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  1. one username per commenter please

    as soon as you enter the water, you should push your feet forward and lean back for more “drag”, very useful for shallower waters

  2. Ann

    So what are the effects of Cold Water Shock? Think twice the air may be hot but the water is a lot colder !
    There are three stages that your body goes through during cold water shock, starting with one that you will be familiar with a mild version of from getting into the swimming pool…a gasp for breath, this is then followed by rapid breathing (hyperventilation).

    At the same time as your breathing goes out of control, your blood pressure shoots up as your body tries to keep your blood warm by moving it towards the middle of your body (this is why you go pale when you’re co

    Once your breathing is back under control, this is your window to get out of the water before the further effects of cold water shock kick in.

    As your muscles cool, your strength, endurance and muscle control reduces to the point when you can’t swim any longer so can’t rescue yourself. The point at which you can’t swim any more is called ‘swim failure’, and if you haven’t got out of the water or managed to get hold of a buoyancy aid (like a lifejacket) by this time, you will drown.

    1. scottser

      always wet the back of your neck first as it’s most sensitive to inital cold water shock.

  3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    the only thing I’d jump off is a boat in a hot climate

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