Senator Lynn Ruane with Katherine Zappone in 2015

ESB writes:

Why has Lynn Ruane not clarified any attendance at the Merrion event and refused to respond to questions on email and social media?

The TCD Senator has also deleted her Twitter account. Regardless of her position. No comment is not good optics IMO.


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Pic via Twitter

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23 thoughts on “The Lynn Crowd

  1. Sara

    She was at the event. She’s Zappone’s protege. You would think someone like Ruane would not only fess up to being there, but would give a list of the names of the powerful people there.

  2. V aka Frilly Keane


    I think Lynn Ruane stands up well on her own merits
    And deserves be viewed as an Independently Elected Senator in her right

    Which Zappone never was btw

    So what, she got support to further her own education from An Cosán
    That’s what they are funded to do
    And it shows investment in education works

    1. Andrew

      Zappone was elected a TD as you know.
      The educational investment in Ruane’s arts degree, served only to reserve her place at the trough. TCD alumni can feel all warm, fuzzy and ‘with it’ by giving their vote for Lynn to join the profoundly undemocratic Senate.

  3. Sara

    Yes, Mullally was there too. Mullally accepted a job from Zappone when she was minister. So much for journalistic independence.

    1. goldenbrown

      Sara, you seem to speak with a certain assuredness on this subject, were you there yourself?

      also, is it just dumb luck there are no photos or is that something a little more sinister managed you reckon?

      Merrion must have surely been paid by now for the event, kinda amazed nobody has figured out who paid for what as yet

      1. Sara

        I was wait staff there that day. Not in the garden. But we all saw who was coming and in and out, and later who was going in to the bathrooms. The Hotel has security cameras, so the whole event was recorded, but it’s impossible to get a copy. None of us waiting that day were able to get photos (all of us thought the event was perfectly legal anyway).

        1. goldenbrown

          may I ask…

          are you being careful/deliberately keeping schtum?

          or is it just has nobody thought to ask you for comment/identity parade yet?

          either way you’re sitting on some highly useful info there Sara

          1. Sara

            The only people I recognized were Varadkar, Una Mullally, Neale Richmond and Bacik. There rest were the usual types you see in the hotel who regularly come over from government buildings, senior civil types, advisors like Patrick Geoghegan and Ed Brophy. The Merrion is very strict with waiting, so it’d be a dead give away if you tried to snap someone with your phone.

        2. U N M U T U A L


          “None of us waiting that day were able to get photos”…
          Was it a case of no phones allowed, or no photo’s to be taken?

          Can we presume that all the staff had the hse covid tracker apps enabled, whilst working the event…?
          As I’m sure all those attending the party did… ;-)

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