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  1. Shayna

    “Tear down those balls”. Bernard Durkan explains that it’s more difficult to win The Lotto with 47 balls than the former 36. I was expecting a, “You’re more likely to win The Lotto, than be struck by lightning” quote.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Bernard Durkan was there when they flogged it off to a Canadian Pension Fund
      And there wasn’t a word out’ve him

      More like his constituency isn’t getting new basketball courts and help putting a new canteen into the local community hall from lotto funds

      1. GiggidyGoo

        True to form, Bisted doesn’t read the linked article, and constructs an opinion based on ignorance. Par for the course.

        1. bisted

          …true Giggser…didn’t read the link…long since gave up on blindly clicking on links from alt right commenters…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Define ‘alt right’ and why you’d pigeon hole Chris into the definition.
            Does your definition differ from the Merriam-webster definition – ‘ a right-wing, primarily online political movement or grouping based in the U.S. whose members reject mainstream conservative politics and espouse extremist beliefs and policies typically centered on ideas of white nationalism’

          2. bisted

            …in fairness, Giggser…Chris does a far better job at defining himself than I ever could…you, however, remain a source of constant wonder…a vaccinated ratlicker…where would you get it?

          3. Chris

            He pigeon holes because he’s incapable of independent thought. His schema is formed from predetermined labels he readily adopts to make sense of the world. When anything doesn’t present itself within these rigid categories – it causes him great confusion. Being ‘vaccinated’ but against totalitarianism doesn’t compute, so he must assign a label ‘ratlicker’.

            The modern parlance for such people is NPC – non playing character. It’s a referral to non essential characters in video games that are there just to populate the environment & have no sense of agency themselves.

          4. Bitnboxy

            Lol. Mad auld lad GiggidyGums batting his eyelids at alt-right / far right ideas. Who would have thought it given Giggz’s anti-migrant rants? A disgruntled ageing toothless port worker on night shifts with a troubled life has found the latest scapegoat for his woes.

            Strong whiff of incel off Christie.

          5. Bitnboxy

            A wise move not to click this nonsense Bisted. This is the sort of swivel-eyed hyperbole designed to attract the disgruntled and gullible – weak and ineffectual men seeking to blame everyone and anything but themselves for their woes. No coincidence Chris and mad auld lad GiggidyGums are lapping this crap up and drowning in it.


  2. goldenbrown

    er BS?
    what was wrong exactly with my earlier observation on that obvious IT PR puffpiece?
    is there no room for a bit of sharps on here anymore?

  3. SOQ

    Dr Pierre Kory, Intensive care specialist and member of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) spoke to Pat Kenny and he explained why he believes that the drug Ivermectin is ‘the drug that can end the pandemic’

    Surprised they even let Pierre Kory on at all, especially given the big pharma horse mature Kenny has been spouting recently.


      1. Duncan Wheeler

        Expert, TomJ, opines on subject and expects people to believe he knows more on the subject than the good doctor.

    1. Fearganainm

      Did Kory mention that his latest ‘scientific paper’ had to be retracted? Not the first time his ‘work’ has been show to contain major errors, most of which, I’m sure entirely coincidentally, were all about bigging up Ivermectin. Alas, take away/rectify his errors and there’s nothing left to support his snake oil campaign:


      Not the first time Kory has had to retract a flawed paper. He shouldn’t be given any more media air time, the guy makes more (Ivermectin friendly) ‘errors’ in his research than a schoolkid would.

      1. SOQ

        You are the one who used the word ‘ironic’ above- I suggest you duckduckgo it’s meaning.

        Am I the only one suspecting that this character is Nigel?

        Always the last word etc.

          1. benblack


            They’re the ones with the guns firing live rounds into a crowd of unarmed people, right?

            Look at the footage – what threat was that person posing to the life of anyone, standing at the corner of a street?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Odd isn’t it? The country that gave us Hitler is the one threatening to discriminate in a similar way as the Nazis

        1. SOQ

          Not really- its just history repeating itself, except now they call themselves anti-fascists- that Orwellian thing again. .

          Actions speak louder than words of course.

          1. SOQ

            That is not due respect- instead of putting forward a counter argument, that is an attempt to insult someone who’s opinion you do not agree with.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          And the nazis out indulging in another Krystallnacht, trashing property and whinging like the entitled snowflakes they are, as they smash in windows claiming they’re the real victims.

        3. jungleman

          Hitler was the populist outsider with much more in common with those taking part in this rally than with those in government.

          If you were a German in the 1930s you’d have been goose-stepping to his every word.

          1. SOQ

            Except is not the protestors who are supporting the mandatory vaccination of the entire country. If that is not fascism, then what is?

          2. jungleman

            It’s a vaccine, not some malicious sterilization program.

