Hush-hush, eye to eye.

Public notice:

The planned online get-together tonight for the unjabbed has been postponed owing to a paucity of willing participants.

We hope to reschedule ‘Jabless on the Telly’ for this Thursday at 9pm (‘If we have to drag them off the streets,’ Bodge jokes).

If you are poke-free and would like to share your reasons why among like-minded souls, places are still available.

Email to marked ‘Unjabbed’.

Friday: Jabless on The Telly


91 thoughts on “Too Shy Shy

  1. He who shall not be named...

    I really would love to join in on this but unfortunately but due to the consternation it has caused me amongst friends and possible professional implications I can’t/won’t.

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs that this is where it has come to. It has cost me inter-personal relationships and I’m worried it could cost me my living.

    As mentioned in a previous post in another thread I was due to get the jab in the autumn on a brief return to Ireland as my work requires me to be on the road for most of the year and I was awaiting registration in the jurisdiction I had been working in.

    Unfortunately I received news that my aunt had succumbed to a heart attack a few hours after her first jab of Moderna. The story that was relayed to me was that she went in the morning to get jabbed felt ill almost immediately, returned home to rest and was found dead in her armchair that afternoon. Coroner noted is a heart attack and was unwilling to perform an autopsy (this occurred outside Ireland). At her previous medical exam her doctor had told her she had a ‘five star heart’.

    After everything that has come out about these jabs side effects nothing will convince me to take them. There is a history of heart trouble on either side of my family. I’ve been pretty much barred from polite society anyhow so how I could infect anyone or catch it is anyone’s guess. The amount of Corona tests I have done is somewhere in the mid 50’s and I never even shown anything other than negative. I have been on the road since the pandemic began, lived in about 4 countries, passed through a bunch more and spent about half of it living in hotels. To my knowledge I have never had Corona. Am I just lucky, have natural immunity… who knows?

    I’ll continue to take my chances but I don’t believe these jabs are ‘safe’. Even if half the stories on @theysayitsrare twitter are fake or made up (I don’t believe that personally but you never know?) it makes for shocking reading. These jabs really need to be investigated further.

    Where it ends… who knows.

      1. He who shall not be named...

        No problem Bodger. I appreciate your thoughts. When I explain my situation to people there’s usually two responses… most people offer condolences whereas a small subset attack me personally. It’s been bizarre to see it unfolding.

        I’m glad Broadsheet at least shines a light on this stuff as a lot of discussion in MSM is highly curated to generate a certain public opinion.

        But to lighten the mood a little check this out…
        The implication is probably not what the farmer intended :)

        1. Darrens

          F off and don’t begin to attempt to be some sort of undermining whelp just becos u see the chance to … if there was any truth in the very convincing and natural story conveyed by the previous poster to which you are replying then what would ur flavour of response make you..? .. scared

    1. Fluffybiscuits

      Someone I knew close to 20 years died of covid after one of his friends who refused to get vaccinated passed it on. Stories from both sides of the fence

      1. Micko

        Ah it’s a mixed bag.

        A vaccinated person gave it to me and my family over Christmas sure.

        Don’t think you can go down the blame game road.

        1. scottser

          The mother in law gave it to me and she fully jabbed and only left the house less than a half dozen times in the past 2 years..

    2. White Dove

      Thanks for your comment, it demonstrates that the unvaccinated are far more nuanced and intelligent than portrayed in the media, and their reasons for not being vaccinated are not unreasonable, particularly given the low death rate at present.

      At the moment what we are seeing is the common good and the rights of others being relied on to impose restrictions on individual human rights. This is only permissible where the restriction is proportionate in the circumstances. It saddens me that there is so little consideration of proportionality in this debate. Failure to discuss this is setting a really dangerous precedent where any human right can be restricted on the grounds of the common good/individual rights without considerations of proportionality, whether in the context of COVID-19 or not.

      I understand that this is an evolving situation, but it’s not acceptable to impose restrictions on human rights simply from a public relations point of view and to ensure good international relations and this seems to be the basis on which restrictions are being imposed at present.

      As a well-educated country with a tragic history of trauma and suffering from human rights violations within the last couple of generations we need to be proactive rather than reactive – we have the opportunity to lead the world in dealing with COVID within a proper human rights framework.

