The Road To Croker


Saturday afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Waterford (blue and white) and Limerick (green) fans arrive for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship semi-final under the ‘new normal’, almost indistinguishable from the ‘old normal’ if truth be known.

The game, won by Limerick, was delayed after a hay spill on the M7 in Kildare.


20 thoughts on “The Road To Croker

  1. E'Matty

    Nice to see so few masks. I count just five across all photos (open to correction). Bizarre to think Communions and the likes not permitted.

    1. bisted

      …Bodger would never have missed a headline chance like this…Road to Demask us, surely…also…well done Mattie for getting communions and bizzare into the same sentence…

    2. Micko

      I think public opinion is starting to change.

      Even the HSE have basically come out and actually published the risks of Covid in kids vs the risk of myocarditis in kids from the vaccine.

      Big surprise – the vaccine is a bigger risk to kids. Especially to boys.

      Common sense is finally starting to break through. :)

          1. Micko


            I saw it shared on Twitter and Whatsapp over the weekend.

            So it could be the reason the “let’s inject kids” brigade is so quiet of late on here.

            A staggering difference in risk for healthy kids.

          2. Zaccone

            Thats nuts. A 500%+ higher risk from the vaccination for boys 12-15… How on earth could any parent justify making their child do that?

          3. Micko

            Mad in’it.

            And pretty much the same odds of either way for girls.
            1 in 100K each

            So, risk a trip to hospital for Covid, or a hospital trip for Myocarditis?

            I know which one I’d choose…

          4. andrew

            “So, risk a trip to hospital for Covid, or a hospital trip for Myocarditis? I know which one I’d choose…”

            Except myocarditis entails a “trip to the hospital” in around 1 in a million cases. This is a perfect example of how “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. We get people like Micko spreading fear and misinformation on the Internet. Is it mischief or ignorance? Who knows but it absolutely shouldn’t be tolerated.

            For any parent reading this who is weighing up whether or not to get their child vaccinated – please pay less than no heed to what idiots like this post on the Internet. He takes a fact that he doesn’t understand without any context and distorts and spins it… he is a virus in himself.

            And, just to add: Covid-19 far more likely to cause myocarditis than the vaccine.

          5. Micko

            Ok yeah sure man sure.

            Well, how about you choose for your kids and I’ll choose for mine – fair?

            Bloody ego on ya Andy

            Good chat…

    3. Mickey Monaj

      who cares, so what do gives a poo, what a pain in the hole, it’s over, Croke park should be full. no one cares about communions….Limerick in an all Ireland however

  2. Lesley Robinson

    Wexford – Oh I think Broadsheet might lose some Waterford readers…hope that Waterford Whispers don’t pick up this story, cos Broadsheet could be their next story.

    EDIT – you changed it since I picked this up ;)

  3. Dan

    You should have went to the match yesterday, seemed like a much bigger crowd and you would have gotten the added bonus of people lining up to take a photo with the Taoiseach

  4. Uncle Gaybo

    Was up there Saturday, it was very difficult to get into a pub for a drink due to restrictions, shops and off licenses also had big queues. Also no alcohol served in Croke Park itself.

    Its easier get a drink with 80,000 in attendance and no restrictions, so I would say the restrictions were noticeable.

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