Caring From Home


Last night.

Good times.

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27 thoughts on “Caring From Home

  1. tom2

    You wonder why the government bother. They try and do a good thing and everyone else starts whinging looking for their money,.

    1. goldenbrown

      FG? do a good thing? for whom? lol
      she’s some fupping weapon that wan but it’s just honest natural breeding on display in fairness
      plus she’s just doing her job, playing very nicely to her Dalkey and Killiney burghers and imo will get herself another go at the trough next GE out easily keeping the likes of the alcho, the pensions collector, the fraudster and ze shinners at bay (unless RBB heads to the bright lights of Europe or something like upping the seat numbers of course)

    2. bell

      They try and do a good thing

      Are you serious?

      Giving people their own money as a reward? Cheap worthless publicity stunt.

      Over 1.5 billion p***ed away on the new children’s hospital which will result in zero bed increases.
      Using mental health budget to buy electric cars
      Hiring armed protection for all members of government
      Staying in power while under criminal investigation

      And you defend them? Who ‘s your employer, FG or FF?

  2. Fergalito

    What an ignorant and callous and stupid thing to say.

    I’ve seen first-hand what caring for someone at home with no respite is like, lack of sleep, full-attention required all the time as well as trying to juggle the everyday chores and needs of a household.

    1. bell

      What an ignorant and callous and stupid thing to say.

      So Jennifer Carroll MacNeill is consistent in her attitude towards the ordinary citizen.

      She’s a bit hit among Iranian militants though.

    2. Ronan

      Ignorant comment yes.

      But I don’t know why home carers think they should get the 1000 euro proposed for those that worked in extreme conditions (i.e. increased risk to their own health looking after random members of the public) during the pandemic.

      By all means, bring back the carers respite grants so they can holiday etc, but this smacks of “hey if you’re giving out cash what about us?”. Next thing you know it’s cash for every public sector employee, every private sector employee, everyone on state benefits and the whinging changes to ‘why is he getting the 1k, sure he’s richer than me, this should be means tested’.

      We worked long hours during the pandemic getting employees online and home working, building remote onboarding processes etc. Everyone has suffered either through ending up on PUP, losing a job, or working their ass off from bedrooms and kitchen tables to keep themselves or their company afloat.

      The nurses, paramedics, hospital cleaning staff and the Gardaí did amazing jobs keeping people safe and alive during the first waves. They deserve to be recognised. Everyone else should suck it up and stop looking for cash handouts from the great pyramid scheme of future generations of tax payers.

      1. Frank

        Ronan come on now!!
        “Gardaí did amazing jobs keeping people safe and alive during the first waves”
        – Guard – “Where you off to?”
        – Me – “Doing the shopping”
        – Guard – “Ok so. Bye now”

        1. bell

          Those who care for loved ones are saving the State a bloody fortune (€1,00 a week for a nursing home placement)

          This excuse for a politician has demeaned this role in Society, her comment was not about cash but more about her total arrogance towards the Citizens of this Country

          But shur what do you expect?
          Dun Laoghaire

          Nuff said

      2. George

        Many carers were dealing with people who are at high risk from Covid-19 on their own. They had to cut off all social contacts to try and protect that person.

  3. Birdie

    It’s disgraceful how little we value all caring professions in this country. Yet again the national radio gives so much air time to publicans and pub goers as “today is an amazing day as we can have a pint after 8pm.”

    Like feck that. I hate how these lobbyists get all this attention and the carers are too tired and demoralised to get the same attention of the government.

    I could keep ranting but I won’t. The patriarchy is strong in this one, sure it’s just caring it’s not a real job.

    1. Zaccone

      Her husband is a former Goldman Sachs executive. They’re basically Mr. and Mrs. Monty Burns in terms of attitude and general evilness.

      1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

        Zaccone you got it in one, or even 2.
        The heroes of the area. Shur if that’s where their Interst lies, it lies every day.
        The Dregs!

  4. Kali

    Unless she actually has experience caring for someone at home, she wouldn’t know. I have seen others who have to dedicate their whole lives to looking after someone with Cerebal Palsy since birth. I don’t know how they got through it all when the restrictions were brought in and they lost most of the help they had. They deserve a lot more than the bonus and those type of comments by an elected official don’t help

    1. The Millie Obnoxious™


      I became carer to my daughter during the pandemic and while the hospital did their utmost to help, many of the supports we should have received during the first few months after my daughter’s diagnosis were unavailable. I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone reliant on additional help to have it suddenly be pulled away like that.

    2. SOQ

      And that is not to mention the additional stress those people were under. It wasn’t just a case of keeping the cared safe but they too were completely cut off and no, not like the rest of us, they were REALLY cut off.

  5. V aka Frilly Keane

    Just had a thought

    Doesn’t Jennifer’s mammy make a very good living as a temp agency for Carers, Care Assistants
    as well as loads of other temp staff for the Healthcare industry

    Or used to anyway, she might have sold her business, and made a few bob

    All the same, its still odd that Jennifer would undervalue the work of providing care so much since her mammy charges (or charged see above) a premium for it

    Just saying

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