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This morning.

Despite assurances following the leak of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation’s final report last January that survivor groups would be the first to know about proposals for a new redress scheme, details appear to have been leaked at cabinet level.

Mother and Baby Home Scheme Widened (Irish Times)

This morning.

Via Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman:

To survivors and former residents of Mother and Baby Institutions, their families and advocates,

In July, I contacted you all to let you know that I hoped to bring proposals for a redress scheme to Government early in the autumn session. I want to now update you on my intention to bring proposals to Government for approval early in October and to publish them on the same day that they are approved.

I know that there is ongoing media speculation regarding the scheme, however, I can confirm that Government has not yet approved proposals for the scheme. I plan to bring detailed and costed proposals to Government early in October and publish them immediately once approved. As soon as this happens, they will be shared directly with you.


3 thoughts on “Another Leak

  1. White Dove

    Broadsheet’s Mother and Baby Home series on its You-Tube channel (widget in sidebar) is well worth a watch. Thanks to Broadsheet for not letting the victims down. A travesty of recompense is worse than no recompense at all for those excluded. These proposals better be good.

  2. Verbatim

    I read the commission’s report – it was a disgrace.
    The sad fact is that there are women who left Ireland with PTSD and have not dealt with what they went through, what they were put through, and today, have not the heart to look back at this time in their lives or are (prematurely) dead.

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