Choice Removal [Updated]


This afternoon.


This afternoon.


This morning.


Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer

This morning.

Via Irish Times:

The State’s public health team is set to consider mandatory vaccination, with a new paper being prepared by the Department of Health on the legal and ethical aspects of such a move…

…In a letter to Government last week, the chief medical officer, Tony Holohan, said Ireland had not yet reached the peak of the Omicron wave. Nphet recommended that all current measures – such as the earlier closing time for pubs and restaurants and indoor events – remain in place until the end of January.

Separately, minutes of a meeting of Nphet on December 16th reveal that mandatory vaccination will be considered by the team. “It was noted that the Nphet will discuss the issue of mandatory vaccination at a later date and this discussion will be facilitated by a forthcoming paper from the Department of Health on the relevant ethical and legal considerations pertaining to this topic.”

There you go now.

Nphet considers mandatory vaccination (Irish Times)




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229 thoughts on “Choice Removal [Updated]

  1. Mr.T

    kite flying first, then it will be brought in without much fuss in a month or two.

    a jab a year to “boost” pfizer profits.. – god help you if you have a bad reaction to the jab. I’m sure they’ll still wrangle their way out of liability by saying its still emergency use.

        1. SOQ

          In order to keep protection at maximum it is to be every month. What is more scary is that if negative efficacy becomes a thing then it will be necessary in order to just keep some people alive.

    1. goldenbrown

      its an utter kite

      they ran some who knows mickeymouse poll of 500-odd working from homers wandering about dundrumhole church of stuff last week and it indicated a percentage exceeding 60% in support of Holohan…he’s a great man and how they’d like him to be their permanent Reichsführer Schutzstaffel he should be running the show like Michael O’Leary would blah blah somesuch

      meanwhile in the real world Roisin Shorthall calls out the issue of Varadker getting anywhere near the Taoiseach’s office asking the simple question wtf is going on with the Garda investigation

      next Varadkers PR monkeys will…….ah you can guess the rest I have work to do here

    2. TenPin Terry

      This will be a very popular move with the public who have shown a complete willingness in recent years to accept any assault on their civil liberties and rights.
      Successive goverments of all hues have got away with decades of ineptness and corruption without a murmur from Joe Public.
      Why should this be any different ? The Fighting Irish rolled over and whimpered eons ago.
      Suck it up losers.

        1. TenPin Terry

          No, NPHET are not scum.
          But they have been running this country for most of the pandemic while the people who were elected by you to do so have cowered behind their decisions.
          The longest and toughest lockdown in Europe with an eye-watering invoice for all that ‘free’ lockdown money due to be paid back.
          That’s going to be fun when the Shinners turn Ireland into Venezuela…

      1. goldenbrown

        eh yeah, well you’re somewhat correct Charger….ALL populations are guilty as charged in this regard…it’s part and parcel of capitalism and the political governance that’s intertwined with it, same old same old bar the odd stall/aberration…if you think your British Empire is any different then you’re delusional

        population control involves just keeping enough of them just happy enough, no matter whether it’s fair or logical and the status quo will prevail, “we” love safety, we love status quo, we fear losing whatever we’ve gained (fairly or unfairly)

        and in the race to the bottom, everything becoming commodified, it’s getting more and more trivial to make poor choices – I actually think if you ran a poll giving people a choice between losing access to their smartphone and mandatory euthanasia on their 70th birthday they’d start making the arrangements

  2. Janet, dreams of sleep

    this makes me furious, I’m glad I haven’t bought yet because I’ll be leaving,
    my partners country is starting to look more and more appealing.

          1. Janet, dreams of sleep

            thanks Johnny
            and a safe “trip ” back to the US, rather you than me
            I’m sure that’s mutual

          2. johnny

            ..yeah if it does not work out in NY and the Hamptons or LA and Palm Springs,im going take a long long look at India,like you say in comparison to IRELAND,its starting look more and more appealing…

            which bit India and its Covid policies and health care appeals to you,in comparison to Ireland?

            …i still love living in NY,completely totally on board with how its handling covid,have mistakes been made absolutely but the arc of it is good,if not im sure my dad can arrange a start at home for me:)

          3. Janet, dreams of sleep

            I can’t work out if you are being sarcastic,
            what appeals to me is that people are getting on with their lives,
            also if you can afford it private health care is amazing, at ten euros a day I can,
            mandatory jabs is beyond the reach of that government.

          4. SOQ

            I have a friend from Hyderabad and he is serious thinking of moving the family back- all the big tech companies are there now.

          5. johnny

            have you thought about going home yourself SOQ,whats the draw to Dublin,from your comments you cant stand the place.

          6. Micko

            “ im sure my dad can arrange a start at home for me”

            The 12 words every woman wants to hear from her man.


          7. johnny

            …in fairness Micko,he also has a empty shed out back,that i was eyeing up recently.

            but…if you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son,I got ninety-nine problems but a….ain’t one.

          8. Georg

            Sure, the caste system; populist leader; and 78 million people living in slums are much better than considering a report on the ethical and mandatory issues related to mandatory vaccination.

          9. Janet, dreams of sleep

            quite frankly those things won’t affect my life there, horrible as they are
            mandatory vaccination would.

        1. goldenbrown

          whereabouts in India were you thinking Janet?

