Maria Kelly – The Sum Of The In-Between

For alt.folk’s sake.

Irish singer/songwriter Maria Kelly (top) journeys inwards on the title track of her debut album, released on VETA Records on October 15.

Maria writes:

“The sum of the in-between’ is a long list, laying out every messy, chaotic, complicated thing about me. It’s about giving myself permission to look directly at this current version of myself without criticising everything I find.

“For me, that’s what this album is about – permission. Permission to face myself, permission to feel it all, permission to get the help I deserve – no matter how uncomfortable or painful that might be.

“Who I was, who I’ll be, I’m ‘the sum of the in-between’; I guess I’m saying that the current me matters more than this rose-tinted version from my past, or this ideal version that I long to be. So, maybe it’s just time I gave her a break.”

Maria plays The Workman’s Club, Dublin, on November 12.

Nick says: Maria’s the name

Maria Kelly

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