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This afternoon.

Latest figures on COVID-19 deaths reported in Ireland from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) show ‘underlying conditions’ (an existing chronic or long-term illness which weakens the immune system) reported in 86.85 per cent of fatalities.

Report here


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      1. John

        “Holocaust Survivors”!!! You are quick with Godwins Law
        Do you wear a yellow star and slap on blackface when typing on your keyboard as well?

      1. Junkface

        Yep, obesity is probably the most common underlying condition but its rarely mentioned in the news as it might hurt people’s feelings, but not as much as dying from covid. We live in very silly times.

          1. just millie

            In fairness, Junkface has a point. Obesity has been noted as an underlying condition that can contribute to how covid affects people but – as with so much of covid, there isn’t enough evidence to say definitely.

            As with so much of this pandemic, we’ll have a much better idea in 10 years, for example, with the benefit of hindsight. It’ll be interesting either way to see what conclusions are drawn.

      2. ce

        A better way to ask the question – what percentage of the population is considered to have an underlying condition … whether they know it or not…

        For example, 26% of the adult population is consider obese… that’s a lot of people… and a lot of food… gotta love them battered sausages!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It could be something like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure where people live normal, everyday lives with the condition managed easily. It also covers people with mental illness like bplar and severe depression. It’s not all old, fat people with COPD.

      1. ce

        So, here another question – what proportion of the population does not have an underlying physical condition?

        … Correct answer wins a lifetime supply of battered sausages?…

          1. E'Matty

            I thought we were now allowed demand anybody and everybody provide their medical status on request? It’s the New Normal, no? How else can we tell who is a an “Immune” and who is a “Pure blood”?

      1. Micko

        As I said earlier, sharing that exact data on the Vax status of deaths might be really helpful to encourage people to get vaccinated.

        Why don’t they?

        They tell us ad nauseam every time a young fit person dies. Front page stuff sure.

        1. just millie

          +1 Micko

          Totally agree, even where I sit on the other side of the fence.

          PS – I owe you an apology for the last time we interacted. My behaviour was less than classy, so my apologies for that.

          1. Micko

            No worries Mllie

            I was being a bit of a pr**k that day too if I remember. Sorry

            Hope your little one is doing ok. ;)

          2. Yarfakdu

            That was a lovely interaction. I’ve followed the comments on this site for a long while but you two are up there as my favourite commentators, nice to see resolution. Millie I hope your little one is doing ok.

          3. just millie

            Thanks Micko.

            Mini mill could be doing better, tbh. Heartily sick of the hospital at this point, but she’s an absolute trooper and doesn’t complain nearly as much as me!

          1. f_lawless

            In fairness George, I think you’re falling foul of the same lack of critical thinking that you’re accusing others of partaking in.

            Take the article you linked to –

            The first line is

            “Almost 96pc of the Covid-19 deaths in Ireland over the past fours months have been among people who were not vaccinated.”

            But then when you read on it says: “The figures show that the vast majority of people getting into serious difficulty with the disease are coming from the minority in the population who are still not vaccinated or fully vaccinated

            So that’s misleading for a start. Why aren’t we told what amount of people received a single vaccination? It’s already known that in the two-week period after receiving a vaccine, a person’s immune system is suppressed, leaving them more susceptible to contracting Covid than they otherwise would have been.

            Here’s what Dr. Herman Edeling, a leading South African neurosurgeon,(not some randomer) recently had to say about it

            “after administering the vaccine for a period of 10 days or two weeks or so, there’s a phenomenon of immune suppression. So [if] you get the vaccine today, for the next 10 days to two weeks, your immune system is suppressed, which means you are more susceptible to picking up Covid. And not only Covid, by the way, [you are] susceptible to picking up other conditions as well.

            So to allow people to be vaccinated in a time when there’s a pandemic, when they are going to be exposed to the virus, is insane. It has always been known that when you vaccinate for any condition, you vaccinate before exposure – not during exposure…

   91 countries around the world [that] in each country, following the rollout of vaccination, [there were] spikes of Covid-19 cases and spikes of Covid-19 deaths “


            On top of that, the figure quoted in the Independent article is defined as “died with Covid-19″. Again this is misleading .In July 2021Tony Canavan, CEO of the Saolta Hospital Group, told Morning Ireland radio show confirmed to us that most of their current patients labelled “Covid patients” had mild to no Covid symptoms at all and were in hospital for other clinical reasons.

          2. George

            Only 4.5% of the deaths were people who were fully vaccinated. You can pretend vaccines don’t work all you want but they still do.

          3. f_lawless

            Any chance you might engage in the points I raised?

            This post is worth noting from ex Pfizer VP, Dr Mike Yeadon’s joint Telegram channel,. A direct link is given to the Public Health England Technical Briefing 23 dated 17 September 2021. I had a look myself to verify the figures quoted. I’d recommend doing the same.


            “Table (see post) shows latest data from Public Health England on cases and deaths with the Delta variant

            70% of all deaths with the Delta variant have now been in those with one or both injections.

