A Limerick A Day


Frances Haugen testified before the US Congress yesterday after revealing herself as the ‘Facebook Whistleblower’

In Washington they took a look
At what goes on inside Facebook
The failings they heard
Bordered on the absurd
And left many senators shook

John Moynes


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3 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Free Lunch

    Facebookers in Dublin get free food.
    And they earn on average 150K a year and like to say they’re so good.
    Shame they provide a platform that promotes hate and abuse
    I’d complain to the Government but it’s no use.
    Thankfully nobody under the age of 50 uses it because it’s so crude.

    – Sylvia Cloud-Plathform

  2. bisted

    …who knew Facebook had the ability
    To undermine world stability
    Even crooked Hillary
    Might’ve used less artillery
    If she’d embraced the Zuckerberg facility

    1. ian-oG


      Never had a Facebook account myself and nobody I know who did still uses it these days?

      No Instagram account either and while I can understand why and how people user FB, have no idea nor any inclination to try to understand what Instagram is all about – uploading photos? Is that it?

      Who knows.

      The sooner a soulless pre-zombie like Zuckerberg is dethroned the better, seems like a reprehensible person.

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