Gunner’s Dream


Australia’s Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Last night/this morning.


Essential workers in the Australian Northern Territory will be subject to one of the strictest Covid-19 vaccination mandates in the world to begin in just a month.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said employees who interacted with the public needed to get least one Covid-19 jab by November 13 or they wouldn’t be allowed back to work and faced a $5000 fine.

The new directions apply to:

Employees at all jobs that involve interacting with members of the public. For example: hospitality, banking, retail, supermarket, receptionists, hairdressers and beauty therapists

Workers who come into direct contact with people at risk of severe illness from Covid-19, like Aboriginal people or those who can’t be vaccinated

People who perform work in essential infrastructure, food or essential good security or supply, or logistics.

The direction also includes a provision that mandates booster shots for those workers in the future.

Employers will be allowed to request proof of vaccination of staff and will be required to keep a register of the vaccination status of all employees.

Northern Territory announces mandatory vaccines for workers and $5000 fines for those who don’t comply (


14 thoughts on “Gunner’s Dream

  1. SOQ

    It is absolutely frightening what is happening there- the tradies protest will be nothing compared to the blowback on this.

  2. K. Cavan

    Strewth, he’s a ringer for The Hunchback of Notre Dan Andrews. Aussie politicians are almost as ugly as our lot.

    1. Nigel

      Why? He’s broken down what’s been going on in Australia several times for you, but you’ve ignored what he actually says over and over again in favour of your own mental picture of an entire continent. You’re hardly going to change your behaviour this time.

      1. SOQ

        You are getting very personal these days Nigel- a bit sore are we?

        Formely was a huge advocate of lockdowns and masks all that fascist stuff- a bit like yourself- except its now been proven not to work, just like everywhere else.

        1. Micko

          I suspect the penny finally dropped for Formerly of what COVID was being used to usher in.

          Seemed like a nice bloke in fairness.

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