Professor Mary Horgan, President of the Royal College of Physicians says it may be time to mask primary school children

This morning.

The National Public Health Emergency Team meets today and is expected to consider proposals around increased mask wearing at outdoor events and possibly in primary schools.

Via RTÉ News:

President of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Professor Mary Horgan said avoiding lockdown would be the right way to go but that the situation has to be watched very closely.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Prof Horgan said it may be time to consider the use of masks in primary school.

Prof Horgan, a member of NPHET, said the incidence of infection in primary school has been high over the last few months and this is probably because the group is unvaccinated and do not use masks.

It is likey that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will recommend vaccinating this age group and that vaccine, combined with mask wearing, would reduce infection.

However, she acknowledged it is difficult for younger children to wear masks.


NPHET expected to consider increased mask wearing proposals (RTÉ)


43 thoughts on “Mask Them

  1. Cui Bono?

    It may be time that Professor Mary Horgan actually looked at the evidence for wearing masks.

    Most studies have found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in the general population, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control.

    See the studies and much more here –

    1. Broadbag

      Well that website seems super legit:

      While the editors of the site are unknown, the website claims that “SPR is composed of independent academics and receives no external funding”.

      The Swiss Policy Research site has been criticized for spreading conspiracy theories including claims that QAnon was a psyop of the FBI and theories relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. German public broadcaster Tagesschau calls SPR a propaganda tool.

      Due to the persistent use of the German letter ß, which is not commonly used in Switzerland, it has been suspected that the creator is not from Switzerland, contrary to what the website title suggests.

      1. SOQ

        The studies it references are legit however.

        I wouldn’t be bothered if such a cynical eye was cast on both sides but it is not. Even some of the bloody fact checkers have been proven to be in Pharma’s pocket and still, nobody bats an eyelid.

      2. Cui Bono?

        You’ve just ignored all of the scientific studies from some of the most respected scientific bodies on the planet and instead you try to find fault with the site thats simply sharing them. Come on, engage your brain.

        And seen as you brought it up – yes Qanon was most likely one big Psyop. These things do happen.

    2. Gavin

      I’m not in favour or against at this stage, I just wear a snood scarf thing, handy, always there and keeps people happy, id say it does F-all, but does the video only show the effect of masks for expelling particles, would they not provide a level of protection from inhaling particles?

    3. paul

      it’s a physical barrier to a respiratory illness, it’s for protecting others, not the wearer. Whoever decided to politicise masks needs to think about their life choices.

      1. Mr.T

        the gaps in most facemasks are far too big to stop any aerosolized virus particles – it doesnt protect against covid-19

        1. SOQ

          I keep seeing analogies with smelling farts through numerous layers of clothing these days.

          There is zero science behind masks- there never was.

          1. Fergalito

            Well, if you smelled it then you dealt it SOQ …. you cannot be harmed by your own farts.

            Likewise, fart-deniers are suppliers and cannot be harmed either.

            It’s the asymptomatic farters that are causing the trouble.

          2. SOQ

            Not sure you can be harmed at all but that is not the point.

            That such ‘aromas’ can travel through multiple layers of clothing is a petty good indication of how ineffective masks actually are.

            As I see it, masks serve only two purposes- to reassure the terminally fearful and as a reminder that there is an air borne virus about.

          3. scottser

            fergalito, the scientists behind all this are to blame. is it not true that he who observed it, served it?
            for it has long been known that he who articulated it, particulated it.

          4. Fergalito

            Interesting that you bring fart particulation theory into it Scottser, you know how controversial this relatively unexplored quantum fart theory is and I believe you’re false flagging by conflating it with the well established and long accepted observe/serve matrix. Misinformation for the sake of being controversial.

            What next? I suppose you’ll say shart particulation data shows how the viscosity of evacuated gas is inversely proportional to the number of teeth on the evacuee’s zipper? Long since debunked by many eminent nuclear scientists. Even Einstein himself openly mocked it.

        2. paul

          but it could reduce it? Isn’t that worth something? Personal responsibility? A non-zero effect?

          It offers some protection to those around you. Maybe that’s not something in your wheelhouse.

          1. SOQ

            There is zero empirical evidence that the introduction of mandatory mask wearing impacts the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Isn’t that what science is about?