            Like I said, you don’t know anything about history. You are trying to frame a genuine public health measure as fascism. Making it mandatory might not be a good idea but that does not mean it is fascism or that there is some fascist motivation behind it. If you look objectively at the generally accepted definitions of fascism, you could not reasonably conclude that the responses to this pandemic common to pretty much every government in the developed world amount to fascism.

          3. SOQ

            It is an experimental gene therapy with no long term safety data. It is exactly the same as the Nazi experiments.

            Bodily autonomy is a human right.

          4. Richie

            None of the vaccines are gene therapies, you can rest assured that your genes will remain unharmed and unmodified soq.

  4. Johnny

    We are all Nigel,the anti common sense,low intelligence white t….brigade has forced laid back chill folks to become nigels…to counteract a campaign of misinformation,lies and just ding bat crazy horse meds,with naturally predators making bank of suckers.
    Don’t F up my holidays….do what it takes COYBG:)

    1. Chris

      You’d imagine alright, but no – Covidians lack the insight to imagine why this sets a terrible precedent.
      The powers that be know that a segment of society is starting to smell a rat. What was a soft Fascist coup will escalate accordingly.

      The mask will come off, and force will start becoming a growing concern, as was evident last night in Rotterdam. Live rounds, seven shot, one dead – a lying media saying they were firing ‘warning shots’. The fear of the virus will morph into a fear of the state apparatus.

      1. SOQ

        Amazing stuff coming out of Australia though Chris- the biggest street mobilisation in history and bigger expected next week. Morrison is already backpaddling with guff about people’s private lives and there is a public spat between him and Andrews.

        Thing is, behind all of this totalitarian BS, it is still a democracy and elections are coming- same as elsewhere.

        1. Chris

          @ SOQ Look at all the parties stance on this issue. I don’t see any political resolution to this. You can sum up politicos as either – true believers/bought/compromised.

          The true believers obviously shouldn’t be in politics (as they don’t understand the same). The bought, well that’s a given. The compromised – this includes those snared by things such as Pegasus, but also those that won’t go against the narrative if their paycheck is on the line.

          Mattie McGrath & Michael McNamara are the only two (to my knowledge) that won’t swallow the lie.

        2. SOQ

          Just like Australia, they will only start to scatted once the public is mobilised and so far, the controlled opposition and the spin doctors have managed to keep a lid on it.

          But it is early days.

  5. f_lawless

    NUI Galway really going all out to achieve that oppressive totalitarian atmosphere on campus. What a time to be a student


    ‘Management at NUI Galway have said they will use CCTV to track down students who refuse to wear face masks and can take disciplinary action against them..

    .. “If we have CCTV coverage, then we can pick up on the individuals and approach them directly, or if you know the identity of the individual, let us know and we can act on that,” said NUIG’s Chief Operating Officer, John Gill.

    He asked staff to provide the time, date and place so authorities could identify them through CCTV footage.’

  6. bisted

    …in fairness, Giggser…Chris does a far better job at defining himself than I ever could…you, however, remain a source of constant wonder…a vaccinated ratlicker…where would you get it?

  7. jungleman

    Why does this Chris commenter get to incessantly post misinformation without any moderation. Broadsheet has sunk very far. I’ve been commenting for a long time and I remember when the general atmosphere amongst the comments was progressive and intelligent and the site regularly posted items that were of great societal value. It is now a haven for alt-right incels like Chris. Bodger (presumably you are the owner?), I am sad to say you have destroyed this website. Broadsheet is now a laughing stock.

    1. Chris

      Uh oh, the NPCs are coming thick and fast. Bisted seems to be malfunctioning, stuck in a recursive loop. jungleman hasn’t copped this & throws out the same baseless claims. If you know something to be ‘misinformation’ – challenge it. You can’t just throw terms out and hope they stick, that’s not the preserve of the intelligent.

      I’ll fess up to my political stance, as it seems to be causing some commenters confusion. Before Covid, I would have leaned left – I’ve never have faith in the political system, but felt holding the line against corporate interests was somewhat possible – I was wrong. Now? Anarchist – extricating myself from a corrupt and genocidal regime is my only goal at this point.

    2. benblack

      Ah, here.

      Get a grip. This is a tough site to comment on, at the best of times. The present times are extraordinarily charged.

      Stay around, and you’ll grow an even thicker skin – run away, and you’ll never know.

      Come on, dude!

      1. D. Ments. Yea?

        I personally don’t feel Broadsheet is a laughing stock – far from it,
        Unfortunately some of the people who populate it at the minute are like leeches.
        Could do some good, but statistically unlikely.

  8. Free Lunch

    The Journal Fact Check:

    “Does Bodger take the weekend off so that the pro and anti-Covid comment loons will wear themselves out by Monday?”


    1. Lilly

      ‘That book … claims Mr Haughey’s romance with Terry Keane was costing the politician £2,000 a week.’

      Was Kevin O’Connor suggesting that Haughey was paying Keane for the pleasure of her company or is that sour grapes from the Sindo in the wake of her departure?

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