Aoife Cunningham

Aoife writes:

I wrote this poem about choosing recovery….

A eulogy to Anorexia

Days go by,

Life goes on.

as we replace time.

My fragile soul is left to rest.

Even if the calculator is permanently embedded in my head,

I’ll say goodbye to her.

Despite being reminded of her presence,

Piece by piece.

I stargaze through stained windows.

Will I be in this prison forever?

I get lost in her seduction.

So badly burnt from her wrath.

It’s time to say,

Our time is up.

We’ve been to heaven,

Plus a thousand hells.

We might always be in love,

But enough. Is. Enough.

Aoife Cunningham

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10 thoughts on “Choosing Recovery

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Your soul is stronger than you think, Aoife. Best wishes to you as your recovery progresses.

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    it drives me a bit mad when people say it to me but I know they are right when they say ” be kind to yourself ” even though it can be hard to do, so if you’ll allow me to pass it on to you with best wishes ….best poem for me so far.

  3. Bertie blenkinsop

    Your poems are excellent, I hope you appreciate the positive feedback on here and keep going, you have a real gift.

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