            63% of all deaths with the Delta variant have now been in the “fully vaccinated” i.e. 14 days post the second dose

            Link to the report here: Numbers in Table above come from Table 5 in the PHE Report (pages 19 & 20)”

            Again the caveat applies “died with or of Covid?” but according to the most up to date data from England, one couldn’t claim that the highest percentage of deaths there are among the unvaccinated

          4. E'Matty

            I think f_lawless may be onto something here. We are told almost all over 65s are vaccinated. Only a tiny percentage of this cohort have not been vaccinated. We also know after 18+ months that the overwhleming majority of deaths are in this age group. The article then says that almost 96% of those who died are “unvaccinated”. Where are these deaths coming from? I think F-lawless raises a good point that they could be very well be counting those who die after their first vaccine shot (so still not considered fully vaccinated for this stats) and are using these figures to support their zealous vaccine drive, by claiming it is those who have never been vaccinated who are dying. Why don’t they tell us the age profile, underlying conditions and full covid vaccine history of these deaths? Only a small number to provide stats for. Who are these people who are alleged to be dying of Covid? If they are claiming it is from the tiny cohort of unvaccinated over 65s, that would be a very high proportion completely out of step with what we have seen to date. Looks like they are gaming the figures again, just as they have done since day one.

    1. John

      Because anyone with any ability to read (unlike yourself) statistics between the earlier onslaught of the Pandemic and now understands perfectly why.

      Did you not follow the infection rates?I don’t know how to break this to you. You are not regarded as competent. Have you got that message or are you going to keep embarrassing yourself in public?

    2. John

      The relevant vaccine status & statistics are freely available if you go looking for them.
      Apologies, based upon your posts you need the assistance of at least one adult unlike yourself that is compos mentis

      1. E'Matty

        “The relevant vaccine status & statistics are freely available if you go looking for them.” I don’t think so. I would eat my words though if you could tell us of those who have died with Covid the past 4 months, what age were they, what underlying conditions did they have, and had they received any Covid vaccine (if said to be unvaccinated, is that no shot or only one of two shots)? Pertinent information though I cannot see it anywhere. As I said though, it is open to you to prove me wrong. Bit of an open goal for you if what you say is true. Prove your statement “relevant vaccine status & statistics are freely available if you go looking for them”.

  1. Qwerty123

    Do you have to be an idiot to use twitter? Is it like a pre-requisite at this stage? Comparing death stats to same period last year without looking at cases which are 7/10 times higher on an average day now than then proves that vaccines do work, haha.

    The emptiest of vessels make most noise.

      1. Qwerty123

        “Am I doing it right?”

        Far from it mate. You are vaccinated against severe illness and death, not from catching covid. Look at death numbers for the last 3 months to same period last year, then compare cases of the disease over the 2 periods.
        Of course you knew this already, right?

        “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

          1. Qwerty123

            Now go back and compare the cases over the 2 periods and reply with those 2 numbers. Here, I’ll help you, reading and comprehension is not your forte it seems –

            2020 – 5,025 cases over the period to 05/06 – 04/09 months in 2021 – 92 deaths
            2021 – 95,754 cases over the period to 04/06 – 03/09 months in 2021 – 87 deaths

            Almost 20 times higher numbers with less deaths. The difference? Vaccines

            Source :

            Careful now, you will have to open 2 different excel sheets….

          2. hmmm


            Now we’re back to cases being higher with the vaccine and that’s what proves the vaccines work?

            I wrote that the first time.

            And you’re including September 2021 which is not yet over…

            But you know already how many people will die so I guess that proves the vaccines work too.

            BTW shouldn’t you be talking about infections, not cases?

            Wait… of course… more infections also means the vaccines are working.


          3. f_lawless

            And careful now querty123, youre liable to get yourself labelled “anti-vax” in these parts for taking that standpoint. The government’s justification for covid vaccine passports and all the vaccine coercion has been pinned all along on the vaccines’ ability to reduce transmission.

            I’ll assume you’re against the government measures in that regard

          4. John

            I tell you what, instead of publicly exposing your inability to comprehend the amount of infections between last year and this year resulting in the two figures you mis-quote why not get a trusted adult to hold your hand and explain it to you?

            Your posts amply demonstrate there is no vaccine against stupidity.

          5. hmmm

            Hey John, thanks for playing.

            You do realise that the lockdown fanatics and vaccine pushers usually make up numbers (cases and death projections especially) in order to suit their agenda on a daily basis whilst ignore the actual numbers people want to know (ie: the number of vaccinated getting sick)

            No analysis of fake numbers will ever get to the truth.

            Have a great day !!

    1. Micko

      We were testing 30k-40k a week in the summer of 2020.

      In the last 7 days alone we’ve tested 174k people. It’s in the Covid dashboard.–testing

      Now, is that coz there is more actual cases of sick people with symptoms or is it because all the private PCR testing players in the market are selling PCR tests to private businesses and those results are feeding into the system.

      And we’re finding absolutely TONS of people with no symptoms.

      Too much money to be made and too many backs to scratch in my opinion.

      Probably why they don’t want antigen tests used, it would destroy the PCR monopoly.

      1. John

        The “PCR monopoly” you truly have zero idea of the procurement and the supply of the PCR testing

        So tell me what other paranoid delusions do you suffer from?

        1. E'Matty

          oh, the procurement process you say? Eamon Ryan’s brother’s company, Medmark, was awarded the contract by the department of education for the medical assessment of teachers during Covid. No tender process was implemented as this was once more skipped over due to the state of emergency.

          Tell us again about this procurement policy.

    1. John

      I don’t know what makes you so dim, asking the same question over and over… but it really works
      Maybe you should try finding it out what it is rather than exposing your lack of basic comprehension online!
      I am getting embarrassed on your behalf

  2. deano

    as a rule of thumb now, if I see Bodger is the contributor, I quickly scan for keywords to see if it’s to do with Covid and if it is I just scroll past.

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