          I had an opportunity myself a few years ago following a period of tech work I had with a crowd over in Delhi, I’d have given it a go but couldn’t convince the others

          often wondered

          1. Janet, dreams of sleep

            Himself is from Delhi,
            it’s got a lot going for it in a very crazy kind of way, but I’d prefer somewhere a bit quieter,
            I lived in Nepal for a while and loved it, but that’s tooooo quiet and run down really.
            Kerala would be ideal, excellent levels of education, very green.

          2. Janet, dreams of sleep

            Forum För Feministiska Föräldrar ?
            Friends of feral felines ?
            Finally organised, finally free ?

            I don’t know this acronym !

        2. TenPin Terry

          Lovely country India.Great people.
          Mad as a box of frogs but a great place to tour.Not sure I’d fancy living there permanently though.
          Sri Lanka would be my choice down that end of the world. A nice former plantation house on the outskirts of Kandy up in the cool hills would be ideal with a chai wallah to bring me tea and tiffin of an afternoon.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Everyone is anti-Indian in that part of the world.
            Sri Lanka is like a cleaner version of India.They stopped leaving turds in the street a long time ago.

          2. TenPin Terry

            All joking apart I do think you should consider getting some help for your problems.
            I presume you’re a reasonably intelligent person but if your son asked you how your day was today and you said great I went online and repeatedly called a total stranger scum you must admit he’s going to think his Dad isn’t the full shilling.
            And it’s not like it’s a one-off.
            It’s your modus operandi with all posters on here.
            The internet seems to breed sweary inadequates like you.
            I’m sure you’re a lovely chap in real life.
            Cop yourself on a bit lad.

          3. Papi

            Charger, you’re scum and you’re proud of it. Own it and quit your whining or go back under your rock.

          4. TenPin Terry

            Again with the scum.
            You know in your heart of hearts you’re better than this Papi.
            Stay classy.

          5. Papi

            Leopards and spots, charger, you racist bigoted scum. Don’t bother trying to turn over a new leaf, it’s just as scummy underneath.

  3. Darrens

    Public health assessing ethical position… I thought it was simply a matter of them following the science… it isn’t now a matter of interpreting nuance as well… Lord save us

  4. Broadbag

    I’m very much pro-vax but it’s a hard ‘no’ from me regards making it mandatory, although I won’t get a say obviously – is there any opposition party willing to stick their head above the parapet?

    1. Kim The Cardassian

      Do tell us more about this evolving tyranny. I must have missed school the day they were teaching it.

        1. Nigel

          Tyrants, of course, being famous for distributing life-saving madicinces freely and indiscriminately.

          1. Cui Bono?

            They aren’t free when our taxes are paying for them and we are talking about mandatory vaccination Nigel which is of course a tyrannical idea.

          2. Nigel

            And what a good use of taxpayer’s money it is. The tyrants left it a bit late in the day to just start discussing mandatory vaccination if it was their plan all along, didn’t they?

          3. Cui Bono?

            “And what a good use of taxpayer’s money it is.”

            I disagree, most of us are not at risk to covid in the first place so don’t need one of these experimental vaccines that are still in trials.

            “The tyrants left it a bit late in the day to just start discussing mandatory vaccination if it was their plan all along, didn’t they?”

            The government made inquiries into mandatory vaccination in 2019 but they were advised against it.

            You’ve lost all of the arguments Nigel and are just trolling at this stage.

          4. Nigel

            Most of us are at risk of catching covid and spreading it to others, and those others may be more at risk from it, and the emergence of variants has demonstrated that risk calculation is limited from variant to variant. And your squemishness about the vaccines is performative at this stage.

            Advised against it? What sort of tyrants are they? What sort of remorseless unstoppable plan is this?

  5. freewheeling

    They know the ethical and legal situation (or should, as Doctors) – mandating these vaxs breeches the Declaration of Helsinki and the Nuremburg Code. It shouldn’t even be up for “discussion”. If they start this lark, people need to fight back, not just object or abstain, or they’ll end up giving Pfizer carte blanche to inject our kids with whatever Pfizer want to trial on them in any given year.

  6. Micko

    Well here’s some good news. Subscriber only article – but full of good info

    Falling ICU numbers
    Omicron not making people as sick

    All good stuff. ;-)

    ‘He said St Vincent’s ICU is not overwhelmed with seriously ill Covid patients, particularly in comparison to this time last year.

    “Our ICU is full but then, it’s always full. This is not the same illness as last year. The people are not as sick. Last year we had really sick patients in ICU, we had 20 Covid patients at one stage. Right now we have four in ICU with Covid.”

    1. Nigel

      That’s great, but we’ve been here before – there have always been time-lags between cases and hospitalisations, hospitalisations and ICU admissions, ICU admissions and deaths. I’m not saying we’ll be swamped with ICU admissions and deaths, but we won’t know for sure for a week or two more. On the other hand if this is the peak and as bad as it gets – touch wood.

      1. Micko

        We’ve had over 10 thousand cases a day since St Stephen’s day, which is just over two weeks ago.

        Most days had over 20k cases and seems to be general consensus that’s undercounted.

        We’re in good shape. The vast majority (approx 300k
        cases) haven’t needed hospitals.

        Chin up man.

        1. Nigel

          I don’t know if those numbers of hospiatlisations are really ‘good shape.’ Hospital staff healthy enough to get to work might strongly disagree.

