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Clare Daly TD

“It has been brought to my attention that some political opponents have been orchestrating a campaign in an attempt to portray me as anti-vaccine on the basis of Written Questions I’ve tabled to the Minister for Health.

For the record and for the avoidance of any doubt, my position on vaccination is as follows:

I have tabled approximately 4,500 quesions since this Dáil convened in 2016, and am one of the top questioners of Ministers in the Dáil on a whole range of topics.

For example, I’ve tabled over 40 questions on salmon aquaculture since 2016, 30 or more on seagulls, and 62 questions containing the word ‘prisons’ or ‘prisoners’ (and many more on prison issues in general).

In the last two and half months alone, I’ve asked at least 14 questions around foster care and residential services for young people.

I fully support vaccination as an important and hugely valuable public health initiative; myself and my family have received every vaccination going (including the HPV vaccination where applicable).

However I also believe that to ensure public confidence in such an important public health initiative that TDs should ensure that the Minister publicly address any concerns people might have in an effort to dispel them.

Shutting down debate unfortunately leads to a belief that something is being hidden.

In general, we need better public education with regard to medicine and science, and the best approach possible to public health communication.

There must also be a no-fault vaccine damage compensation scheme in place to deal with the tiny minority of persons who do experience side-effects or harms from vaccines (as happened in the Pandemrix case).

Such a scheme is in the current Programme for Government, and was recommended by the Oireachtas Health Committee in 2001.

The Vaccine Damage Steering Group re-iterated that recommendation in 2009. The Government has not, to date, acted on this policy, regrettably.”

Independents4Change Dublin European Election candidate Clare Daly TD

Vaccines and vaccinations – Statement (Claire Daly)

Pandemrix case?


medical trialsprofs

[Professors Meehan and Hillary, above and the report by the Chief Medical Officer]

Below is a link to a November 2000 report by the then Chief Medical Officer [Dr Jim Kiely] regarding trials conducted on children in mother and child homes.

This is the report the Irish Times reported yesterday that the Department of Health is having difficulty tracking down.

It concerns the state allowing Wellcome to carry out medical trials in care homes in the early 1960s up to 1973.

The trials were overseen by Professor Patrick Meehan and Professor Irene Hillary both attached to the Medical Microbiology Department at University College Dublin.

The report runs to a brisk, readable if ghoulish 45 pages and we highly recommend it should you have the time and an interest in these matters.

The contents – known to at least four health ministers – reveal not just a cover-up (with laughable collective amnesia and no paper trail at all) but a reminder that certain medical professionals enjoyed playing god as much as the next nun.

Report here

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Guinea Pigs

Thanks Turlough O’Riordan


In 2001, the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse was given the task of enquiring into the issue of vaccine trials on children in institutions.

This inquiry stopped, because of what the website of the Commission describes as a ‘judicial review’ case before the High Court.

We asked Legal Coffee Drinker what it’s all about.

Broadsheet: “Legal Coffee Drinker: What’s it all about?”

LCD: “The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000 set up a Commission (“the Child Abuse Commission”) to inquire into the abuse of children in institutions. In 2001 an Order [the Child Abuse Act, 2000 (Additional Functions) Order, 2001 (S.I. No. 280 of 2001)] was passed extending the functions of the Commission to include certain vaccine trials carried out on children in institutions by, among others, two doctors, Irene Hillary and Patrick Meenan. Both doctors brought cases against the Commission. In 2003, the Supreme Court heard an application by Patrick Meenan in which he sought and was granted an order quashing a direction of the Commission that he attend at a public hearing. The Supreme Court in passing raised issues as to the entitlement of the Commission to consider the vaccine trials and following on this Irene Hillary brought a High Court case successfully challenging the validity of the 2001 Order. As a consequence the Commission no longer had jurisdiction to examine the issue of vaccine trials and their inquiry on this point had to stop.”

Broadsheet: “Why exactly was the 2001 Order held invalid?”

LCD: “Because under the 2000 Act, the government only had power to direct the Commission to inquire into instances of ‘abuse’ within the meaning of Section 1 of the Act. The definition of ‘abuse’ in Section 1 was as follows:- (a) the wilful, reckless or negligent infliction of physical injury on, or failure to prevent such injury to, the child, (b) the use of the child by a person for sexual arousal or sexual gratification of that person or another person,(c) failure to care for the child which results in serious impairment of the physical or mental health or development of the child or serious adverse effects on his or her behaviour or welfare, or (d) any other act or omission towards the child which results in serious impairment of the physical or mental health or development of the child or serious adverse effects on his or her behaviour or welfare. The courts took the view that vaccine trials did not come within this definition, at least if no concrete proof of adverse effects was available.”

Broadsheet: “And was this an irreparable mistake? Could something not have been done to correct it, after the above decisions?”

LCD: “Yes of course. It would have been open to the Oireachtas, following the High Court decision holding the 2001 Order invalid, to pass an Act widening the definition of abuse in Section 1 of the 2000 Act to to definitively include vaccine trials. It would of course also have been open to the Oireachtas to set up a separate Commission to deal with the vaccine trials. There is nothing in either of the decisions above to prevent this; the court’s findings in both cases was simply that there was no jurisdiction to consider vaccine trials under the Child Abuse Act as it stood.”

Broadsheet:  “Can you explain why In 2010 then Minister for Health [Mary Harney] in the the Oireachtas  when asked why no attempt had been made to investigate the matter further stated:-‘Having carefully considered both the Court judgments and the High Court decision I decided that no further investigation would be carried out. It is considered that it was very likely that any further investigation would experience similar difficulties to those encountered by the Commission.'”

LCD:” I’m not sure why she thought that, given that the difficulties encountered were entirely due to the drafting of the 2000 Act, which could have been amended by the Oireachtas by an amending Act at any time – in fact an Act amending other aspects of the 2000 Act was passed in 2005! Perplexing…”

Broadsheet: “What do you think about the decision to include the vaccine trials within the remit of the Commission to begin with?”

LCD: [drains coffee] “I think it was unfortunate that the government who made this decision did not read the definition of ‘abuse’ in the Act and seek to widen it before doing so. It should have been obvious, given the wording of Section 1, that this was going to present problems which might – as ultimately happened – result in an issue of significant importance – and much debate at the time – failing to get any resolution.”

Broadsheet: “Plus ça change…”

LCD: “Right. Are we done?

Broadsheet: “Yes. Thanks Legal Coffee Drinker. Just a bit of French there. Sorry.”

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RTÉ reports:

“Pavee Point said the controversial removal of the two blonde Roma children, and their subsequent return to their families, has exacerbated Roma distrust of officialdom.

The organisation said it is leading many mothers of newborn babies to hide from public health nurses, thus depriving their babies of vaccinations.”

Increase in Roma children not being vaccinated, report finds (RTÉ)

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Early Profiling