      It’s not so difficult. We need to overcome the panic and fear and become world leaders in this. It could be a great opportunity to establish Ireland as a world human rights leader on the global stage.

      1. Sara

        Human rights my bum. Allowing the anti-vaxxers to have their way means that others get ill. It’s not a human rights issue, it’s a medical issue. If the tinfoil hat brigade want to deny the moon landings, fine, but this is a global health emergency. WHO should be listened too, Jim Corr and his like should be quarantined indefinitely. Playtime’s over.

        1. White Dove

          Sara, it is a human rights issue – you can’t automatically stop people from doing things or require them to do things just because you ‘might’ suffer illness or physical harm as a result. That’s not how the law works. There has to be proof of causation and even then there must be a balance struck between the common good and individual rights. Illness spreads – it’s part of life. Where there is a new and unknown illness it’s understandable that restrictions would be imposed initially – it differentiates things. If the death rate were extremely high, again, it might be different. But where the new illness is at a stage where it is no less serious than many other common diseases then the restrictions become disproportionate, even more so where it’s looking like the vaccinated can spread the disease too.

        2. Sara

          By your logic, parents who have problems with the mumps, measles, and rubella vaccines (and there are a lot of people who have problems with theses vaccines), should be allowed to not vaccinate their children, and send their unvaccinated kids to schools. Illness does spread. But covid isn’t just any illness. Long covid has permanently ended the health of thousands. Covid has killed thousands. I’m guessing you’re not a doctor, or a scientist, and that you’d admit that your real understanding of covid is practically zero. Why should be allow people like you endanger the health of others. It’s that type of a-social, individualistic, selfish thinking that has meant the global community has suffered far more than it should have. Ayn Rand thinking isn’t going to get us anywhere.

        3. Darrens

          Ur bum… well my backside.. you may liken the will to believe in one thing as the will to believe in something else but … tinfoil hats moonlandings and Jim corr don’t have anything much in common but your use of them as reasons to choose a side.. no need to be so divisive tho

    3. Mad

      You are a coward in my opinion.
      Hiding behind an anecdotal story for which no evidence has been presented in this way to justify your own selfish behaviour. The argument presented is tendentious to say the least and to add insult to injury you profess that you have been travelling all over the place potentially infecting colleagues, friends, family and strangers alike.
      If you have an original thought in your head come out in the platform and present the evidence for open debate. Like you I have had a number of family members expire during the COVID pandemic and it only resolved my commitment to take the vaccine in order to protect my family and others.

      1. E'Matty

        How is their behaviour selfish when the fully vaccinated are freely transmitting the virus? Aren’t you selfish imposing on everyone, including children, the risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, Gullane Barre syndrome etc for a virus that poses no threat to them with a vaccine that is utterly useless at preventing transmission?

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        SOQ is a practicing doxxer, and is open about it
        And has been indiscreet for a number of years here, from private liaisons to private personal info sharing, the latter deployed as a weapon to bully btw

        So pointing out that one commenter is an Anon
        While ignoring the conduct of SOQ – who is enabled and encouraged to carry-on as he likes here btw
        Is duplicitous, and ignorant GG

        SOQ is – and by a long ways, the most active and aggressive commenter on Broadsheet on the subject matter of the abandoned special

        And yet couldn’t summon it in himself to own his own talk
        That makes SOQ a coward and a hypocrite
        And speaking from personal experience of his lies and abuse, and snide remarks about my appearance
        And so so so much more, cowardice and hypocrisy don’t complete the list.

        In a connected person’s own words
        “Continuing the Conceit”
        Maybe it’s yere “Patriot” duty

        You’ve all been found out now lads

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            He was great fun actually
            Far more fun before the go live button
            Than Ivor tbh

            But Marcus was equally as much fun to meet and chat with

            I’ve known Eddie for years, so hanging out with him is like work or a BBQ in the back garden

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            But shur’ that’s how he operates
            And has done for years
            By being personal and using personal info
            And disclosing personal info

            So exactly what is the substantive issue?

            That SOQ was a no show? – shur’ of course he wasn’t
            He was never going to show his face
            And own his words here. Never.

          3. benblack

            The pursuit of the truth is the substantive issue – a subject far from your myopic and personal agenda.

