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          1. Poor oul divil too

            It’s funny how posh bogger outdoorsy types gadding about in their Landrover and on their pony are gonna outlive us all. Better, more robust sex lives too. Who knew!

    1. Junkface

      I’m with you on that ce. Simple solutions are being ignored. How about some large fans in nightclubs and late bars? It would help a lot and its cheap. Buy them online for €50 or so.

      Why don’t Gov’t rollout different air filters for various sized indoor premises? Cheaper than a lockdown.

  1. Ronnie

    Let it rip. Anyone that wanted to be vaccinated have been. There is no point in suggesting any further government rescrictions resulting in further loss jobs in sectors without PUP support and no point whatsoever in vaccinating children. The virus will spread thus making more people without underlying conditions not any safer than they already are anyway The booster should be taken by those of us that are worried about asthma and other conditions

    1. Bob


      The greatest trick they ever pulled was making the term herd immunity mean mass murder

      Herd immunity is the answer and will happen weather you want it to or not

  2. Shayna

    “Chumocracy” – Thank you, ‘The Guardian’ – kinda sums up The Tories, old schoolboy networks, nannies and nonces.

  3. Shayna

    Not related, but perhaps a distraction, could Shayna recommend, “100 Foot Wave” on Sky Documentaries, Now TV. No-one said, “Dude”, throughout man!

      1. SOQ

        You seem to have a habit of accusing people of lying and spreading misinformation Cian, except nobody appointed you ‘fact checker’ of this site.

        If you have evidence to the contrary then by all means post it but questioning people’s motives in such a manner, says way more about you, than them.

        1. Johnny

          Just the facts.
          -In 2004, the AIDS denialist journalist Liam Scheff alleged that the ICC was abusing children by force-feeding them potentially toxic HIV medications. He suggested that children who received these medications became ill when they might otherwise have remained healthy-

          What’s the purpose of your link Chris – what’s your point ?

        2. Cian

          If you don’t want to be accused of lying and misinformation I would suggest you stop posting lies and misinformation. It is simple really.

          Nobody has to post here. People choose to. But if someone posts rubbish here they are fair game to be exposed.

          What is your motive for posting lies? (most recent example I can think of relates to the vaccinate rate in Israel, where you (falsely) claim they are “near all vaccinated”: https://www.broadsheet.ie/2021/11/16/at-least-one-dose/#comment-2367496)

          1. Johnny

            He followed hook line and sinker the NY white cops union position,of hysterical claiming NY was heading for a emergency service crisis……still waiting.

        3. jungleman

          “except nobody appointed you ‘fact checker’ of this site“

          Whereas SOQ has been appointed Chief Misinformation Spreader on broadsheet.

          1. Chris

            Muh misinformation.. if it doesn’t come from an ‘expert’ – you don’t want to know. Tell me, given the ONLY trial for Pfizer has proven to be completely fraudulent, but these ‘experts’ are ignoring the fact – don’t you feel your trust is um, a little misplaced?

        1. Johnny

          Link them.
          But what is your point ?

          -Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) is a nursing facility for children living with HIV in New York City. From 1989 until 2000 the center operated as a foster care boarding home; since then it has concentrated on providing medical care.-

          Your link
          Think Fauci torturing and killing dogs is bad? Wait till you learn what he did to orphaned kids in NYC for HIV “research”

          What did Fauci do at the ICC as you claim in 1989 and 1990-what was the research he carried out there ?

          1. chris

            They’re in that thread. They used children (who can’t give consent) as guinea pigs. Dosing them with AZT amongst other things. Pharmaceutical companies were also aloud to experiment on children here, Tuam etc.

            But if cowards benefit from the research so they feel ‘safe’ – I guess they think this kind of carry on is fine

        2. Johnny

          Oh Chris,FFS take your time ‘chris’ you link junk rubbish and trash daily,lies and garbage,any other site would bin your links.

          ‘The New York State Department of Health found that none of the abuse allegations was substantiated, and that the source of the accusations “appears to be a group of individuals holding the view that HIV does not cause AIDS – a view discredited by scientific and medical consensus around the world.”

          1. Johnny

            What’s the point your link Chris,complete with …if your eating breakfast…
            Take your time.
            Why did you post that link…..would you care discuss it ?

            This is happening now then-from your link.

            The drugs being given to the children are toxic – they’re known to cause genetic mutation, organ failure, bone marrow death, bodily deformations, brain damage and fatal skin disorders. If the children refuse the drugs, they’re held down and have them force fed. 4/5

            If the children continue to resist, they’re taken to Columbia Presbyterian hospital where a surgeon puts a plastic tube through their abdominal wall into their stomachs. From then on, the drugs are injected directly into their intestines.~ Fin.

            When is enough enough?


            For me I’ve had more than enough your absolute garbage on here.

            What’s your point Chris

          2. Chris

            I didn’t say it was happening now. It gives an insight in to the type of characters that some would deem experts. You know, psychopaths.

            I’d ask what’s your point if it wasn’t facile – as you don’t have one.

          3. Johnny

            Lost me,
            -Don’t open the tweet if you’re eating breakfast-

            You link it to… It gives an insight in to the type of characters that some would deem experts. You know, psychopaths.…

            But it’s fake it’s a lie,false and totally debunked years and years ago,it’s from the like 90’s-but that’s your point,eh yeah well made….

          4. Chris

            It isn’t fake and was subject to a congressional hearing, it happened in the 90s – so that’s ok then?

            You don’t have a point, save for wasting people’s time.

          5. Johnny

            Do you have a link to the Congressional Hearing then,you are a pathological liar.

            It’s totally FAKE.

            Completely debunked.

            It’s junk food or more garbage,drugs for brain dead captured idiots,which part do you stand by ?

            Huh-… They used children (who can’t give consent) as guinea pigs…..what kids,kids with AIDS?

            Whose consent ?

            Man you are so far from reality,take your time and give us a short summary then.

          6. Chris

            Millions of gay men and others that contracted HIV were murdered in the 80s – 90s – short enough for you? Some where given false positives and took AZT when they didn’t need to.

    1. chris

      It case anyone missed it – 21 people died, compared to 17 in the control group. Pfizer’s criminality knows no bounds and remarkably idiots defend this as listening to the experts.

  4. Johnny


    -An Irish banking leader of the same era cites the refusal to “take responsibility” as an indictment of FitzPatrick’s leadership. But Denis O’Brien, one of Ireland’s most prominent entrepreneurs, who describes FitzPatrick as a “great personal friend” told the FT that it is “very wrong to assume that he didn’t regret what happened”. “Sean was very conscious [of] the impact the banking collapse had on a great many people,” he said, adding that the banker spent his last decade helping people in financial difficulty on a pro bono basis.-FT

    Poor oul Dennis lost his moral compass when he bribed and lied his way into that first irish lic.

    But but my charity work …..

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