          God bless the vaccines.

          1. K.Cavan

            Well, at the very peak of hospitalisation in 2021, a total of 17% of our hospital beds were occupied by people who had Covid or had tested positive but were in hospital for other reasons. It doesn’t suit the fantasists who are invested in the pandemic narrative, of course, but our hospitals have just had the quietest two years, ever.
            Thank God for the fact that all naturally-occurring Coronaviruses mutated into what we call the Common Cold & that Fauci’s lab-created bioweapon followed suit, because there are no vaccines that work against them.

          2. Nigel

            Yes you can tell how quiet it is in hospitals by listening to hospital staff endlessly complaining about having nothing to do.

          3. George

            There are more people in hospital with Covid-19 than there have been since February 2021. Not as many in ICU but the hospitals are very busy and we still have a bit to go before we pass the peak of the current wave. The outlook is positive but dismissing the demands being placed on people working in hospitals is idiotic and disrespectful. They have had a very difficult job to do for the last couple of years.

  7. Nullzero

    How do you enforce mandatory vaccination? Do you drag people out of their homes and take them off to be forcibly jabbed?

    The “liberals” here will be delighted to see the people they despise being subjected to punitive measures like that.

    1. jungleman

      Well you can be sure it will involve extermination camps. That’s where this is all going, if only the sheeple could see.

      1. Nullzero

        It’s the sarcasm camps you want to be wary of. They’re out to get the condescending smart Alec’s in society and put them out of commission for good.

  8. Optimus Grime

    I’m all for vaccines against disease but I really feel that we are starting to head down some dangerous roads in terms of precedents. I’m all jabbed up but I think consistent booster shots is both unreasonable and unfeasible.

    1. Janet, dreams of sleep

      plus jabbing kids that are not at risk, at least not for a few years until we KNOW it is safe, not just told so by a company accepting no liability and making a fortune.

      1. K.Cavan

        Fact is, Janet, we already knew these injections weren’t safe because every lab animal they were trialled on died & mRNA injections were abandoned as far back as the early 80s, due to their cumulative toxicity, not to mention their ineffectiveness. We’ve seen that repeated in the current, human trials, although we have yet to see their longer-term effects.

    2. Gavin

      I wouldn’t mind so much if it was even a booster a year, but at the rate this is going it’ll be every month. How people are ok with a jab every 10 weeks beyond me.

      1. Janet, dreams of sleep

        pretty much everyone I know had COVID over Christmas and I mean everyone, except me ( I’m pretty sure I had it back in the beginning as I saw and touched hundreds of tourists a day ).
        If everyone has had it and got over it I can’t see them lining up for boosters.

        1. johnny

          ….in the interests of public health,when you say ‘except me’ or im pretty sure….have you not been tested or home tested like at all, given all that exposure or do you just feel immune and invincible to any variations ?

          1. Janet, dreams of sleep

            what exposure ? I have a small child, the only time I’m out is running at night.
            and yes regularly tested before I clean and cook for my parents.

          2. Janet, dreams of sleep

            yes, every single person I had plans with had a positive antigen so I cancelled plans out of concern mostly for my parents.

    3. K.Cavan

      The thing is, Optimus, anyone who gets 8 injections from one of the functional batches has zero chance of survival & anyone who even gets one will most likely die before their time.
      It’s a game of Russian Roulette, those who play it will get what fate decrees. Life expectancy in The West has already begun its descent towards “sustainable” levels, so it’s not all doom & gloom.

    1. K.Cavan

      Still, you have to hand it to him…he’s trying, very bloody trying.
      The real problem arrives when the donkey he’s trying to pin the jab on is the single cohort who are at the lowest risk from any infection but at highest risk of life-changing injuries from mRNA injections.
      That’s children of course, the stupid, bloody gobshites want to inject children, their defiance of science is complete & comprehensive.
      Taxi for Mr Holohan…

  9. North Gay George's Treat

    They are talking about mandatory vaccination for people who work with the very vulnerable. It is the case already for things like hepatitis. This is not a discussion about a general mandatory vaccine programme. You can all unclutch your pearls.

    1. freewheeling

      There’s a big difference between required and mandatory. It shouldn’t be “mandatory” for *anyone* who chooses not to take something they deem an unacceptable personal risk to their own health.

      “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” – John F. Kennedy

        1. K.Cavan

          johnny, never mind the drug tests, for your own health, you need to lay off smoking crack & get back on the heroin.

    2. K.Cavan

      NGGT, can I quote you on that? Do your assurances over “what this discussion is about” accurately reflect government policy, as seen in your crystal ball or are you pissing in the wind?
      Shafts of gold…

      1. Truthy

        The sky is not in fact falling down as you and the rest of the Chicken Lickens on BS are constantly clucking it is. What’s wrong with you that you have to believe in made up nonsense about sinister agendas and kooky conspiracies? Is life not interesting enough on its own without some kind of crackpotted, unfounded conspiracy theories thrown in for dramatic affect? We’re in the middl of a global pandemic for god’s sake! Is that in itself not interesting/anxiety-inducing enough!?

        1. Anne

          You have clearly been assimilated.

          *And btw…birds aren’t real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I sorta stopped participating on broadsheet just over the tinfoil hat angle on a lot of things… like for example, the public services card. I needed one once & I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I have a flupping public services card’? Because I reading too much tinfoil hat boll*x about it, is why I don’t shaggin have one.

