Herd Outside


Wholly Cow Burgers, Newcastle Road, Galway

‘With the Government making the decision on whether indoor dining can resume this Wednesday – we have decided here at Wholly Cow Burgers that we WON’T be opening indoors.

We have made this decision as we simply don’t feel comfortable policing our customers, whom we are so grateful to for supporting us through an incredibly difficult 17 months for our industry.

We will still be open in our newly refurbished outdoor area, along with click & collect through our website.

We are waiting until everybody is allowed to enjoy indoor dining before opening. Thank you all once again.’

Statement from Wholly Cow Burgers, Galway.

Wholly Cow Burgers (Facebook)


DJ Spiral



23 thoughts on “Herd Outside

    1. SOQ

      Also, great marketing- now everyone thinks they are nice lads. Ok a bit of a cynical take but it’s great PR for sure.

      Unfortunately not everyone will have the luxury of lots of outdoor spaces, especially in Dublin CC.

    2. Joe

      I will happily give my business to them, apart from caring for their customers tthey are looking after the health of their staff too

  1. goldenbrown

    more power to them
    although I think in reality they’re reacting to nothing more than a big pile of fear propaganda, optics
    because the actual infrastructure simply isn’t in place to run this Informal Collaborator network nonsense no matter how much your Govt would like that to be the case

    1. Micko

      Love this – Phantom used to play this all the time :)

      Also fair play to this burger joint

  2. SB

    That’s fair enough, but they can’t criticise the government for not trying to help businesses reopen. They could be trading with 80% of the population within a month. It’ll likely be next year before restrictions are removed, as there will always be a portion of the population who won’t or can’t get vaxxed, and they won’t be forced to.

    1. SOQ

      If the government’s priority was to help businesses reopen they would be doing just like the north instead of this ‘back of the bus’ coercion.

      You assume everyone who is vaccinated agree with this segregation, they do not. No matter what their vax status is, it leaves a lot of people very uneasy, because it is just plain wrong.

  3. CelticTyger

    So its fine to ask the elderly and vulnerable to ‘cocoon’ for 14 months, but not to request that patrons have the decency to get vaccinated before eating inside in order to protect themselves and others.

    1. SOQ

      BS- you can still catch and transmit it- there is no communitarian argument about being vaccinated.

  4. Slave to the Rhythm

    virtue signalling hogwash

    a business like this will have simply realised how wrong it’s business model it was in the first place, and that it can now make far more money doing takeaway and to order, and still charge €20 to idiots for a half lb of mince

  5. Daniel

    It’s all seasonal anyway, when the winter comes and the cases drop, it’ll be fine.

  6. fez

    is that the same spiral who was on big brother many years back who also thought he could rap?

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