          4. V aka Frilly Keane

            I don’t have an agenda on the topic
            Or even an opinion

            Think that’s been pretty clear over the last 18+ mths

            And I reckon I’ve written more about Truth and Transparency
            And Government accountability than you
            Or most here tbh

            Incidentally I note the criteria for the cast was in fact they be Jabless. Pure bloods I think they’re called now
            Maybe SOQ & Co are actually vaccinated

        1. Chris

          @ V, yeah I think you should elaborate on who the lads are that have been ‘found out’.
          As for aggressive posting, it’s usually the ‘pro’ side that start comments with insulting adjectives, conspiraloons, rat lickers etc

          You yourself allude to 5G, magnets etc as a way of painting those that disagree with the central narrative as unhinged. It’s an easy way to dismiss ideas and facts that you might find uncomfortable.

          Don’t be surprised if people kick back against it.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            I tell you what Chris
            Log the amount of posts I have on Vax/ Anti Vax threads here over 2021
            White Dove is very good at grilling and drilling into years of posts
            And tweets

            And you’ll probably find SOQ will have more on one single thread and I

            That 5g magnets stuff is typical Frilly Keane’ish fayre here. I do have 10 years on the clock on Broadsheet afterall.

            Meantime, lads being found out – the very lads ripping high profile Vax advocates apart here
            The lads that use expressions like Nuremberg Plandemic
            They didn’t answer the call to do a single
            Even from behind a still
            Despite being given a full platform – biased to please them to post wtf they like
            And edited to taste

          2. Chris

            @ V I’ve been browsing BS for about 5 years, I only started posting this year as BS is one of the few outlets that allows for discussion against the narrative, and when they announced the vaccinations of the under 18s – I couldn’t keep schtum any longer.

            I can understand people wanting to remain anonymous, but it isn’t just one sided. The biggest pro vaccination shill – Cian, has in this very thread announced his intention to do the same. Why single out one cohort? It doesn’t make sense.

            I’m not really a personal fan of public speaking etc but I’ll dox myself here to show I’ll put myself behind my words (excuse the nervousness)

            Besides producing bands, I do a mean line in building tracks for the UK Bass/Grime scene So, I find accusations of opinions against the narrative as being ‘far right’ or ‘fascist’ quite absurd.

            I’m not accusing you of such, but merely reflecting the typecasting that is underway at large.

          3. Janet, dreams of sleep

            Chris you’re only lovely !
            And very brave, nic to put a nice face to comments.
            I’m also not anonymous as I was much more reckless on returning to Ireland and had completed underappreciated how small it is but no regrets.
            I have considered adding my two cents on this panel but tbh I’d be holding a teething child and she may not appreciate the publicity or the public her darling screams.
            I have also got a fair bit of jip from some family members and can’t deal with poking the beast.
            For anyone who doesn’t know I have huge reservations breastfeeding with a jab. I won’t take that risk for my child.
            Whatever about adults looking at their own lives and making decisions about their own risks I don’t believe that for children not at risk this jab has convinced me of it’s safety.

          4. V aka Frilly Keane


            Broadsheet put the casting call out for Anti Vax opinions for a special
            And long term ‘sheeters and the loudest
            And the ones that use the platform the most
            Who matched the description “Jabless on the telly” looked for
            – One of whom is no stranger to passing commentry
            And making threats to panellists on previous shows btw
            Were all no shows when called upon by their host here

            As for remaining Anon
            Well lad. You have no clue who you’re talking to.

            Besides. SOQ cannot insist on his own anon status being so special
            Since he is an openly practicing doxxer and outer
            And has being for years.

          5. benblack

            The moderators of such a discussion would be you and Mikado – stalwarts and media industry wannabes.

            An open and fair discussion would not involve either of you and only a fool would willingly participate.

          6. V aka Frilly Keane

            Dunno who you’re talking to there BBlack
            But JR would be the moderator. Pretty sure anyway. Although I’m certain he’s no wannabe.
            Haven’t a clue who Mikado is

            In the event you’re suggesting I’m a wannabe – I already have a career. And a few handy sidelines. I’m grand.

            For the record, any show I participated in every guest was given all the space they needed / wanted
            Especially Derek Mooney. JR was particularly anxious Derek got to say what he liked and as much as he liked.

            Maybe direct me to one where that wasn’t the case.

