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Compiled using 12 data indicators that span virus containment, the quality of healthcare, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress toward restarting travel and easing border curbs, the Ranking captures which of the world’s biggest 53 economies are responding best—and worst—to the same once-in-a-generation threat.

The Best and Worst Places to Be as We Learn to Live With Delta (Bloomberg)


This morning.

92% of adults vaccinated but children aged 5-12 ‘unlikely’ to get their jab this year (Irish Examiner)


Last night.

Project Veritas released the third video of its COVID vaccine investigative series apparently showing two Johnson & Johnson officials on hidden camera who argue that children do not need to take the COVID vaccine in part because of the potential long-term side effects.

Johnson & Johnson: Children Don’t Need the ‘F*cking’ COVID Vaccine Because There Are ‘Unknown Repercussions Down the Road’ (Project Veritas)



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    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Something something satanism… something something NWO… something something stabbing babies.

      Y’know, the ususal.

      1. Micko


        Trust me Daisy. You don’t want to watch that video

        I actually think none of this stuff is helping Bodger.

        What do you think is going to happen if 92% of the Irish adult population that’s taken a jab, finds out that this stuff is actually dangerous?

        Even if it is or isn’t dangerous (who knows) – If people start to even THINK they’ve made a terrible mistake for them and their kids – who do you think they’re gonna go after and blame?

        The untouchable politicians and media or the unvaccinated?

        Better to see it as a box ticking exercise and let the 8% unvax’d fly under the radar I think.

        So with that in mind…

        Yay 92%.. well done everyone

        1. SOQ

          Well its bad enough getting stressed about the side effects after taking those vaccines because nobody knows who is going to get injured. But then to find out that their efficacy is nowhere near as claimed, and that you may have to repeatedly take such risks, is going to generate a certain level of vaccine remorse.

          As for witch hunting the unvaccinated, that really will depend on what sort of injuries manifest. There is already a spike in heart conditions, strokes and non Covid related deaths in the UK apparently, but it is unknown if they are vaccine related at present, or because of reduced health services during the pandemic.

          1. chris

            @ Cian, and do you somehow imagine that if it’s been administered to so many people it’s going to somehow negate the negative effects?

            Er, no. That’s not how things work.

          2. SOQ


            STOP HOLOCAUST

            Ladies and Gentlemen,

            We, the survivors of the atrocities committed against humanity during the Second World War, feel bound to follow our conscience and write this letter.

            It is obvious to us that another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. The majority of the world’s populace do not yet realize what is happening, for magnitude of an organized crime such as this is beyond their scope of experience. We, however, know. We remember the name Josef Mengele. Some of us have personal memories. We experience a déjà vu that is so horrifying that we rise to shield our poor fellow humans. The threatened innocents now include children, and even infants.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Hmmm…. No actual names of survivors put to this letter on a website run by a dance teacher who used donations to buy property in Spain.

          4. SOQ


            The personal data of the Holocaust Survivors and their keens may be provided for authentication purposes upon an official request. In an open letter, the data will not be published for the protection of the signatories for reprisals.

          5. SOQ

            Thanks f_lawless. When I referenced Vera Sharav I was told she was only one Jewish person and that she was been used as a stooge. Like you say, if this was fake then critics would be all over it like a rash- but they are not.

            The signatories are verifiable, just not for publication, which is fair enough.

            What is interesting however is the steadfast refusal by some to accept that there is ANY similarities between what is happening now and what happened then.

            Because that would mean that those who have been advocating for this madness are actually the bad guys.

        1. Cian

          Creating a webpage doesn’t make it true.

          #1 Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.

          Wrong. In the last 18 months more than 0.5% of the population had died from Covid. Even if every man, woman, and child had Covid (which is highly unlikely as they are reporting 800+ new cases each day) it is a IFR of 99.41%

          2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality.
          if you look at their pictures you can see 2020 is higher than the preceding 10-15 years. This is very unusual excess mortality.

          3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated.
          There are the daily figures based on the ‘died within 28 days’ that are published on the likes of worldometers, these are a proxy for the current state of the disease; There are the numbers collated from death certs which is what the doctor thinks the patient died of. For the UK
          Deaths within 28 days of positive test: 136,208
          Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate:158,664.

          Ireland was the reverse, our 2020 death cert deaths were only about 80% of the daily tally.

          Excess deaths in many countries are showing that the covid deaths aren’t artificially inflated.

          .. another 27 lies I can’t be arsed writing about

      1. John

        BS has suffered a fair drop in its ratings from over 300K visits sinking heavily down to under 192k and heading downward in the last six months (traffic figures are available by sites like Similar web.

