Take It Outside


Cummins he bitter.

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ News:

Restaurants Association of Ireland CEO Adrian Cummins said he believes that the 11.30pm curfew should be scrapped from September onwards.

The association is also looking for PCR and antigen testing to be used, to allow unvaccinated people to dine indoors.

Mr Cummins described the current rules, allowing indoor dining for those who are fully vaccinated only, as “very difficult, very problematic, there’s a lot of paperwork

Hospitality sector to push for end to 11.30pm curfew at Govt meeting (RTÉ)

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6 thoughts on “Take It Outside

  1. goldenbrown

    ah the self-appointed catering kingpin
    stating the obvious
    haven’t heard much outa him last few days
    must. keep. name. in. feeds.

  2. Liam

    how is PCR/Antigen testing going to make it easier – that’s more paperwork surely?
    Also given the high level of vaccination take-up it would make very little difference to the amount of business available.

  3. Ger

    Total Shill

    Looking for his next Gig having totally screwed over the restaurant trade accepting dining segregation instead of calling out the crazies formulating the policies.

    Very poor representative, the restaurant trade needs better than this guy.

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