          7. benblack

            If the leap from FluffyBiscuits to Mikado is too much for you, then, how could you possibly be involved in a nuanced discussion?

          8. V aka Frilly Keane

            Jesus Christ
            You’ve taken some leap yerself there.

            Fluffy – a stalwart ?!?!!
            He’s done ONE
            And not even whole one

            A Eurovision special btw
            Here, treat yourself. There’s loads of singing. Seriously. You’ll love it.

            Seriously though. You might want to have a chat with someone about Nuance.

          9. V aka Frilly Keane

            There was that time Fluff was ringing me from the mosh pit of a Eurovision Semi when we were live.
            So there’s that.

            I suppose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            If you are still insisting, that Fluff has appeared in more than the one linked above
            The Eurovision one – and only last March btw. So not even from in JRs day as anchor
            (Here – you can never get enough Eurovision
            Plus the ringing me live on air appearance
            Then you are going to have to let me in on them
            ’cause I wasn’t there., can’t remember anyway. So being “BS TV stalwarts (◠‿◕) and media wannabes is going to need some back up.

            And I’m going to have to insist btw. You are calling me a liar.

            Links are fine, ta. V

          10. Reasonable Commenter

            Thank you Janet also you are beautiful both inside and out.
            I don’t really care why you think breastfeeding with a jab is dangerous as I actually think it a reasonable excuse in your position for remaining unvaccinated. I imagine you are mostly at home and not going out to work or mingle in groups much either.
            However it will really help if you can come on the panel and outline the medical and scientific evidence to support your position as it will help inform the debate. Please consider that.

      2. Cian

        a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time:

      3. GiggidyGoo

        @Vanessa. There’s more than SOQ mentioned. What’s your take on the others then?
        Almost everyone on here is Anon, so what’s your ‘ You’ve all been found out now lads’ about?

        @Cian. Are you accusing me of being anti-vaccinations? If so, this will be interesting, (backed up by links hopefully)

        1. Cian

          Nope. you are an anonymous poster laughing at other anonymous posters.

          (Granted I am also an anonymous poster, but I respect others right to anonymity)

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Cian – That’s not what you said which was “ hypocrisy
            a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time:”

            but anyway, i’ll entertain you …..

            you’re peddling the line of me laughing at people? You’re making that accusation? You don’t laugh at (and belittle) other posters? Step back an re-think what you’ve just posted.

            Are you accusing me of not respecting the anonymity of posters here, (some don’t even respect their own anonymity)?.

            You’ve lost it Cian.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          I am very aware there are a number of antivax commenters. More logins that actually individual commenters. ( Lads I did tell ye mind yere avatars.)

          When the invite for this show went out last week
          SOQ was particularly named, by me.
          Mainly because that login has been particularly aggressive, personal and repeatedly defaming. And there are 5+ years of posts and chatpit spits. Many still standing btw. And supported by Broadsheet. That vouch for that.
          So naturally that name came immediately to mind
          Add to that is my own observation, SOQ is the most active commenter here on that subject matter.

          Coincidentally, the other active antivax logins don’t practice in SOQs doxxing methodology. Nor to they lie about other commenters here.

          I have no Take’ on the other antivax’sheeters
          Simply because I don’t engage in the subject here, and those commenters – in the main don’t engage with me.

          SOQ being isolated by me has nothing to do with Covid-19, or Vaccinations.

          They were clearly cleanly and simply being called out to walk their talk

          Instead SOQ cowered.

          1. SOQ

            Ok this is actually the first time I have seen this and well, it’s not nice.

            I have my own reasons for not appearing on BS or indeed any other show, that is my private business and I certainly won’t be goaded into it by anyone, especially in such a hostile manner.

            As for the Doxing accusation- who and when?

            I have called out a particular commentator who was abusing Marcus de Brun on twitter yes, but as she was using the same name as on here so I was hardly publishing her home eircode. I have no knowledge of that person apart from her online presence but it does not surprise me if she is now playing the victim- at all.

            Once more- what exactly was the doxx?

          2. Oro

            Well you’ve tried to find out where I live repeatedly even though I had told you many times it was none of your business.

            I’ve mentioned this before and you always ignore it, but you wrote about a (totally unrelated to the thread) private individual’s sexual habits and listed their employer and full name when describing it.

