even cheering it on, allowing themselves to be convinced by facile arguments & ridiculous media propaganda because deep down inside, once they’re in the privileged group, they don’t care and they fail to see why they should.
            The ”I’m Alright Jack” Brigade, they were the majority in Germany in the 1930s & in Ireland, right now.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          The ones calling for boycotts are the antiscience antivaxx antimask dregs because shops don’t want disease peddling gobdaws infecting their staff or patrons. Nazional Party stormtrooper Pat Sweeney broke his “hungerstrike” to harass staff in Centra cos they wouldn’t serve him.

          This is the kind of person typical of anti maskers, goosestepping all over the place, threatening people and generally being a complete pig.

          And I’m perfectly happy that I upset anti science, disease peddling dregs like you. Feel free to keep being consumed by your stupidity and hate.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Irony in an Alanis sense, meaning not actually ironic at all?

            It’s a beautiful day and I had the chance to sit out in it for a while (factor 50 on, of course). Icecream for lunch and a delicious coffee to go. Yourself and E’Matty can keep obsessing, ranting and stropping. I’ll keep laughing at your impotent rage.

      1. Gavin

        Did you actually read any of the posts or just the first line and see an opportunity to hurl insults.

    3. Toe Up

      I didn’t realise that Marjorie Taylor Greene read and posted on Broadsheet.

      Welcome, welcome.

        1. Nigel

          ‘Godwins law – not a real law or anything of the kind’

          Ok. That’s it. Shut it down. Go home. Nothing left to see here. It’s all done. If we go past this peak we’ll be in orbit.

        1. Micko

          I read that as the Holohan Museum.

          That fecker is everywhere… including my head it would seem

  7. Des

    My local hotel has 500 people staying from all parts of the country. Eating together, swimming together, drinking together, riding together. What difference does it make whether its a hotel or restaurant by NPHETS logic hotels must be higher risk due to bigger crowds and more enforced close contact. I would not go to a restaurant now if they all opened up – think what an absolute pain it would be? I’d rather have my mates over and cook together. This Govt is a shambles.

    1. Cian

      The difference is scale. The more people out and about the higher the risk and the faster the spread.

      1000 hotels with 100 people

      Vs 1000 hotels with 100 people + 2500 restaurant with 50 people

      1. Micko

        Scale. ;-)

        Would you cop on. Hotels are open for dining so the wealthy, politicians, dignitaries and businessmen can go have a laugh and eat in peace.

        Sure what’s the extra price of a hotel room to them for a night out. Especially if it’s a business expense or the tax payer is footing the bill.

        40k at the Euros at Wembley in the UK
        73k at the Alvarez fight in Texas.

        And you’re talking about people eating out.


      2. Des

        The people are already moving about. Theres no impediment to movement – people are drinking outside, in each others houses etc. The younger cohort are not vaccinated and that where the increases are. Lots of these are also working in hotels so why not restaurants?
        Restaurants are lower risk – the virus is spread by contact. Contact is lower in restaurants given distance at tables etc. If they are worried about contact why are they not closing hotel restaurants??? More people, longer time inside etc.

  8. Rudy

    Where I live (Arabian Gulf) we have had an app which shows your vaccination status, whether you have been in contact with someone who was later diagnosed with Covid etc etc.

    The thing is, we’ve had it for well over a year now! If I want to enter a shopping center, restaurant etc or even work, I just flash the app at the security checkpoint. Simples.

    It’s beyond me why Ireland couldn’t have done the same. Apple and Google made the framework freely available.

    Stopping people who haven’t been offered a vaccine from enter a pub is, in my opinion, wrong.

    1. K. Cavan

      Probably because we’re trying to avoid exactly what you’ve described, a neo-fascist nightmare.

  9. wearnicehats

    It’s very emotive alright. It’s going to be particularly hard for smaller local businesses to risk alienating a large proportion of their customer base, let alone expecting their staff to work in a place where they’re not allowed to eat themselves. And by alienate I’m not just taking about the now relative small unvaccinated age profile – it’s more relevant to those vaccinated people who will strongly disagree with the scenario. I can see a lot of places turning this down in order to keep customers in the long term but it will be particularly hard on businesses who don’t have an outdoor option or are only breaking even on a takeaway basis.

  10. SOQ

    So you can go eat across the border no bother yet you’ll need to show papers in the south? I bet the restaurants and publicans in the southern border regions are going to love this- especially as they are already so much more expensive. And as the UK is no longer in the EU- they’ll never be buying into European passports.

    And, does that mean restaurants and bars will only be employing vaccinated people? As though they didn’t have enough recruitment issues because most of their pool are younger and won’t be vaccinated.

    As usual, they haven’t thought this through. Disband the friggers.

    1. Micko

      I’d encourage everyone here to pop across the border.

      I did it two weeks ago and the difference is staggering. It’s a real eye opener. Eating and drinking indoors, no masks even on the staff etc. Bliss. People totally chill and more importantly – not living in fear.

      If the schools don’t come back in Sept, I’m seriously thinking about moving up North for a few months.

    1. Micko

      Blah blah blah cyber hack…. something something… computers… cyber criminals … cant update minutes… hands are tied…sure what can ya do?

      What a joke of a country we are.

      But sure it’ll be grand. Matt Damon and yer wan from the Hunger Games are eating Tayto’s and shopping in Spar.

      They think we’re great and that’s all the self esteem we need. :)

      Pats on head all round…

  11. K. Cavan

    Opening up hospitality might allow some small businesses to survive & might herald a return to something approaching normality, so naturally it has to be turned from a drama into a crisis. Hospitality with bio-security bolted on will never work, so that’s what the government will attempt to introduce, if getting into a restaurant or bar involves the equivalent of airport security, they might as well tell the businesses that have held on to just give up now. We can’t have anything resembling freedom within the framework that the World Cartel desire, so it’s a simple binary choice, all or nothing. My money’s on Nothing.

  12. K. Cavan

    It’s going to be Funtime watching an incompetent bunch like our government trying to introduce a Bio-Fascist State, as ordered, while trying to maintain the pathetic “good guy” image they like to convince themselves they’re channeling. They won’t even be able to blame The Other Lot, this time.
    Their shills on here have already started the damage limitation, trying to “correct” the utterances of the more batshit crazy Covid Nazis but as the future takes shape & the phrase “Fully Vaccinated” becomes the substitute for Citizenship, even the most guillible will find themselves perplexed.
    As each new injection is mandated, the entire population will become Not Fully Vaccinated, overnight & when they start charging people for the muck they’re injecting them with, directly or through the highest taxes ever seen in this state, it’ll all end in tears & a few politicians, maybe, hanging upside down from lamp-posts.
    The government & all their supporters & shills have made their bed & will now act surprised that it’s fitted out with nails. No society can function in the way that the Western Oligarchs picture it, it’s a complete non-runner & the sooner the politicians realise this & stop tilting at windmills, the more chance they have of collecting their pensions.

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