“We Just Can’t Get People To Work For Us”


Dublin city centre

This morning.

Vie Irish Times:

Restaurateurs have called on the Government to bring forward the phasing-out of pandemic unemployment payments as they struggle to fill “thousands” of vacancies.

The PUP scheme is to be wound down from September but Adrian Cummins, chief of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said “the Government should bring that forward” in sectors that have fully reopened.

People in two large restaurant groups who spoke on condition of anonymity said there was an acute labour shortage.

If you want a job in Ireland, it’s there for you. That’s across all levels: management, customer service staff, what have you. It’s very difficult. We just can’t get people to work for us,” said a senior figure in one group who cited PUP as a big problem for the sector.

Hospitality industry complains of acute labour shortage (Irish Times)




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32 thoughts on ““We Just Can’t Get People To Work For Us”

  1. Junkface

    Stagnant wages in one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Maybe gov’t should consider a new minimum wage? Old economics won’t cut it in 2021, so much has changed.

    1. Dan

      Well for decent wages the prices charged must go up
      The days of cheap food are over
      If hospitality workers were paid a plumbers wage you would see a €10.00 latte
      It’s a sad fact

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    “We Just Can’t Get People To Work For Us”

    Gosh… have you tried offering decent wages and working conditions? That might help. €350 a week isn’t exactly living in the lap of luxury, but when it’s a better option than working in the services industry, then there’s something seriously wrong with the employer’s attitude, not the employee’s.

    1. Des

      Eh its €350 a week plus whatever nixers you can get. My mates kids are coining it with cash & PUP.

  3. Tony

    Pay your staff a fair wage – maybe a little more than bare minimum. Make sure tips go to the people who earned them. Decent places already do this. Others don’t.

    Hey maybe this whole situation is a blessing in disguise.

  4. goldenbrown

    yeah Rory

    from what I can see there’s a bit of a problem alrite despite RTE’s best attempts with the constant “everything is awesome” narrative…a lot of gaffs are:

    a) not opening indoors because the business is already destroyed and in the banks hands
    b) not opening indoors because the owner won’t involve themselves in the dirty work of being covid police
    c) not opening indoors because their staff went home to Poznań long ago and they can’t find local kids trained in martial arts and willing to do it for half of nothing

    btw yesterday I managed to have a lovely indoor lunch and pint, our initial query about needing a barcode was guffawed away lol

    oh and don’t worry about your snide 16 months quip Rory, I doubt too many people take you seriously anyway

      1. goldenbrown

        greeted and ushered in before we could even get words out
        we were already sitting when we posed the question
        followed by knowing nods and eyerolls all round

        1. george

          And the restaurant industry is constantly in the media telling us how responsible they’ve been.

        2. SOQ

          Any businesses which is squeezed or on its last legs, will have more important things to think about than a potential fine I expect.

  5. Gerry Keogh

    There is a much wider context in relation to staffing. In summary, during lockdown people, were able to research other employment opportunities and terms & conditions & hours, and discovered more rewarding and suitable opportunities. This shift in job preferences means jobseekers can obtain more sustainable and work / life balance friendly jobs through retraining if necessary. If a jobseeker has aspirations to rent or buy housing the existing terms and conditions of employment in the hospitality sector is unlikely to do that in its present form. Renting or buying accommodation has as much to do with low income levels, and employment terms and conditions as it has to do with the number of houses available. The pandemic has not changed some business owners perspective while previous and potential employees have changed their outlook.

  6. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    That’s one hell of a pub crawl he attempted. Twelve pubs of Covid?

  7. Johnny

    (all my fav vegetarian and vegan cafes/restaurants are open and thriving,no staffing issues as they nice places:)

  8. george

    Employers feel entitled to hire fully experienced staff and no responsibility to provide training. They don’t seem to realise that nobody can get experience if you can’t get a job without experience. It is rare to see a job add that doesn’t require at least 2 years experience. When you give them years of free employees through Jobbridge that entitlement is bound to happen.

  9. AssPants

    So this is back to normal, having to a medical certificate and photo identification to be able to order a sandwich and sit down to eat same….

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Didn’t need photo id yesterday. I just had my cert scanned, my phone number taken and I went inside and enjoyed some drinks with friends.

      1. E'Matty

        Breaking the rules already Daisy. They are supposed to verify your ID and Pass. Does this make you a ratlicker collaborator?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I didn’t break any rules… much to your likely disgust. Enjoy sitting in the rain.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Cool. And they’ve let in, say, 100 more the same way. For someone who is particular about people getting vaccines, you don’t seem so particular about the policing of this, or your own health. No, as long as you get to have your drink inside. Sure all-comers are welcome with no full verification of identity, or even whether the cert is theirs.

            And there you have it Daisy. You’re on the same level are ratlickers you give out about at every hands turn. And you expect people to take your views seriously now?

  10. Cian

    Mountain out of a molehill;

    Within 5 weeks we’ll has the vast majority vaccinated (another 2.5million jabs) and the “vaccine certs” will go away.

  11. Dan

    I doubt it
    This virus like Spanish flu will burn out
    It will just take longer due to better health
    Remember penicillin was only invented years after Spanish flu

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