Ask A Broadsheet Reader


Last night.

Bill C writes:

Do you know what these numbers are popping up on my phone? Never saw them before. Anyone else getting them?



Bill C adds:

‘Two friends now have the same issue. The numbers come and go. Try it yourself.’

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78 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. JohnDoe

    Those are hexadecimal hardware addresses (like an IP address, but linked to the physical bluetooth device installed on the corresponding device. Basically instead of showing the name of the device that you can connect to, it shows the hardware address instead – perhaps a bug in the phone.

      1. Fred

        Jaybus Bodger, the insight is deafening here of late. You have no phone, unsurprising but you still dont know what a MAC address is nor the basics of bluetooth, ‘well bloody strewth’ as the fellah down under might say.

    1. Cian


      The phones use these (unique) mac address to communicate. Once a link is established, your phone asks the other device what it’s name is. This name is then displayed instead of the mac address.

      Looks like your phone is picking up vaxx-chips, these don’t have a name yet, so the underlying MAC address will still be displayed. In the second pic above it looks like there is one fully vaxed person and one person with a single jab nearby.

          1. Bodger

            Cian, If all you have left is ridicule, you’ll need to be a little sharper. Otherwise you just sound like a child trying to impress the adults.

          2. Papi

            Nothing can stop what’s coming!!!!!!!!!
            —–ominous music in the background——-

            You’d never know, you might leave this comment up.

        1. E'Matty

          nah, 6G will be the system used to send electromagnetic waves at particular frequencies which will react with the contaminants in your brain tissue enabling the transmitter to dictate your mood, behaviour, sense of social hierarchy, sex drive, motor neuron skills etc.. You know, exactly like the Delgado studies over 50 years ago. Direct and absolute control of the whole population for the new Digital Age. “But, but, why would they do it?”, asked the dumb sheep…

          1. E'Matty

            Yeah, the New Digital Age (Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen), or the Technetronic Age (Brzezinski), or the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Schwab) or the Final Revolution (Huxley). Whatever you want to call it. It’s here and you guys seem to have little idea what that means for life as we know it.

    1. George

      Oh dear, I was just joking assuming nobody would think this but it seems it is being suggested…

      My chip isn’t working. All I can see are the neighbours Bluetooth speakers.

  2. goldenbrown

    just your humble 48bit MAC addresses belonging to devices your phone is seeing on the network at that time…they’re the fundamental base address that every network device has hardwired from the factory..phones, laptops, Alexa, whatever

    it’s just you usually don’t care about them…more the human friendly monikers they get via your devices network stack when it’s working properly like IP address or hostname

    insert the first six hex characters there into your favourite search engine – it’ll tell you who the manufacturer of the device is eg. 50:de:06 is an Apple device of some kind

    (or you might be getting hacked of course)

    1. Cian

      The five MAC addresses belong to devices with bluetooth’s manufactured by:
      50:DE:06 Apple, Inc.
      9C:20:7B Apple, Inc.
      D0:D2:B0 Apple, Inc.
      70:54:B4 Vestel Elektronik San ve Tic. A.Ş.
      00:1F:FF Respironics, Inc.

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      This. And on top of that, pretty much every connectable device on the planet will have a MAC address including Bluetooth headphones, automobile infotainment, cameras, some kitchen appliances, smart plugs and bulbs and on and on.

        1. John

          MAC addresses have been around for a long long long long time.
          The question should be, Why have you only noticed them now? Rather than why have they suddenly started appearing.
          Answer is probably the volume has increased due to the proliferation of devices with cheap BT radios in them.
          I wouldnt be worried about the BT radios I can see when I scan and they present me with a name or a MAC address. I’d be worried about the ones that hide their visibility to other devices.

        2. Rosette of Sirius

          They haven’t. They’ve been appearing for years in one way or another for reasons mentioned below.

          Seriously Badger, you have to stop looking stuff like this as if it’s some sort of conspiracy.

          The first MAC address on those screen shots you posted come from a device made by Vestel Elektronik a huge Turkish electronics company.

          Amongst other white goods, they make a massive amount of budget TVs using their own generic brands and also under license for brands like Toshiba and Panasonic.

          So, that first device is, imo, a tv.

          I would also hazard that those screen shots come from folks to at live in an urban setting where there is the likelihood of more devices.

          In recent years, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals have gotten stronger so they could connect over greater ranges.

          Hence you could be seeing devices from anything up to 100m away.

          Me? I live in a house and my nearest neighbor is about 500m away. The only devices in my list are my own.

          If you want to ‘do your own research’, pop each of those Mac addresses in to the link below and let google guide you.

