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From top: Stag’s Head, Dublin 2; Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins

This morning.

Responding to Nphet’s recommendation of a 5pm curfew…

Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins said there needs to be immediate engagement with Government because the industry is in a “very precarious position” with Christmas a number of days away.

It is effectively “a hospitality lockdown” if the recommendation from NPHET is taken on board by Government, he said.

Mr Cummins also said this latest proposal brings into question the Covid digital pass and all the other different measures hospitality has brought in to ensure they keep their businesses open.

Vintners’ Association of Ireland Chairperson Michael O’Donovan said it would have a major impact and said the industry has been fighting very hard all summer and autumn to get their teams back up and running.

This would be a real hammer blow because it would be closure for many.”

Hospitality say proposed ‘5pm curfew’ a ‘lockdown for sector’ (RTE)


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This morning.

New covid ‘safety guidelines’ for nightclubs, live events, bars and restaurants will be published today.

Via RTÉ News:

Today’s updated guidelines are expected to permit the multiple booking of tables in bars and restaurants.

It is also likely that table service will continue in bars but socially distanced queues will be allowed at bar counters.

However, people will not be able to congregate there and the move is aimed at addressing staffing shortages.

Allowing people to stand at live events could involve some limit on capacity, along with both ticketing and Covid-19 cert requirements.



Multiple table bookings expected in new guidelines (RTÉ)




Dublin city centre

This morning.

Vie Irish Times:

Restaurateurs have called on the Government to bring forward the phasing-out of pandemic unemployment payments as they struggle to fill “thousands” of vacancies.

The PUP scheme is to be wound down from September but Adrian Cummins, chief of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said “the Government should bring that forward” in sectors that have fully reopened.

People in two large restaurant groups who spoke on condition of anonymity said there was an acute labour shortage.

If you want a job in Ireland, it’s there for you. That’s across all levels: management, customer service staff, what have you. It’s very difficult. We just can’t get people to work for us,” said a senior figure in one group who cited PUP as a big problem for the sector.

Hospitality industry complains of acute labour shortage (Irish Times)




From top: Dublin’s Thomas House. Thomas Street and Kimchi Korean restaurant.


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