        It distinctly illustrates that having turned BS into a major anti-vaccination/conspiracy website with [moderated but uncensored] posts by mentally unwell/challenged individuals and linking to vile far right sites that also post Covid lies and misinformation, BS’s readership and web visits are falling heavily.

        After all what genuine businesses and advertisers would want their products to be associated with the anti-vax dangerous nonsense posted on BS.

        1. chris

          It’s commendable that they’ve put their conscious above their pockets, if more in the world followed suit we wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in.

          I do notice the naysayers (such as yourself) growing angrier, casting insults, calling gov data lies etc and I suppose it’s to be expected. Everyone will have to face their conscious at some point.

          1. Noel Browne

            Aye, it’s almost like it’s gone beyond cognitive dissonance phase & into religious zealotry from some people which is frightening & potentially dangerous to say the least. Small town Ireland where i live, the question ‘have ye had the jab yet?’ has gone from inquiry to accusatory tone lately. My reply is ‘yes i have ten times & it was better than sex,’ that usually softens their cough giving them something else to think about for a while. But seriously, i’m concerned about some people’s behaviour & shopping elsewhere now as it’s just not worth the hassle anymore.

          2. chris

            @ Noel, and I can only imagine it getting worse when the reality of the situation dawns. To call it a cult is accurate, Covidian’s are impervious to logic, they simply ignore what can’t be waved away.
            But there will come a point when the gravity of all this will become impossible to ignore. I have no idea how society will react.

            Jonas Salk wrote about using cancer as a population control mechanism, I’d believe it was already at play before Covid-19. But nothing of this magnitude –

          1. SOQ

            Comments like “posts by mentally unwell/challenged individuals” are acceptable yet mine about this character’s daily input is not?

        2. Darren

          I could have sworn it was the same fifty ppl. . That’s part of why I check in.. see what the gang thinks

  1. SOQ

    Anyone with half a brain knows that vaccine passports were just a form of coercion so it should be no surprise to hear an insider say it. What is absolutely frightening us the way in which the pharmaceutical industry has such power over democratically elected governments?

      1. chris

        Full brain, as in not coerced by propaganda? Not to take a novel treatment with no testing, long term data or legal recourse.

        1. Cian

          a novel treatment, by definition, has no long term data (there is a clue in the name).

          The Covid vaccines have been tested, and there is legal recourse (albeit against the government rather than the manufacturer),

          1. E'Matty

            yeah, those amazing trials that didn’t even detect the short term adverse effects like blood clots, myocarditis, Guillan Barre syndrome etc, yet you guys are all full sure there’s no chance of any medium to long term adverse effects. Sounds like you lads have opted for faith based thinking as opposed to any empirical evidence or science. Quite unsurprising given the cultish nature of the Covid fanatics.

    1. scottser

      jays, you should hear me go on about my job and the idiots in charge of it, both inside and outside the job.
      these lads just got caught speaking out of turn is all.

  2. Nilbert

    Alabama 2019 population: 4.903 million
    Republic of Ireland 2019 population: 4.904 million

    Alabama adult vaccination rate: 51.8%
    Republic of Ireland adult vaccination rate: 90%

    Alabama 7 day deaths average: 116
    Republic of Ireland 7 day deaths average: 4

    Alabama patients in ICU: 660
    Republic of Ireland patients in ICU: 65

    1. Micko

      They also have a 36% obesity rate.

      And it’s America, so you know that’s proper effin fat. Not just a bit over 30 on the aul BMI scale. It’s taking up two airplane seats kinda fat.

      Also “ Alabama ranked fifth for highest percentage of adults eating less than one serving of fruits/vegetables per day; third for highest percentage of adults with Type 2 Diabetes; and second for highest percentage of adults with high blood pressure.”


      Plus, of course the vaccines work. ;)

        1. E'Matty

          yeah, let’s just ignore the fact obesity is one of the strongest (second only to age I think) indicators of outcome for Covid patients and try deflect by making some inane and irrelevant comment about obese people being expendable. As for the elderly being expendable, it was the criminals you support daily who forced sick elderly people untested back into nursing and care homes resulting in over 85% of the fatalities being in nursing and care homes in Wave 1. Your high priests then used those deaths (they had just helped create) to terrorise the general population into accepting authoritarian lockdown measures.

    2. Darren

      Alabama is not ireland …. Cultural differences. . House size.. transport networks .. geographical and climate differences. . .. if all the world was based on numbers there would be no reason to live at all.. just let the machines play out our lives for us.. like player manager but forever.. false equivalence proves only one thing….