          Then I thought, where I am getting these ideas from?
          Then I thought, ah heore…cop the flupp on.

          And Btw, Janet won’t be long longing for home when she has sees bodies being burnt en masse due to covid deaths & crematorium being overwhelmed in India… also when she has to dig a hole for a poo. Yer for the fupping birds you lot.

          1. Janet, dreams of sleep

            nice and racist Anne,
            not all of India is a slum,
            the only hole for poo I’d dig is one for your comment.

          2. Janet, dreams of sleep

            it’s ok, misperception of a country due to media and movies,
            I know plenty of Indians who can’t believe people in the west and say consider themselves middle class should not have an ensuite in every room, sleep in such tiny beds, eat such crap food and have to do their own laundry.

          3. Anne

            Race has shag all to do with it.

            ‘India, the world’s second-largest country by population, has the highest number of people (732 million) without access to toilets, according to a new report. The report by WaterAid, titled Out Of Order:The State of the World’s Toilets 2017, further stated that 355 million women and girls lack access to a toilet’

            Did you miss the mass cremations on the streets there over covid deaths?
            Again that has fupp all to do with race.

          4. Janet, dreams of sleep

            While I actually talk to my in-laws and have traveled India extensively, I know exactly the downsides and challenges that country faces,
            Again do you think I’d be moving to a slum, get a grip Anne.

          5. Anne

            Of course it’s not all a slum…but there’s a lot of poverty & you still have a caste system.

            If you can look the other way, by all means off you go to paradise..

          6. Janet, dreams of sleep

            the people of Ireland have no problem looking the other way for
            direct provision,
            healthcare ( state of it ),
            child abuse,
            mental health care ( inexistent ),
            we could play this game all day and Mother Theresa I’m not.
            By the way I taught girls school in Nepal and worked hard to encourage allowing girls to have an education but good of you to assume I would not do something similar in India.

          7. Janet, dreams of sleep

            you’re very innocent if you think there’s no class system in this country, people are just a lot less honest about it

          8. Nigel

            ‘The Global Slavery Index estimates that on any given day in 2016 there were nearly 8 million people living in modern slavery in India. In terms of prevalence of modern slavery in India, there were 6.1 victims for every thousand people.’


            Worth bearing in mind – we have our own modern slavery problem in Ireland.

            We consume goods from countries with high rates of modern slavery. Everyone knows how unethical and oppressive much of our consumption is. People are enslaved to provide us with cheap goods. We turn a blind eye. Going to live in one of those countries doesn’t make a person more complicit than people who sit in comfort far away, benefiting from it and pretend it isn’t happening.

          9. Truthy

            You’re probably just not that bright yourself Janet if you think a class system is the same as a caste system.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    If it ever became mandatory, then the jabs wouldn’t be ‘offered’ anymore, thus making it a lot, lot, easier to sue the State.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It’d have to be figured out by a legal eagle and dependent on how severe any illnesses (if any) that ensued.
        How about yourself?

        1. scottser

          everyone will be old and grey or dead and buried before any action get to trial, you can be sure of that.

        2. johnny

          ….oh the vax is arguably one the least harmful and safest,thing i’ve taken,better start saving up for your retainer so,given your ahem ‘earning potential ‘,cant see many lawyers lining up to represent you…but you always claim it made you more stupid…..

          1. K.Cavan

            Arguably? Indeed. Well, johnny-boy, it probably couldn’t make you any stupider, so knock yourself out, boosters til you die. Nobody, I’d imagine, will be rushing to try to change your little Jabberwocky mind. Others, however, might baulk at being guided by your “folk wisdom” & chose to remain outside your fairy ring of confidence.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Well, Johnny boy, judging by the state of your posts, you have the jump on every one in the stupidity department.

    1. K.Cavan

      Well, Giddy, the Swine Flu injections debacle cost the Taxpayers the guts of a quarter of a billion. Payouts of just shy of 2 million a jab, all decided on the basis of a couple of test cases, sure even the Civil Service isn’t dumb enough to contest case after case, having lost the first couple.
      Unfortunately, this has been built into the plan, total bankruptcy from the inevitable payouts may hasten the arrival of the Going Direct Reset, digital control of your spending & a social credit system.
      Still, if you’re counting all that money on your yacht, seeing all those Civil Servants on the dole won’t seem quite as distressing, now, will it?

    1. SOQ

      At a time when they are so short staffed- sacking both doctors and nurses who have perfectly good if not better natural immunity, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      1. Reasonable Commenter

        It makes sense to me, I wouldn’t like my elderly relatives to be in the care of some disease-ridden medic

        1. Nigel

          It’s not even that. Being on the front line puts them at high risk of infection. Vaccines reduce their risk of getting seriously ill or dying.

        2. SOQ

          @ Reasonable Commenter

          You really don’t seem to grasp the fact that vaccinated can be just as infectious as non, and can certainly be much more so that someone who has natural immunity?

  11. Gay Fawkes

    I reckon this will just be mandatory for healthcare workers and rightly so. Unvaxxed doctors and nurses should not be treating ill patients and putting them at risk. If they don’t want to be vaccinated then find another profession.
    If NPHET recommends vaccinations be mandatory across the board, the Government will not accept it. Nor will the vast majority of the population. It’s not going to happen. I’m triple jabbed but I will protest against any mandatory vaccine law if it’s across the board.