          2. Mr.T

            Its not how fluid dynamics work im afraid – when you inhale or exhale, air primarily flows around objects and through gaps – most viral particles wont even “touch” parts of the mask, it will flow right through the tiny gaps in the fabric

            If you cough or sneeze it will catch larger droplets, but covid is primarily spread by aerosols in normal breath so its a moot point

          3. paul

            so all the medical staff that work in the same hospital as I are either wearing masks for no reason or are in the pocket of Big Mask? Grand so. I’ll send out an all staff email with yours and SOQ’s ‘findings’.

            I’m sure the immunocompromised patients I deal with will be only too delighted to see me and my unmasked face sauntering through the wards.

            edit: for clarity, I don’t think kids should be wearing masks regardless.

          4. Mr.T

            @paul, the large number of hospital acquired infections points to that alright, that masks are worth very little against a virus that measures in the nanometres, whereas the average face mask has gaps 10+ times the size.

            As I said, it will stop most of a cough or sneeze on someone, essential during surgeries as bodily fluids dripping off ya into someones open wound is not a good idea, but relying on surgical masks to prevent spread of a viral aerosolized infection is ineffective. N95s could do the job, but the bog standard blue mask does not.

          5. f_lawless

            “Whoever decided to politicise masks needs to think about their life choices”

            While we mightn’t have specific names, we’re a fair idea which section of society are responsible. Back in July 2020 when the WHO did a policy U-turn on masks, which overturned years of scientific consensus based on numerous RCTs and which paved the way for mask mandates, the BBC’s medical correspondent ,Deborah Cohen, reported that, according to her sources, the reason for the U-turn was due to “political lobbying” rather than new scientific evidence.

            That’s why you often see the likes of Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron, Biden, etc not taking the wearing of masks seriously. They all know the circumstances under which the revised recommendations came in.

          6. SOQ

            Oh come on Paul- medical staff wear masks to also prevent bacterial infections, its not just viral for them.

            And, they are trained to wear them properly and once only- not some rag that has been sitting in someone’s pocket for the past year.

    4. Kim The Cardassian

      Im going to hazard a guess that you haven’t read each of those studies. Some of them focus on non pharmaceutical methods rather than just masks. Also, some of the studies are subject to bias risk, in fact a number of those studies point that out. A meta-analysis can only analyse primary research and it’s conclusions are only as good as those studies. From a covid perspective much of the health professionals recognise that science is blighted by confounders.

  2. Gavin

    How the hell are you going to keep masks on primary school kids all day, you’d wonder what the psychological effects would be of all this on kids that young

  3. Micko

    “ says it may be time”

    “… is expected to consider…”

    So NPHET not even definitely discussing it then.

    Just another attempt at the pathetic Irish media to trigger the population into reading / clicking on their inane ever repeating stories.


  4. freewheeling

    NPHET now seem to be driven to recommend by the hypnotised hysteria of people living in fear of Covid that demand measures to stop it. NPHET have used up all their tricks though. Except for trying the kids. We mustn’t give them the kids. Leave them unscathed, after the rest work-out the madness.

  5. Ray

    How can one expect a 5 year old to wear a mask properly for six or seven hours on end? Adults can’t do this. They are forever dipping the aul mask in and out of the pocket when working or shopping. Next time you are in a restaurant, count how many times the waiting staff touch their masks and then touch your plate. Is there any hope of a bit of cop on being applied?

    1. Micko

      It’s pretty hilarious at this stage.

      From the HSE website. Is anyone following these recommendations? Absolute security theatre. A feckin “ziplock freezer bag”. Are ya kiddin me :-p


      clean your hands properly when you put on and take off your face mask

      cover your mouth and nose and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask

      remove it from behind – do not touch the front of the mask

      carry unused face masks in a clean sealable bag such as a ziplock freezer bag, paper bag or cloth bag

      carry a second similar type bag to put used face masks in


      do not touch your face mask while wearing it – if you do, clean your hands properly

      do not use a wet or soiled face mask

      do not share face masks

      do not lower your face mask to speak, eat, smoke or vape

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I use a new mask going into a shop and just fupp it in the bin on the way out,
        they have to be the most manky filthy things I see on people,
        plus touching your phone constantly and I bet never cleaning it,
        it’s a joke.

      2. SOQ

        They are applying the same technique to children as to adults which is what I refer to as ‘Live, horse, and you’ll get grass.’

        This means they hold the promise of removing the muzzles once you get the jabs. It never happened for adults and it will never happen for children.

        It is coercion and child abuse.

