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The Cranberries – Never Grow Old

This morning.

Just ‘dropped’.

Celebrating what would have been Dolores O’Riordan’s 50th birthday.

The band wrote on Facebook:

“In order to celebrate all that she inspired and the joy that she has given on her 50th Birthday, her bandmates, friends and family, have pulled together a brand new playlist called ‘Remembering Dolores’ which is available now on all streaming platforms.”

The Cranberries

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Sara

    Dolores came to my school once to lecture us all on how abortion was wrong. She had a priest with her. Not a great role model.

  2. Gabby

    The showbiz industry – music, tv & films, theatre and cabaret – has health hazards for stars and would be stars. Dolores delighted her fans. Sadly her life was prematurely shortened. It happened to others and it will happen to more. The pressures are constant.

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