        3. goldenbrown

          off top of my head without benefit of access to the phone and it’s environment it’s probably just down to crappy slow bt device name resolution on Android

          Bluetooth remember is a pile of plop at the best of times

          or could be settings…
          1. go to Settings > About Phone>
          2. tap continuously on build number until it says “you are now a developer
          3. go to Settings> System>Developer options
          4. turn off ” Show Bluetooth devices without names
          on certain handsets for example

          or or or

          (wasn’t joking about the hacking though, see Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, Bluebugging…ohno maybe don’t it’ll melt your head)

  3. Frank

    They are the unique IP addresses of vaccinated people.
    When they get their second jab ‘GETTING DEVICE NAME’ will change to their given name.

    Soon you’ll be able to ‘pair’ your Samsung Galaxy S6 with Margaret from next door. Allowing you to play ‘Black hole Sun’ directly out of Margarets stinkhole.

      1. Bruncvik

        I have a selfie stick and a pair of cheap bluetooth earbuds (the kind that are being sold in batches of 10,000 on Alibaba, and then any company can put their logo on them) that are only showing the MAC address.

      2. John

        There are bluetooth radios in the most surprising of things.
        In the first screenshot why does the TV have bluetooth in it. WiFi I can understand but bluetooth?
        Its probably for the remote control (might not be using IR any more). that would mean that the remote control would have a bluetooth radio in it too. My Virigin box has been using Bluetooth for the remotes for years and the remote doesn’t broadcast its name.
        You might also find that some devices have multiple bluetooth radios in them for whatever reason.
        Your smart home lightbulbs, switches might have a BT radio. The speaker, TV, headphones, camera, other entertainment equipment. Smartwatches, key fob, device trackers, house alarm sensors, fridge, (or other kitchen equipment).
        In short, if its got a power cable or a battery in it then it might have a bluetooth radio.
        Even passive low power items like trackers and key fobs can have radios in them and its not obvious to the user.

        1. Rob_G

          “In the first screenshot why does the TV have bluetooth in it. WiFi I can understand but bluetooth?”

          – really?? You never seen someone with a TV with a seperate soundbar that mysteriously communicate with one another, wirelessly?

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Which of course is wired. But if your sound bar is wireless enabled it will still broadcast a MAC address.

            It’s also worth noting that if a device has not been given an alias by the user, or a specific device name by the manufacturer, all it can broadcast is the MAC address.

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            That and most new tvs use Bluetooth for the remote control these days as IR remotes are generally being phased out.

  4. Cian

    All have their names hidden. That’s all. But you can find out roughly what they are from the first six characters:

    70:54:b4 is Vestel so likely a cheap TV.
    00:1f:ff is Respironics so its a CPAP machine, if you don’t have one your neighbour must

    All three in the second photo are Apple devices.

      1. Cian

        Yes. And basically all crap.

        Most cheap TVs, particularly single-country brands like Walker, are made by Vestel in Turkey or UMC in Slovakia.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Not just cheap ones, They also manufacture under license for Toshiba, Panasonic, JVC, Hitatchi, Sanyo, Sharp and so on.

          Beko do the same for Sony and Profilio for Philips.

          In short, unless you have a premium high end OLED or QLED, it’s quite likely your tv was made in Turkey.

          1. SOQ

            Yes there are some quite if not high end then what would be considered reasonable quality brands on that list- like Panasonic, Bush and Grundig.

          2. goldenbrown

            I’ll give u another one to look out for…Blaupunkt used to be a serious rolls royce brand but they went bust at some point…sadly now just a labelling vehicle usually on v.poor turkish manufactured panels, watch out they ain’t the bargain they seem

            for me on the screens it’s Samsung vs LG and then if you can afford it Sony

          3. Cian

            Bush and Grundig are zombie brands – once respected brands that closed or went under, with the names now owned by someone else and slapped on any old crap.

            Nordemende are another with an Irish firm doing the zombieing.

          4. SOQ

            Dunno- I bought a Sony Xperia and I really wouldn’t rate it. The pre-sets keep slipping and the web browser just doesn’t work at all. There is quite a neat pixel enhancement feature but it leaves the screen really dark.

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            Only ever owned Sony. LG make their OLED panels for them. But I find their colour processing superior. That said, people need to understand that OLED in not as bright as LED/LCD as it does not use backlighting. So if your TV is in a very bright room, it’ll struggle.

          6. goldenbrown

            your €1000 LG or Samsung 48” current release more than good enough for day to day viewing but for good cinema if it’s a panel Sony generally are in another processing league altogether…for a price tho

  5. ian-oG

    One of my mates living in a large apartment complex changed his wifi SSID last year to ‘5G Covid Transmission Relay.”


