Does The Panel Still Agree?



RTÉ One’s ‘Questions and Answers’ with John Bowman, 2000.

Young Fine Gael audience plant Leo Varadkar and then Minister for Health Micheál Martin. When medical ethics was a ‘thing’.

Sideways FIGHT!

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8 thoughts on “Does The Panel Still Agree?

  1. GiggidyGoo
    And here he is welcoming Janssen today to talk about it.
    Not very got at the spelling mind you, as he refers to them as Jansen. (Boo Boo)

    Leo Varadkar
    Great to meet Johnson & Johnson (Jansen Scientific) today to talk about #vaccines, their footprint in #Ireland, working together on #jobs & #innovation

    1. Bitnboxy

      1. You cannot spell either Giggz. A distinct inability to distinguish between advise as a verb and advice as a noun. You make this elementary mistake time and time again.

      2. You may not have noticed but we have a large multinational pharmaceutical presence here going back decades. Viagra is made here – I thought you’d have known that in particular Giggz. In fact, some vaccines are manufactured in Ireland.

      3. Given the above, it just looks like Leo’s mere image triggers you – to a dramatic but rather hilarious extent.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The only one triggered is yourself Boxy. You just can’t resist my posts and come a-runnin’. So easy.
        I notice you’re steering away from referring to yourself in the third person these days (your narcissism and gaslighting still shines through)
        I’ll post something later on for you to get triggered about more than likely. In the meantime, toddle along like a good little lad.

        1. Slave to the Rhythm

          Can’t BOTH of these thoroughly obnoxious personalities not be banned off the site? What is the value for the general reader of their constant belittling and oneuppersonship (I hesitate to use the word man)?

  2. Micko

    Big change in just one year, never mind 20 years eh?

    Who would have thought in March 2020, that in about a years’ time, we’d be talking about giving a medicine with absolutely no long term data to healthy kids.

    Especially since it very rarely effects them. Polio vaccine I get – but this?

    Hang yer head in shame lads…

    1. SOQ

      Healthy children are being put at risk of injury from a vaccine. The same healthy children are at very low or no risk of developing the disease which the vaccine is supposed to protect against. A vaccine where the long term effects are not known, especially on children.

      All to protect adults, selfish adults- with a vaccine which does not prevent transmission- how in God’s name can this be morally, or ethically, justified?

  3. K. Cavan

    It’s clear that our politicians; their opinions, thoughts, ideals (hahaha!), those we elect to make decisions on our behalf, have played no part in how this country has reacted to the Scamdemic.
    It was all decided at a much higher pay grade & the ignorance & utter stupidity of the goon-show we regularly elect will now come home to roost, as we face the appalling scenario of children dying from the effects of an experimental drug, allegedly designed to reduce the effects of a virus that presents no more danger to them than any other Coronavirus, namely a Cold.
    If even one child dies or suffers serious side-effects from that toxic muck, those morons will have blood on their hands & should face criminal proceedings, if not some more summary form of justice.

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