    1. SOQ

      Unvaxxed doctors and nurses who can prove they have anti bodies are regarded as having a superior form of protection than vaccinated.

      So why would they put their health at risk by taking an experimental gene therapy with a known list of injuries and no medium or ling term safety data?

      1. Nigel

        ‘Unvaxxed doctors and nurses who can prove they have anti bodies are regarded as having a superior form of protection than vaccinated.’

        By whom? is there a single health authortiy in the world that takes this approach?

          1. Nigel

            So, none of the relevant health authorities take this approach, therefore your sweeping statement was false.

          2. Gay Fawkes

            And what about vulnerable people? Do you or these researchers care about let’s say, cystic fibrosis sufferers whose immunity is compromised and who are more at risk? Shouldn’t healthcare workers caring for these people be mandated to not pose a health risk to the people they are meant to protect? Or is a medic’s civil liberty more important than the life of a vulnerable patient?

          3. SOQ

            None of that is relevant as vaccinated can be just as infectious. In fact, I would go further and say that the inoculation myth surrounding vaccines is downright dangerous, because people take extra risks.

            Natural immunity is superior to vaccines both in terms of width and length of protection. Why are people even arguing about this now?

          4. Cian

            Natural immunity is superior to vaccines both in terms of width and length of protection. Why are people even arguing about this now?

            The best way to not get COVID-19 is to get COVID-19? Perfect anti-vax logic.

        1. K.Cavan

          For goodness sake, Nigel, it’s perfectly ok to be a total ignoramus regarding Virology & Immunology but do you really have to take your ignorance out & wave it about like that?
          Yuck, put it away.

      2. Gay Fawkes

        So these doctors and nurses who built up their immune systems by getting Covid, do we know how many patients they infected and possibly killed, and don’t you think that’s reckless?

        Are you also proposing that we purposely infect all unvaccinated medics with Covid rather than vaccinate them because that’s a safer approach for them and patients? It seems that’s what your argument is, which seems a bit batshit to be honest.

        1. SOQ

          @ Gay Fawkes- doctors and nurses have been on the front line of this thing right from the very start. They have had a much higher level of exposure than everyone else, and therefore much more natural immunity.

          Even Fauci agrees that for a period of time, natural immunity is superior?

          Dr Peter McCullough- “Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable-it’s “one and done.”” McCullough also goes on to say that there is not a single recorded case of reinfection.

          1. Truthy

            Wow, you are actually so full of poo, I thought you were just a bit misinformed but you actually come out with bucketfuls of nonsense and untruths.

          2. Cian

            In fairness to Dr Peter McCullough there was a time when natural immunity was thought to offer protection from re-infection.

            However there were cases where people that had Apha got reinfected with Delta; and even more-so with omicron. In the UK about 15% of the new cases since omicron have been re-infections (and these aren’t being counted in their daily numbers)


            But for SOQ to quote this is sadly just par for the course. SOQ – constant misinformation.

          3. SOQ

            @ Truthy ha ha ha- that took a whole ten seconds to find.

            @ Cain in fairness you would know all about misinformation- that is your job. 3

            So who do choose- a world renown cardiologist and immunologist or a nameless piece from a newspaper which has a reputation for producing biased pro pharma BS?

            Decisions decisions.

      1. Gay Fawkes

        Yes, I care. If I went into a pub full of only vaccinated people and got infected via one of them then at least I would know that I and all of them tried to not get infected. If I went into a pub and half were vaccinated and half weren’t and I found out that an unvaccinated person gave it to me I would definitely be more annoyed. I’d rather not get infected at all though. And I haven’t to date, as far as I know.

        1. scottser

          you still end up with covid though.
          i could understand you taking your position if someone deliberately coughed on or spat at you but if you’re in this fictitious pub with everyone else then the risk is yours to take. no point getting annoyed with someone who ‘didn’t try hard enough’.

    2. K.Cavan

      Well, Gay, actual immunity is Real, allergic reaction to the spike protein, which has little to do with the actual Immune System, is Fake, like the injections which cause it.
      I’m afraid the answer is “No”, no mandating any medical treatment for anyone, ever. Them’s the rules, I really don’t care what Bill Gates says.
      This effin FFFG government needs to be put back to work, their little Fascist holiday is as over as the fake pandemic, we have the biggest economic crisis we’ve ever faced coming ’round the corner, time to stop playing doctors & nurses & take out the whip!
      Martin & Varadker better roll their trouser-legs back down & roll up their sleeves, this time to do their jobs not take their jabs. Clown time is over, get back to work, you useless tossers.

      1. goldenbrown

        “holiday is as over”

        whilst I don’t agree with you that C19 or the pandemic it caused was fake, it obviously 1,000,000% suits FFG and certain other elements to have the pandemic and its associated “war office” hyperbole swirling around it to continue for as long as possible.

        BTW I loved the other snakey kite that got flown up over the weekend – Papa Reid working the channels to sell some app that will allow us to record all our +ve antigen tests? hm. I think it’s likely the numbers are dropping off very shortly but with this new shiny app they’ll be able to boost the biggg numberwang (and keep their war office in business)

        it’s almost like some kind of military medical industrial complex design innit

        1. Nigel

          They are absolutely DESPERATE for the pandemic to be gone and lockdowns and restrictions to end, it’s just so blindingly obvious. Certainly they’ll use it as cover they way they used Brexit and the Crash, but that’s just basic opportunism.