  6. Truthy

    Wow… this place has gone full medieval possession by evil spirits unwell… mental illness stuff… genuinely sad.

      1. Uncle Sam

        I’m still desperate to know why you don’t have a ‘phone.
        Does your permanently-worn tin foil hat scramble the signal ?

      2. Truthy

        No, but your thinking is the mirror of medieval notions of evil spirits looking to possess you. When I say it’s genuinely sad, I mean that sincerely. This site used to be a good place to come for alternative takes on mainstream news, but it has veered so far away from the realms of reality that it has become a delusional, paranoid place, mostly populated by fringe crackpots who will believe ANYTHING, and a few brave (mad?) souls who continue to fight fiction with fact.
        All of that said, Bodger, we may as well be farting into the breeze. For all anyone’s attempts at reasoning with the irredeemably lost souls here, the fact is you have set off down a road of delusion and it is impossible to convince you that it is just that, a road of utter delusion. It reminds me of Shutter Island! But also, it’s just genuinely sad.

        1. SOQ

          Is that todays ‘outraged’ storming out?

          Broadsheet should be in a negative number of commentators by this stage.

          Unless one or more is suffering from multiple personality disorder of course, which is entirely possible- probable even. .

        2. Nigel

          Medieval notions of evil spirits? Completely unfair. Broadsheet is more like a Brass Eye Special.

          ‘I don’t own a phone but I am projecting intense disquiet and alarm over these strange letters that have appeared on someone else’s phone and which are alleged by many to have a perfectly benign explanation, but can we be really sure? We may never know. And now, someone on Twitter wants to evacuate Australia. Normies claim this is unfeasible and unnecessary, but if so, then why are they secretly evil?’

          1. Truthy

            Thank you, that gave me a good laugh, particularly “but if so, then why are they secretly evil?” A classic of the canon.

          1. ian-oG

            OK just curious, have a friend who did recently and he spends a lot of time talking about higher levels of consciousness.

            Not sure what he means by that, humans really only have one if somewhat striated level of consciousness while awake. Some so called mystics will tell you they have achieved some sort of ascended perception but generally they are just hustling for some easy sex.

    1. Truther

      It’s always been that way inclined Truthy, if you really look hard and cold at it, it’s just the recent very stressful events have caused even greater damage

      1. Truthy

        I suppose you are right, but there used to be a touch of wit and jocularity to proceedings too, outside the conspiracy theory crap, but that too seems to have been sucked into the vortex of humourless paranoia at this stage. A shame.

  7. Cian

    FWIW you might see other numbers that (a) don’t match to known companies and (b) that change all the time.

    if you have the Covid Tracker installed it will generate a dummy bluetooth MAC address that changes every 15 minutes. This was done for security purposes – your phone can’t be tracked via this MAC address if it keeps changing the MAC address.

    You can test this if you want. You need.
    – two phones; one with the Covid tracker
    1. turn on both phones, enable the covid tracker
    2. on the other phone open bluetooth + scan (you should see at least one raw mac address)
    3. turn off the covid tracker (disable bluetooth)
    4. re-scan on the other phone and that raw mac address should be gone.
    5. turn on the covid tracker (enable bluetooth)
    6. re-scan on the other phone and a raw mac address should appear (it might be the same as before, or change)
    7. repeat until you are satisfied these raw/changing MAC addresses are related to Covid tracker

  8. E'Matty

    “We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated… The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

    Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado

    “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society”

    Dr. Jose M. R. Delgado describes his pioneering work in implanting electrodes in the brains of cats, monkeys, and men. Through electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, Delgado demonstrates how movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behavior may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control.

    The mind is no longer unreachable, and may be the subject of experimental investigations. According to Delgado, we need to reorient the aims of civilization to restore a balance between its physical and psychological evolution. Our present mechanized society is dangerously self-perpetuating, and should be “psychocivilized” in order to develop wiser minds, to intelligently control our awesome technological advances.

    Dr. Delgado believes mankind’s primary objective should be “not the development of machines, but of man himself.”

    Here’s the auld divil himself Klaus Schwab explaining the plan to chip us all within 10 years in a 2016 interview on swiss TV

    As for tinfoil hatters, it’s becoming increasingly clear that term of derision may actually have been conditioned specfically to deter people from taking the one action that might mitigate the effects of an electromagnetic control grid system and chipped slaves. One must wonder if Hollywood’s “Zombies” are simply humans remotely controlled and induced into a state of homicidal rage. It’s in your brains now sheepies. Enjoy. And remember guys, head shots to put them down.

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