The West Gate Freeway, Melbourne, Australia

This morning.

Melbourne, Australia.

Via The Age:

Police have confronted thousands of protesters on Melbourne’s busiest freeway, appearing to fire pellets into the crowd outside a service station. Traffic has been blocked on a large part of the West Gate Freeway for hours.

Protesters reached the centre of the West Gate Bridge about 3.30pm AEST, then started their descent back down the bridge, and began heading back into the city.

When protesters reached a service station past the base of the bridge, they were met with lines of police who appeared to fire pellets into the crowd…

Police confront protesters, appear to fire pellets on Melbourne’s busiest freeway (The Age)


In fairness.


CFMEU accuses its own MEMBERS of being ‘far-right Nazis’ (RebelNews)



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18 thoughts on “Freeway

  1. goldenbrown

    I quite enjoyed that clip of the lad just calmly standing his ground vs very shouty robocop…I imagine the work colleagues will make sure he gets a good slagging for that in the riot gear changing room


    1. Micko

      Yup – fair play to him.

      Speaking of Robocop… saw this comment online.

      “Remember in the movie Robocop when corporate America aids criminals and helps incite riots so they can lower property prices and then buy up the city while also privatising the city’s police force… ha ha…science fiction is crazy”

  2. SOQ

    Interesting how all the name callers are silent on this thread. They ignore everything going on internationally while accusing others of being err… nationalists.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I was just about to post this. Radicalised antimask/antivaxx/antilockdown are escalating in Ireland too because we’re treating them as the fringe joke they are.

        When you see an angry and agressive mob accuse the Tanaiste of being a “paedophile” and “muslilm” outside his house, along with previous calls to invade the Dáil and stamp on the heads of our elected representatives, it probably won’t be long before one of them violently attacks a frontline or retail/hospitality worker for refusing them entry without a mask or covid cert.

    1. Fearganainm

      Not really that interesting, people are sensibly not making comment about the affiliations of people they don’t know, when it comes to international protests. Maybe the odd banner/poster/t-shirt might give away the leanings of particular fruit loops but all in all it’s best not to comment about strangers you don’t know.

      However, when it comes to attendees at certain Irish gatherings it doesn’t require such circumspection, not when ‘the regulars’ and organisers are well-known racists, bigots, half-wits, grifters, convicted criminals and old lags, fascist wannabes, unhinged life casualties etc. Most have a demented social media presence that leaves one in no doubt about how ill/disgusting they are so pointing out who and what they are isn’t hard work.

        1. Fearganainm

          Are you seriously pretending not to know anything about the cast of misfits organising and speaking at assorted protests? Or do you cover your ears and eyes until they’ve gone? It’s just the day out that’s grand, is it?

          You’ve spun some cocoon for yourself if you really can’t see what’s going on, no matter how hard you try to give the impression that you ‘really do’.

          If that parade of vermin is your ‘approved leadership’ you’d better mind where you’re going.

          1. SOQ

            What is going on is that people are sick to the back teeth of this lockdown and passport BS- and if the Left won’t step up to the plate then others will, and it is their own spineless fault.

  3. Micko

    I have to say, the sight of men standing up and just saying no to being pushed around made me smile.

    As they said themselves, there were initially left alone by police (unlike other protests) as there was no women or old people to push around.

    Nice to see

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