          1. goldenbrown

            ah fupp off wouldya Nigel

            THIS Govt? are you kidding me?? would be eaten alive by now if the pandemic didn’t exist. PERFECT cover story. all angles covered. you couldn’t ask for or engineer better.

            don’t overestimate politicians for godssake.
            you know well that vocation is the exception for the vast majority of elected TD’s. their real job? actual proper job? get elected and stay elected and be at that trough be it for reasons of power or hard cash. end of. the pandemic has brought along a new and interesting vehicle to achieving that end and they will try to play it out for a loooong as is conceivable.

            stay safe now Nigel

          2. Nigel

            The longer the pandemic goes on the more they’ll be blamed for and associated with its negative effects, especially given their dithering and backpedalling lately and their handling of schools has been awful. They want it over so they can a) say see? We got you through the pandemic and b) blame the late pandemic for every awful thing they keep doing.

          3. goldenbrown

            I guess time will tell Nigel…
            but I suspect you’re investing far too much belief in their actual capability there, like they wanna keep going so they can prove to the electorate they are good guys after all? hello? you and I know the “FFG coalition/confidence/supply/unification whatever you’re having yourself” lie exists as a pure means to self-survival. my argument is that time is the best weapon for them as the electorate (hopefully) forget/emigrate/more opportune events of the day fall into their lap to give em shiny excuses and misdirection…whatever it takes to stretch the yoke out and not do or change a damn thing
            lol, look at that investigation into Varadker, wtf? they’re bending time right in front of your eyes.
            and FF would eat children on live tv if it meant avoiding a GE anytime soon, for them it would be an extinction event

            whatever it takes to lope along in the fog for as long as is necessary imho

            suits you sirr

          4. Nigel

            Nothing to do with their capability. The opposite. The longer the pandemic has gone on the worse their handling has become, partly because they’re rubbish and partly because they just want to declare it over and get on with things, but the pandemic isn’t co-operating.

            Which is the other thing. They have no power to shorten or prolong the pandemic. It’s gobal. it’s completely out of their hands. They only have the power to mitigate its effects here.

          5. goldenbrown

            true they don’t control the pandemic but they have the power to engineer stuff with the problems it brings Nigel….I think of it like an excellent new raw material for their bs, a kinda intangible, difficult to critique material. I agree with your opinion on their handling of it but just look at those polls, hm? managing a pandemic isn’t in the realm of the tricky work of building the kind of Ireland we want, the change that was demanded in the last GE. it’s just problem management stuff. lol there’s probably some fupping McKinsey 10 Step Problem Solving Framework bingo card for it. we’re talking about nothing else but C19. it dominates the newsfeeds. it dominates the narrative. it dominates politics. any port in a storm and the pandemic sure served up one hell of a port for them to hide it out in. they can keep busy managing the pandemic instead of exposing themselves to the real running of the country. talking down the clock. it suits them. guarantee ya.

      2. Gay Fawkes

        K. Cavan, your grasp of immunology appears to be cereal box stuff. Immunity is a response to infection. It can be achieved through infection itself or through vaccines. MRNA vaccines do take a different approach in that they react to a part of the virus, the spike protein, but they do work. They wane, yes, but so does naturally achieved immunity. I know I’d rather my nurse or doctor give me a jab than Covid.

      3. Doxxy Chainsaw

        Is “actual immunity” real though? Both Novak Djokovic and Ciara Kelly, to name but 2, have both been infected twice.

  12. K.Cavan

    Mandating medical treatment for any citizen, regardless of their profession or anything else is an illegitimate and illegal use of government power. The politicians have no medical knowledge, their underachieving, underqualified, civil servant advisors, like Holohan, who hasn’t even got a PhD, can’t tell anyone what the long-term risks are from injections proven to be cumulatively toxic, so it seems it’s up to the citizens to take up the slack, ensure the Law is adhered to & steer these politicians right.
    It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it & I’m thinking I might actually enjoy this next bit as I need a bit of physical exercise, bring enough marshmellows for everyone.

    1. jungleman

      “who hasn’t even got a PhD”.,

      what a loser!

      What are your PhDs in? I have so many at this point that I forget what they’re in.

  13. K.Cavan

    How Right you are jungleman, your wise words are a credit to all Covidiots, you may not be able to spell “blah” but so what, eh?

    1. Micko

      Get em through the booze and weed eh? Sneaky Canadian Ba$t*%ds

      Although, it might be a good time to point out that this entire mandatory vax story could just be the Irish Times triggering the absolute crapOla out of everyone.

  14. goldenbrown


    here y’all are here freaked out about this 1984-esque whimsey

    instead of the joke housing situation and all those other really important things your Govt flotilla are quietly and merrily ballsing up on you and your children

    don’t allow them to fashion C19 into the only issue that matters to you

    1. Truthy

      Too late, the gullible have already been co-opted in to Conspiraloonland. And they are never leaving as illustrated here, and any other online septic tank you may care to visit, on a daily basis.

