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  1. SOQ

    Good news coming out of both the US and Canada on the mandate front.

    The Supreme Court blocked the government’s vaccine mandate yesterday, three days after it was scheduled to go into effect. The mandate was for private businesses with 100 or more employees.


    And, the Canadian government relented on its truckers being mandated after the industry warned of massive disruptions from the rule.


    1. Nigel

      I have to say the US Supreme Court telling the organisation charged with maintaining public health during a raging pandemic that it isn’t allowed to fulfill its function is not great. Expect them to tell the Environmental Protection Agency the same thing soon. When will you get it through your head that this part of a conservative project to strip away all government regulations, protections, rights and access to public health for ordinary citizens? You hate Big Pharma now, wait until the Republicans makes it entirely self-regulating.

        1. Nigel

          But people seem to think that ‘endemic’ means it’ll be like the flu – completely invisible until flu season comes around and there’ll be reminders to get updated vaccinations and that’s it (as if those new vaccinations just come out of nowhere – and what do annual updated vaccinations actually imply about the flu and the existing infrastructure and specialists working away all the year round all over the world?) ‘Endemic’ for covid could mean everyone wearing masks indoors in public spaces all the time, booster shots every three months, and the necessity to invest in specialised staff and care units. Or not, depending, obviously. We just don’t know yet, but Republicans have committed themselves to opposing, undermining and criminalising even whatever measures will be required to deal with an endemic covid.

          1. SOQ

            The Supreme court has ruled that forcing people to take an experimental unapproved medication is illegal- it really is that simple.

  2. galaxiapolizia

    Chapeaux to Karen, KCavan and Chris
    for their courage, integrity,
    sang-froid and self-belief…
    and fronting-up and speaking out..!

    Top Telly, Bodger…!

  3. TenPin Terry

    Great vax show last night on BS on the Telly.
    Interesting and challenging.
    It didn’t change my mind but it was good to hear a conversation you’ll never hear on RTE.
    Thanks to all involved

  4. Verbatim

    Well done Karen, Chris, KCavan and John Ryan for interviewing.
    Interesting discussion – that’s what’s needed – integrity, honour, self-confidence and this above all ‘to thine own self be true’

    1. Broadbag

      ”Childish words” are par for the course on the internet, doxxing or attempted doxxing, on the other hand is completely reprehensible.

        1. johnny

          everything,your hounding and haranguing,another poster daily,your a small minded old misogynist,with nothing,nothing going on,other than this type garbage,i personally find you the most obnoxious attention seeking shallow poster on here and thats saying something.

        2. johnny

          old too.
          do you have any healthy relationships with females?
          look out you may miss that bus,or are you now a ‘lock in” musing aloud about the benefits of the death peanlty,in ROI.
          do you still have your British passport and benefits,how do they stack up with here?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Nope, and still can’t make head nor tail of your comments. You really need to try writing something coherent.

  5. goldenbrown

    so the Gardai managed to wrongfully arrest and release an innocent man

    but not before its plastered all over the media by the Irish Times…and half the websites around the planet (and STILL is) that he was from a certain country, well known and established in the area, of a certain age and had allegedly has a history of violence

    oh bravo

      1. goldenbrown

        at least they didn’t publish up a mugshot along with his mobile number and a link to his friendface page, wha

        1. Fearganainm

          Some people on Twitter did post one or more clips he’d uploaded, featuring him muttering to camera, along with his name.

  6. TenPin Terry

    Goodbye to the wonderfully bonkers Jean Byrne or Miss Whiplash as she’s know in TenPin Towers.
    It’s rare that a woman of her mature years can rock the leather trouser look successfully.
    But she pulled it off.
    So to speak …

    1. SOQ

      Jean became a bot of a gay icon after she turned up to read the weather for Feast of the Immaculate Conception in a tight rubber one piece number.

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