  3. Noel Browne

    As of today, Covid-19 Data Ireland figures report 75.7% take-up on first vax & 73.7% on both, yet until very recently front page of Irish Times was giving 90 & 92% respectively & doesn’t show up for today’s issue, why so I wonder ..

    1. Micko

      I think the 73% is the entire population and the 92% is just the adult population. (Maybe the over 12’s as well.)

  4. Danny Dullea

    Project Veritas produces only propaganda not verifiable news and information. Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010. The group produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups… Project Veritas should never be taken at face value. It is a Candid Camera Gotcha Grift to feed white nationalist trolls and create more chaos and confusion in the American and world media ecosystem.

  5. Danny Dullea

    Project Veritas produces only propaganda not verifiable news and information. Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010. The group produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups… Project Veritas should never be taken at face value. It is a Candid Camera Gotcha Grift to feed white nationalist trolls and create more chaos and confusion in the American and world media ecosystem.

    1. E'Matty

      so the Johnson & Johnson employees didn’t make the statements we hear them making in the videos? Or were they taken out of context? If so, what do you think the context should have been? Just trying to get a handle on what part of this wasn’t “verifiable news and information”. “It is a Candid Camera Gotcha Grift” – well, it does seem to have quite a lot of success at undercover recording of employees of certain organisations making statements in private completely at odds with the organisations public statements. Whilst this might not be particularly noteworthy were it, for example, a music exec privately saying their artist is actually crap, whilst at the same time promoting them as the next great thing, it could be considered noteworthy or newsworthy to some where it involves say the safety of a drug their company is selling and the population are being coerced into receiving under threat of social exclusion and for many, loss of livelihood and career.

  6. Boe__Jiden

    Look, if there was a problem with the vaccines then scientists would have let us know by now, trust the science, end of debate.

    1. chris

      Scientists, consultants, doctors etc have been shouting it from the rooftops. Just because mainstream media is failing in it’s duties to keep the public informed, doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of voice’s trying to do just that.

    2. E'Matty

      You’re not trusting science. You are trusting Big Pharma and the global corporate media it helps fund. How long did it take for the mainstream media and scientists to accept that Pandemrix was causing narcolepsy, or that Thalidomide was killing and deforming babies in utero, or that Valrproate was causing developmental delays and impairments in babies, or even that smoking was causing cancer or asbetos was killing people, and so on. In fact, in each case, officialdom closed ranks, denied the claims, often for years, even decades, vilified those making the claims, and often said “no causal link”. Actually, there are so many examples of this exact same behaviour it’s ridiculous I even have to raise it. But, I am happy for you to take the vaccines and take them as many times as you wish. I believe that is your right to choose to do so. Our only demand is that we have the option to opt out of this vaccine programme and to not be discriminated against for making our perfectly sane and rationale decision based on a logical cost-benefit analysis, instead of media induced hysteria and a witch-hunt against heretics.

      1. SOQ

        There are some, including a couple of this site, who are positively salivating at the idea of discriminating against other people- despite the fact that there is zero scientific evidence of it being any use. The irony is that they are the exact same ones who are so keen to argue in favour of minority rights- but cannot see the hypocrisy in their own stance.

        Personally I have faith in the technology- meaning faith that like most new stuff, it will not work. The vaccines are already failing and I wouldn’t trust the HSE to securely store my medical records let alone develop and manage a bio surveillance systems.

        1. E'Matty

          you can be any sex, gender, sexuality, religion (though not so much of this lately to be fair), ethnicity, etc you just can’t have a different opinion. “Diversity” they believe, does not include diversity of opinions or the freedom to question the orthodoxy of the day. They are a cult of uniform minds moulded by their high priest voices of authority all under this faith based religion they call “science” which as practiced by them is inherently anti scientific. So progressive and liberal they believe themselves to be, yet they want those who decline a medical treatment to be banished from normal society, as you say, despite there being no scientific nor logical medical justification to do so. Closet authoritarians revealing their true colours and quickly becoming the baying mob. Thank God for social media, without which those who dissent would have no outlet, no means to connect with others outside this group-think mentality. And, good on Bodger for not relenting in the face of the continued attacks and moaning from the usual suspects.

          1. bisted

            …agree jungleman…I suspect a one man echo chamber…his E’Matty character sounds more like a manifesto, when he’s not lecturing Nigel…who else could have created a character as absurd as SOQ other than Bodger…even showing off with his mastery of vernacular and idiom…changing the ‘s’ to ‘c’ in ‘ordacious’ was magnificent…

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