  15. SOQ

    I would love for someone to ask Prof Karina Butler what she means by the ‘greater good’. She is the chair of NIAC and is a member of NPHET of course- quelle surprise.

      1. Ian-oG

        Who used the word homophobic – well you did, why did you use that word? I just reported roughly what she said, that being the following:

        “The most worrying issue here is the agenda of governments worldwide to catapult #LGBTQIA personnel into high-level positions. One’s gender or sexuality shouldn’t be used for a seat at any table. This is not equality, this is an organised takeover at every level in our society.”

        So considering I never used the word homophobic, why did you?

        So if you want to know ‘What homophobic comments did Sharon Keogan make exactly’ maybe start with asking someone who claimed she made ‘homophobic comments’.

        Because I didn’t.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      I know!
      I’m surprising myself IanOh – that I am still surprised with the intolerables Broadsheet continue to resource from.

      btw SOQ

      plenty more where they came from, but not necessarily LGBTSOQAnon tagged

      1. SOQ

        “One’s gender or sexuality shouldn’t be used for a seat at any table.”

        She is correct. But I would go further and say that that in the case of gay people, it is not all gay people who get such opportunities, but a very select group- a clique if you like. And, you can see from the other remarks who that self serving clique were and are.

        I do not agree with ‘positive discrimination’ at any level- whiter it be gender, sexuality or even religion. I have never used my sexuality in such a manner- ever.

        1. Ian-oG

          No reply to my question about SOQ? Why did you automatically use the word homophobic, then have the gall to accuse me of using it?

          Next time, get your facts straight, last time you were calling me a homophobe so jog on with your ”I have never used my sexuality in such a manner”. You have and you do.

          1. Ian-oG

            @ V – indeed, I also find this amusing:

            ”it is not all gay people who get such opportunities, but a very select group- a clique if you like.”

            So essentially, gay people are the same as everyone else when it comes to stuff like this. Wow, what a revelation! Gay people can be good OR bad, who knew?

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            maybe SOQ can dig out some report, study or youtuber who can prove that Greed, Incompetence, Self Interest, Politics, Narcissism, Criminality, Chancers Grifters Doxxers and Liars, down to your everyday thug are all traits that are dependent on Gender, Ethnicity, Orientation Preferences and all the other things that make us different from one another.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          But the point is not Positive Discrimination or
          since you like twisting words SOQ
          Affirmative Action

          It is about making sure members of our society and work force are not afraid to put themselves forward, for jobs, club memberships, boards, elections, ANYTHING
          For fear their personal life is a matter to be used to undermine, or doubt, or deny, their professional or artistic or athletic or whatever you’re having yourself abilities, credentials, or potential

          1. SOQ

            My point is that the gay community are no fans of either Varadkar nor the other one. I would go so far as to say that after this latest assault on pubs and clubs he is going to get a very frosty reception in certain establishments once they open again.

            I will ignore the bitchy comments but repeat- never once in my professional life have I ever used my sexuality in such a manner- why? Because I have a decent skill set which stands on its own feet and I find the whole thing to be very patronising.

            If you want to be equal then start by acting like it.

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            I haven’t seen any Bitchy Comments SOQ
            Certainly not the type you’ve pasted yourself here over the years.

            And I don’t know what the Táinaiste has to do with anything. Why did you mention him?
            Nobody else did as far as I can see. So why are you shoehorning him in to this?

            You will need to explain
            If you want to be equal then start by acting like it”
            And I must insist you do. So should ye Broadsheet.

      2. Doxxy Chainsaw

        She’s “pro choice” except when it comes to pregnancy and would be in favour of forcing those with special needs to be microchipped like pets.

  16. Ian-oG

    @ V – precisely. I get the feeling Ms Keogan will not be a senator for too long with the sort of idiotic wittering’s she has come out with.

    Or as some might call her ‘two grants Keogan”.

  17. GiggidyGoo

    And still no word on Varadkar’s Criminal investigation. Or on Housing, or Children’s Hospital. or National Broadband debacles.

    Wall-to-wall Covid this / Covid that to try divert.

    Tsk tsk. It ain’t working.

      1. just millie

        Why the name change D?

        (It gave me a wry chuckle and I would love to know who you’re trying to needle because, honestly, I’m a gossipy aul wan)

        1. GiggidyGoo

          She fell foul of a bit of pressure – mad stuff,. I was surprised actually – and revealed her employer. The Doxxy thread though has been removed (I think) but I think the damage has been done.

          1. Doxxy Chainsaw

            No secret. I, along with a few thousand others, work for the Dept of Agriculture. Good job your incoherent rant about GMO crops was removed, saving you even more embarrassment!

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      that’s because the understanding of Corruption/ Anti Corruption here
      like on Broadsheet
      is very different

      Nothing to do with Covid diversion

      I have written on all those issues you mention GG
      and the actual white collar legality and corrupt end of those stories, civil or criminal, sanctionable or sackable, is of no interest to the Broadsheet reader

      1. GiggidyGoo

        No harm in reminding people about it all the same. Not all broadsheet readers are broadsheet contributors – apart from Nicks (non) Vouchers.

  18. ANO

    Hard to see a strong case for mandatory vaccines now that Covid seems to be weakening as new strains emerge.

    I do think there might be an argument for certain medical roles to require it depending on those strains.

    The booster rollout has been poorly handled.

