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Andrew McGinley on RTÉ One’s Prime Time last May

This afternoon.


RTÉ has defended its decision to drop grieving father Andrew McGinley from The Late Late Show after receiving correspondence from members of killer Deirdre Morley’s family.

The father-of-three was due to appear on the primetime TV show on October 8 to announce plans for a fundraising concert in his children’s memory.

However, just hours before the show was to air, he announced he would not be appearing.

Yesterday, revealed the national broadcaster told Mr McGinley it had received a letter which said that “it could be a painful and traumatic experience” to see him talking about Conor, Darragh and Carla on The Late Late Show.

Letter from members of Deirdre Morley’s family led RTÉ to drop Andrew McGinley from Late Late Show (


Via RTE news:

Mr McGinley, speaking to RTÉ’s News At One, said he “honestly cannot understand” how the launch of a charity and a colouring competition could be seen as being sensitive material.

“I wouldn’t have talked about anything painful and I would have hoped the Late Late Show, being an entertainment show, wouldn’t have intended to speak about anything that would have caused distress or pain,” he added.

“I honestly don’t understand that,” said Mr McGinley.

“For me, I was being invited on for what I intended … because I’m tired of grief-filled conversations.

“I just want to keep the children’s memory alive with love and for me I was coming on to have a loved filled conversation about Conor, Carla and Darragh.”


20 thoughts on “Not For Broadcast

  1. ce

    Sensitivity concerns leads to a maximally insensitive decision…

    … seriously humans, get it together…

  2. Optimus Grime

    How are we meant to deal with things if we decide not to talk about them because some people are “sensitive” – There was the potential for huge learning and awareness with this interview and it’s gone now

  3. Nullzero

    RTE spends the last two years scaring the living crap out of the entire country and suddenly they’re concerned about the mental well being of the Irish people?

  4. SOQ

    Are RTÉ those people who keep knocking on my door looking for money?

    I’ll get to them after the winter heat bills.

  5. Diddy

    This is misery porn. Three children were murdered by their mentally ill some might say evil mother. There’s nothing left to say

    1. Cian

      No, women can’t be evil.

      If it was the father – then yes 110% evil. Lets put the grieving family on the Late Late and talk about how bad he was.

      But not if a woman was the murderer “victim”.

    2. Nullzero

      He’s trying to raise money for good causes. I heard him on the radio today saying it’s the only thing he has left in his life but someone in the comment section labels it “misery porn”.

  6. scottser

    Andrew, your in-laws are bottomwipes. Do not be discouraged from honouring your children because of them.

  7. Liam Deliverance

    Amazing resilience and courage from this man, despite his obvious pain he still manages to rise above it and turn a tragedy into hope for others. This charitable work is good for him I guess so he shouldn’t be deterred from doing it. No doubt some family and friends are still coming to terms with what happened but they didn’t have to watch the TV show.

    If anybody would like to support the raffle or colouring competition.

  8. Boe_Jiden

    In many ways, the mother is the biggest victim in all of this, her right not to be reminded of what she’s done need to be considered too.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Disagree. A reminder of this grave act may prevent her from re-offending. But an entertainment chat show is not the best forum for this.

      1. Lilly

        As far as I recall she was found guilty but insane. The restoration of her sanity would prevent her from reoffending.

        1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          How do you propose this restoration? Wouldn’t the reminder of crimes committed under ‘diminished responsibility’ be part of a rehabilitation process, or ‘sanity restoration’ as you put it?

          1. Lilly

            Actually, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. As for her health care, take it up with the Central Mental Hospital.

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