A Limerick A Day


Around one million people are likely to be targeted for Covid-19 ‘booster shots’ as the State begins their rollout over Autumn and Winter

At this stage most adults have got
A dose of the new vaccine shot
But do not contend
That this means the end
Of the crisis. As it’s certainly not.

John Moynes


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One thought on “A Limerick A Day

  1. goldenbrown

    where exactly did we all imagine this would end, hm?
    injecting stuf intaya twice a year for life?
    the biggest quandary being whether it was 2 jabs or just the 1? MRNA or JNJ? VXRT or NVAX? (don’t worry you will come to know those ticker symbols like car brands soon enough)
    and wait till we have to start digging into our own pockets to pay for it…”Corona Levy”…can you see it?
    happy days, wha

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