    Speaking personally, as we start to come out the other side of this I don’t think I’ll ever forget those who have made so many sacrifices for the safety of others over the last two years – especially when contrasted with those who wouldn’t make even the smallest of sacrifices by wearing a mask.

    I’m not particularly patriotic but I think the Irish have largely done themselves proud during a very difficult time.

    That’s the people, not necessarily our elected officials!

    1. Truthy

      Please, these kinds of even-handed, sensible comments are not really in the spirit of Conspiraloonsheet.

  19. Ian-oG

    ” especially when contrasted with those who wouldn’t make even the smallest of sacrifices by wearing a mask.”

    I find it amazing how many people seemed to have pre-existing conditions that meant they were incapable of breathing through a thin cloth mask.

    Mental; lets hope they didn’t catch covid with such puny respiratory systems!

    1. ANO

      There’ll be some awkward silences during Reeling In The Years in 2020 when it airs in 30 years time.

      Granddad, is that you shouting abuse at a 16 year old shelfstacker cause they asked you to wear a mask for 5 minutes during a global pandemic ?

  20. just millie

    Probably the only good decision we’ll see from FF’s leadership under MM. A vaccine mandate seems utterly nonsensical in a country that has had such high vaccine uptake as ours.

    1. Mr.T

      Michael Martin’s word is as about as good as his hairstyle

      Wouldn’t trust a single word out of the man’s mouth.
      This was an exercise in kite-flying, expect it to resurface in a few months time (during which the media will be ramping up the pressure to get the public to buy-in to mandatory vaccines)

      1. just millie

        I sincerely hope not.

        I do think that while the Irish public are good at pulling together about these things (see masks, lockdown and vaccine uptake) we’ve also shown that we can be pushed to make a stand against authority (see water charges, marriage equality, abortion) when needed, and I do think that this would be something that folks could push back against. It is one thing to accept vaccines and lockdowns etc for a public health emergency like covid. It is quite another to demand vaccines in return for a half baked version of normalcy.

    2. Truthy

      There was never any discussion of a general vaccine mandate, itr was all pie in the sky. Suited Bodger down to the ground though to make out that there was. The comments numbers speak for themselves.

        1. Gavin

          Clearly #Fakenews, we know you made it all up Bodger and planted those articles in the mainstream media. Your insidious reach is all-encompassing.

      1. goldenbrown

        nothing to do with Bodger
        someone called Jennifer Bray published the article in this morning’s Irish Times, lead story, she used to work for the Daily Mail
        anything is possible here on the motivation
        probably a bit of noisy manufactured content to get a bit of good cop/bad cop dingaling going….
        – various outlets picking up on the rumour during the day and amplifying the noise
        – MM following up with the sensible soothing words
        – Papa Reid with the “I’d prefer to win people’s hearts and minds” than have mandatory vaccination”
        – Claire Byrne Krew are on the case

        see Malcolm Tucker

  21. Verbatim

    Phew, glad that’s over – appropriate to be relegated back to the George where gay men can discuss man-dating over pints of stout.

  22. Kim Cardassian

    Well I guess MM’s comments have made things awkward. Doesn’t fit well with the racist or tyrannical agenda that some claim is in okay.

    1. SOQ

      Hush now.

      We won’t be having any of that natural immunity stuff you far right tree hugging neo Nazi dreadlocked plant based person you.

  23. f_lawless

    Just reading this article from last month on the French situation:

    ‘French health minister Olivier Véran has played down the possibility of (mandatory vaccination) being extended to the general public.

    “Obligation means control and punishment, so feasibility is not obvious,” he said on Wednesday.

    “We know how to make vaccinations compulsory for the very young, and for infants… In adults, it is more complicated,” he said. He did not rule it out completely, saying it was not “impossible”.

    He said that France had instead chosen to use the health pass (pass sanitaire), which has been a “powerful incentive” for people to get vaccinated. ‘

    I think we being subjected to more of the same behavioural science psychological manipulation. A primary end goal has always been to perpetuate and expand upon the biosecurity tech-surveillance system (which is the cornerstone/springboard to the technocratic elite’s ‘Great Reset’). Repeatedly insisting that everyone needs to be vaccinated is more of a means to an end. The people at the top of the hierarchy pushing it aren’t driven by public health concerns.

    I think waving about the stick of mandatory vaccination at this stage in the game – with public esteem of the Covid vaccines already on a serious decline – could be interpreted as an act of desperation by those such as Holohan with their reputations deeply invested in a crumbling narrative An attempt to set up a false dichotomy and shift public discourse over to a choice between overt mandatory vaccination or reinforcing the vax pass system. Phew, aren’t we lucky we didn’t have to go down the dreaded mandatory vax road and instead only have to contend with the vax pass system!

  24. f_lawless

    Another comment of mine that instantly vanished after clicking the ‘post comment’ button:

    Assuming this second comment appears straight away, no problem, is one plausible explanation that there’s some kind of automated filter system in place – either internal or even external to the Broadsheet site – which is triggered by certain designated words deemed taboo?

    1. SOQ

      An election in under three months in France- the five year ex Rockefeller employee will hopefully be given the boot.

      Persist with the ‘security’ systems- their blacklists are centralised and update within minutes. They are now censoring specific URLs rather than platforms- which means they know exactly what it is they are trying to block- or in some cases, just delay.

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