            It was taken down quickly but I saw it, I remember the individual’s name. I believe your and everyone’s privacy should be respected on here but it’s a bit much of you to complain about feeling like your privacy is being invaded when you act the way you do.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Point me to where I wanted / tried to doxx you.

            If you’re incapable of keeping details that point (remotely by the way) to your identity, employer and location secret as an anonymous poster on Broadsheet, then you’re not very smart. You’re not doxxed by the way. If you were doxxed then we’d be calling you by your first name.

    1. Darrens

      Pretty sure that convictions are not only founded on a willingness to air in public what is one’s own private choice. Calling ppl names becos they won’t show up for your vitriol … how blinking dare they

    1. Otis Blue

      Better still, pixelate their faces and have Stephen Rea do voiceovers like the old Sinn Fein broadcast ban.

  2. TenPin Terry

    I’d certainly watch this programme.
    I’m mad keen on the vax meself but I’d like to hear from the other side.
    The problem with voicing an opinion that goes against the conventional narrative on any subject is the vitriolic abuse that comes with the territory.
    I’m sure most anti-vaxxers have thought long and hard about their decision particularly with the media reports of deaths among their ranks.
    Good luck with getting this together BS.

  3. stephen moran

    I’d love to be able to identify when things became so polarized / binary & such a zero sum game with winners & losers, I’m right : your wrong. Was it around the time of Brexit or the emergence of the “alternative facts” paradigm courtesy of charlatan grifters like Trump / Farage / BoJo i.e. BS artists who basically know they are lying but didn’t actually care. Certainly the traditional liberal democratic modus operandi of rational discourse & debate to find some common ground or a compromise & to weasel out blatant purveyors of manifest false narratives seems no longer fit for purpose. Its all pistols at dawn stuff now.

    1. TenPin Terry

      The trouble here is you’re branding people whose politics you don’t agree with as charlatan grifters while at the same time urging compassion and understanding.
      I’m not sure that’s ‘a traditional liberal democrat modus operandi.’
      Or perhaps it is and we’ve only just come to realise it.
      I prefer courtesy and civility in public discourse.
      And a willingness not to be abusive towards people simply because you’re unable to mount a solid argument composed of facts and interpretation that at the same time remains open to debate.
      Interestingly I’m drawing similarities between vehement anti-Brexiteers and passionate pro-vaxxers.
      They’re both so convinced their views are the only correct ones that it entitles them to believe they have a right to openly abuse people who don’t share them.
      It really doesn’t.

      1. Mad

        You seem like a very nice man.
        Not the least bit corrosive, abusive, manipulative or dissembling at all. Not even slightly. You are a great asset to and friend of the site and you adorn it with your commentary.

    2. Chris

      @ stephen, Well divide and concur has been around for donkeys years, but I noticed the first big divide in internet discourse after the Occupy movement. Sensing a growing awareness of class issues, the media propagated identity politics in a major way. Intersectionality /Feminism /Trans Rights – reams of articles, often highly contradictory and using nonsense arguments were pumped out.

      The bellow the line commenting & social media discussion around these issues, proved they had achieved their objective – creating schisms & taking awareness away from the core issues surrounding austerity, the bailouts etc

      Brexit was another tool, where the for side were unfairly painted as ‘racists’ etc, despite many well reasoned arguments about the troubling future the EU was taking. Essentially, dropping us into the lap of the financial oligarchy. Will the UK fare better? It doesn’t seem to be the case at present. Airstrip One would seem to be a close analogy.

      1. Nigel

        ‘Sensing a growing awareness of class issues, the media propagated identity politics in a major way.’

        What a load of revisionary, reactionary tripe.

      2. Mad

        Well Chris I accept you are a young man but in fact the right to assemble in public etc was systematically dismantled during the last 20 years in the UK. People warned about it at the time. The nudge methodology model of persuasion was introduced in the Cameron era. The right to bodily autonomy unfortunately intersects with the right to suffer no unintended harms from others resulting in as your article says, a clear opportunity to restore a more autocratic form of governance. Perhaps things will go back to the way they were afterwards, it’s hard to know but overall I agree our hard won freedoms should be cherished

    3. Darrens

      I don’t personally believe the way it looks but it’s certainly looking that way.. I think that actually people want to learn from others but in a very much less believing way they are forcing themselves beyond information and into encounters with belief and so of course being wrong is only a part but not ever the substance of that engagement … whether the issue is brexit or trump or any other purpose made binary

