The Wrong Man


The Grand Canal towpath at Cappincur, Tullamore, county Offaly yesterday

Last night/this morning.

Via RTÉ News:

A 40-year-old man was released from garda custody and declared no longer to be a suspect in the case.

The man had been arrested by gardaí within an hour of the discovery of the body of Ashling Murphy.

He had been questioned for seven hours on Wednesday evening before he rested overnight and more than 20 hours yesterday.

RTÉ News understands the man consistently denied any involvement in the murder during garda interviews.

Detectives continued to interview witnesses and gather forensic evidence, including DNA, and as a result of their inquiries, they discovered yesterday evening that the man could not have been involved in the murder.

Renewed appeal in Tullamore murder investigation (RTE)


…goldenbrown writes:

So the Gardai managed to wrongfully arrest and release an innocent man but not before it’s plastered all over the media by the Irish Times…and half the websites around the planet (and STILL is) that he was from a certain country, well known and established in the area, of a certain age and had allegedly a history of violence. Oh bravo.


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  1. just millie

    Not to sound hopelessly naive, but (and I’d be interested to hear what the broadsheet commentariat think) I’m thinking that the leak was deliberate but I don’t understand why, what sort of purpose it serves (other than perpetuating a certain stereotype about a certain nationality).

    It happens all too frequently for it to be anything other than the usual leaking to the press tbh.

    1. Birdie

      I have to agree Millie. I was very surprised that those details were reported and now it appears he was their wrong suspect. Seems very sloppy. Maybe cops on the periphery yapped without the inside knowledge of the status. They said he’s in a safe house now and his family have wrong the clock guards. They terror they are feeling too, seems all very irresponsible if purposely leaked.

    2. tom2

      You are naive. Any number of people could have leaked that information who have access to PULSE data. There is no grand conspiracy.

      1. just millie

        I didn’t say, or even imply, there was a conspiracy. That was you, tom2.

        I want to understand why they leaked such info. This individual, whatever his background, is now in a safe house because of this leak. Innocent until proven guilty, or until they leak to the press.

      2. goldenbrown

        naivety certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind here tom2, this wasn’t an understandable or easy mistake to make

        – PULSE operator who enjoys the bitta whatsapp in their spare time
        – detective tells local Guard told deh brother who told MrsClancy at the digs who rang her sister who runs the coffee dock across the road from the rag in Tara Street
        – or whatever half-assed you’re having yourself

        it’s about as unacceptable and inexcusable as it gets, a gross incompetence or deliberate action, sacking offence minimum whatever the excuses

        I hope that maligned man gets a hardworking solicitor to take it on and some decent settlement outcome

    3. Jonsmoke

      What I have heard from a totally unreliable source is that the girl was being stalked/harassed by some fella and had reported it to the Guards on a few occasions. They did nothing about it until it was too late and the other fella was arrested really quickly to make it look like they are all over it and to give them time to track down the stalker guy who has disappeared and is the real killer.

  2. Gabby

    Forensic research, including DNA, will crack this case. The ‘wrong man’ is not an exemplary citizen, but has obviously endured two difficult days of questioning. He should be allowed to recover quietly while the Gardai continue their investigations.

  3. bell

    Forensic research, including DNA, will crack this case.

    Sure it will, the first 24 hours are vital and the Gardai have wasted them.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    When it was mentioned yesterday that the Gardai had allocated 50 people to the case, it was obvious that this ‘suspect’ wasn’t really of much interest to them.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Yes,indeed – as you pointed out yesterday.
      Oh wait,you didn’t.
      You’re not so much Captain Hindsight but more Private Part.
      Although you weren’t the only sleuth from CSI Offaly on here yesterday.

      1. Simon Sayz

        Guys – grow up. a person died. share contact info and arrange to fight outside like children.

        @broadsheet – maybe close commenting for such stories like this, show some respect, etc.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Terrapin Terry. No – I didn’t comment or give an opinion yesterday. Does that bother you? Should I have?
        Charger Salmons is still no. 1 hit on google by the way, and always worth a timely reminder of what you are. Changing your identity here doesn’t work.

        1. TenPin Terry

          Attention Corporal Confused – yes, that’s the whole point of my post. You didn’t mention at all yesterday the stunning observation you made today that you knew the suspect wasn’t a wrong ‘un all along.
          Jaysus, no wonder they keep you confined to the Portakabin counting lorry axles.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            You didn’t notice it being reported then yesterday? Not very observant then are you? Mr. Magoo thinks he has a point?
            You must be happy with you being No. 1 in Google though.

  5. Shayna

    A truly terrible end to a brief life. 4pm jog – broad daylight? Someone must have witnessed the scene? I know Tullamore – The canal runs alongside the main road through the town. Na Gardai clearly went to the usual suspect. The mention of DNA by other commenters reminded me of a horrible rape/murder of an elderly lady in Tyrone a number of years ago. Local males, of a certain age were asked to supply a swab test for processing – some refused – became suspects. In the end, it was an English guy – not a suspect, no record. A kinda above reproach type. Jeez, Gardai?

  6. Fearganainm

    “Gardaí have identified a person of interest as part of the investigation into the murder of Ashling Murphy. Ms Murphy, a 23-year-old primary school teacher, was attacked and killed on the banks of the Grand Canal in Tullamore, Co Offaly on Wednesday afternoon. Gardaí are waiting to interview a man who is currently in hospital…”

    Let’s hope that they’ve got it right this time.

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