      3. John Smith


        It is as you say. The instructions for correct mask hygiene are given as do/don’t, not as simple one-by-one instructions. When they are listed out in order of what you have to do, it becomes clear that correct mask hygiene in everyday circumstances is an impossibility. We don’t have enough hands to hold AND manipulate a zip-lock bag of clean masks (or other type of face-covering), another one for used masks and a sanitiser to clean the hands at each stage in the process
        (access to a sink being impossible in a lot of cases)! Add in the fact that you may be needing to blow your nose so will need tissues as well and the thing just becomes stupid. And have you ever tried putting a floppy mask, held only by the strings/elastic into a zip-lock bag that you are trying to hold open with the other hand? And, you are supposed to remove a mask completely, not just lower it, if you want to speak, etc. Imagine going through all that rigmarole at the checkout, if asked to identify yourself.

        Masks are intended for use in sterile settings, where the necessary hygiene measures are catered for. In everyday settings, though some people try to use them properly (though they don’t seem to know what this means – few seem to have read the instructions), most people just treat them as an additional item of clothing and handle them as such. One person I know is still wearing the same paper mask they wore on the first day they had to.

        Any benefit there might be in wearing a face-covering is compromised by the lack of correct hygiene practices. However, it seems likely that face-coverings will be one of the very last things the Government/NPHET will release us from – not because they are of any benefit but because they are such a good way of ensuring that people know there is something weird going on and that we all have to obey whatever they say…

        1. Cian

          Do you have a physical disability?

          How difficult is it to remove a mask using the straps with one hand? Grab the strap behind your ear and wooosh – it’s off. Open the bin/bag with your other hand and put the mask into the bag. A 3-year-old could do it.

          1. Ray

            In 20 months, I have never seen someone remove a mask and pop it in a freezer bag. Breaches of proper mask wearing etiquette, well I see those quite regular.

          2. John Smith


            Mask into bag is easy, a three-year-old can do it. Interesting that you chose that point to argue about!

            You seem to have forgotten about all the other things (sanitiser, clean mask bag, maybe tissues) you have to hold or put under your arm or whatever. Yes, it is fairly easy to take off the mask with one hand by one strap – not both straps as you only have one hand free and you have to avoid touching the mask itself. (Mind you, tied masks are a bit harder.) However, getting the mask into the bag, which has a tendency to close up, when you only have one hand to guide the mask in so nothing else is touched by it the other hand has to hold the bag open along with holding the sanitiser, ready to use. It isn’t anywhere near as easy as you say. Even HSE says you need to practice beforehand! Then add in the queue that’s building up behind you – oh, and maybe a child you’re trying to control. Mind you – if they are a three-year old, I guess you could get them to see to your mask…

            Oh, yes, a physical disability, even just a stick to hold, does make it harder.

  6. Kim The Cardassian

    I am strongly opposed to this. No one is talking about the impact to young children’s development if mask wearing is normalised in school. There are ample research on children’s development needs.

  7. Gavin

    no, but a 14-year-old did, but I think their argument is more about reducing spread than protecting kids…surely?

    1. SOQ

      Swedish children carried on as usual throughout- was there any higher levels of illness or fatalities in 2020 or 2021?

      That is a genuine question btw- I actually don’t know.

    2. Micko

      I dunno Gavin there was plenty of screenshots of that 14 years olds death notice that said he died suddenly at home. Personal details were redacted of course.

      Tragedy either way. But seems to be a case of “with” rather then from Covid if those post are to be believed.

      Terrible that a young death like that is used as a point scoring pawn by anyone on either side of the debate tbh.

  8. f_lawless

    Masks on primary school children and mass testing are the precursor to mass child vaccination.

    I think one way to look at what we’re witnessing is that NPHET and the EMA are part of a larger systemic psychopathy. People like Prof Horgan are trapped in groupthink and always more likely to go with the flow if it means protecting their privilege and professional standing.

    Repeatedly we’ve heard from figures such as Merkel, Johnson, Tony Blair, Christine Lagarde come out with maniacal slogans like “This won’t end until the whole world is vaccinated!” or “We must vaccinate the world by the end of 2022…the single greatest feat in medical history!”.

    According to IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva:

    “Between 2020 and 2025, we calculated we’re going to gain $9 trillion, as a world, if we vaccinate rapidly EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE.”Or you can put it the other way around: we are going to lose $9 trillion [if we don’t].”
    Georgieva: “This year, next year vaccine policy IS economic policy ..Without it we cannot turn the fate of the world economy around”

    But rather than having a sound medical rationale, ‘vaccinating the whole world’ is really a means to implement the so called “Great Reset” as envisaged by the psychopathic predatory elite class who sit at the top of the hierarchy.

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