  4. Shayna

    Hey, just got home, from a hard day of, whatever, was looking forward very much to the BS live debate. Not surprised, but disappointed! It’s summoned the relevant cliches from my repertoire; Courage of Convictions, Put up, or Shut Up, Walk the Talk, etc… I’m not a stranger on BS – not anonymous, hope not offensive, kinda witter on
    a tad occasionally? It may have been an editorial mistake – what do I know? Perhaps, if the Pro – Vaxxers came forward, first? Shayna gets her booster tomorrow, I could have got it pre-xmas, but my GP surgery in Belfast had scheduled my yearly medical M.O.T incorporating the booster. My opinion is, pretty much it’s up to the person and their circumstances. For me, I wanted to leave Ireland and travel, I needed to be vaxxed, I did and I did. The people who are so vociferous, as my good friend, Vannessa pointed out – (in a scorching Cork accent),
    “You’ve all been found out now lads”!

    Reply ↓

  5. Lilly

    What the dickens, popcorn at the ready and no show. Not even SOQ who has made this his life’s work for the past two years. No Flawless either. Can we take it your grandfathers were cutting their toenails well away from the GPO.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      In fairness to SDQ hairdressers did have a lot of time on their hands in place of hair…can make a cuppa and chat with the blue rinsers about the evils of the establishment

  6. Broadbag

    Are we to take it from the start of these comments that ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’ and ‘White Dove’ are one and the same poster? The distinctive use of paragraphs, the “thanks for your comment” as White Dove’s ‘first’ comment…Was this common knowledge already? How many ‘contributors’ on here are just duplicate accounts pushing an agenda, backing themselves up “well said old chap!” and piling on or bullying people they disagree with?

    Makes you think, etc…

    Anyway, no surprise those most vocal anti-jabbers have suddenly gone into hiding, clogging every thread up with their ‘wisdom’ but when called on to put their money where their gobs are they vanish in an instant, all talk no trousers, or in this case, no talk, no trousers, except for Chris in fairness, who seemed willing.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      If you only knew BroadBag.

      You wouldn’t be able to handle it
      You’ve barely scratched the surface with the above

      I’ll be surprised if your post
      + Mine to it
      Make it to breakfast time
      If ‘ Steph Pinker” clocks in, you can put money on it

    2. He who shall not be named...

      I assure you I knowingly have no connections with anyone on this website. There may be a chance I unwittingly know a contributor offline but not to my knowledge.

      I have to be extremely careful about what I post online as I work in the UHNW private service industry (mainly outside Ireland). My client base is extremely conservative and you must have complete discretion.

      In fact one of my clients was so well connected they said they could get me the jab in late 2020. I probably would have taken it then if I hadn’t had to leave the position for unrelated reasons.

      You can believe what you want but I make it a point of not arguing with strangers on the internet. My story is my own and you can take it or leave it.

      My use of paragraphs is to make my points as clear as possible (due to travel I deal with a lot of people where English isn’t a first language).

      1. Broadbag

        Ok, you’re not quite saying you don’t have a 2nd login, but I shall retract my comment and apologise for jumping to that conclusion.

        @V I’m aware that Charger has many names and there was someone who changed login mid-comment stream a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t think it was that widespread, how innocent of me! Then there’s Hughie Luas but at least they add all their previous incarnations in brackets like a good sport. I do wonder how unhinged you’d have to be to go to the bother of having an alt just so you can clap yourself on the back and attack other posters…

        1. He who shall not be named…

          Thank you… I tend to lurk quite a bit but am very careful about what I post. I felt the need to in this case as is the case with a lot of online discourse lately is that the debate around vaccination has become completely binary e.g. ‘hallowed vaccinated’ vs. ‘deranged unvaccinated’.

          I was hoping to show it’s slightly more nuanced. For what it’s worth…

  7. Johnny

    Anyone seen big Micko with his enormous balls ?
    Hold on if I make a comment and mention in jest my father he will appear
    ….,but no show on here – shocker !!!

  8. E'Matty

    Or instead, a panel debate with Cian, Daisy and Sara on one side, Chris, SOQ, Giggidy or similar on the other? I’d consider joining that myself.

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