From top: the long-promised Dublin MetroLink; Paolo Serpi, Italian Ambassador to Ireland

“Try to imagine what it means to have done four, no, five lines in Rome. In a city like Rome, to dig 100m down in Rome, what does that mean? But we have done it!

I want to know if we can do something, we, as Italians, for you?

“I don’t care if the Irish underground in Dublin is made by the Italians. I am just metaphorically breaking your… I don’t want to use bad words, but if you make a common effort you can do it!”

Italian Ambassador Paulo Serpi expressing concern about delays to Dublin’s MetroLink rail line.


Italian ambassador concerned by Dublin MetroLink delay (Irish Times)

Thanks ESB

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31 thoughts on “Fuggedaboutit

  1. Broadbag

    He’s so right though, cities worldwide can do it, we just spunk money on consultants and push it out another 10 years, it would be funny if it wasn’t so wasteful and inept, maybe just a hint of corruption in their too if you look hard enough.

    1. paul

      don’t need to look that hard.

      I’m sure there won’t be a response from our lot, they already look like ineffectual muppets, they don’t want to open their mouths and sound like muppets too.

    2. Mr.T

      You cant do anything in this country without first having paid 7+ figures for a “report” stating what you already knew,

      Strangled with self-imposed regulations

      1. SOQ

        NO- that is called covering your ass. You hire expensive consultants to write a report telling them the result you want, and they knit the middle bit together. It is a well established state sector strategy.

    3. TenPin Terry

      Most nights I’m still only getting less than 8mbps broadband.
      Trying to watch porn is a pain.
      I’d be better off flying out to the San Fernando Valley and horsing it in meself.

  2. ken m

    I live in copenhagan , same population as dublin. It has several metro lines, a commuter service and an intercity service. they put us to shame

  3. Tom

    Our increasingly leftwards govt. is incapable of efficiently and cost-effectively getting things done. Also: viva la inflation.

    1. Zaccone

      In our state that has never once had a left-wing government in the 100 years of its existence the most obvious candidate for blame is of course ‘leftwards’ people, uhuh.

      1. SOQ

        If you take apply the globalist definition of ‘left wing’ then it is all about right on causes and pro nouns but never the economic basics like health care and affordable housing.

        It is a hollowed out shell of the left where virtue signalling means votes- that is what we have in Ireland and everything else gets labelled ‘far right’.

        1. Zaccone

          Yup. And that abandonment of left wing economic issues to focus on virtue signalling on social just issues is exactly why the center left across Europe has lost all working class support in the last two decades, and why we have the rise of actually far right characters like Le Pen in their place.

  4. TenPin Terry

    If the Italians build our underground the trains will be like their tanks – one forward gear and 17 reverse.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Although they’re not backwards in coming forward to park the bus and win football competitions on penos those pesky dream-shatterers with their swarthy good looks and fancy ways with the laydees …

  5. Gavin

    COVID has been a great example of what can be done if Irish politicians are forced into it, if you had asked them to get people working from home they’d have spent 5 years talking about it and another 5 on a report and studies. If decentralization had been approached in the same manner it would be complete by now.

  6. Paulus

    To the Romans we’re passing the baton
    In the hope that the metro might happen.
    With colums ionic
    It’ll soon be iconic
    Just don’t put the signs up in Latin.

  7. The Dude

    Dear Mr. Ambassador,

    According to the Dublin City Council website, in Dublin 1 and Dublin 2, i.e. the east city centre, the authorities have a total provision of one single glass recycling bin to be used by the public.

    If the Irish authorities are that useless that they can’t even provide a couple of glass recycling banks for Dubliners, please don’t waste your time expecting them to provide anything that requires thought and competence. See also White Water Rafting Project and the City Library scheme where expected costs have ballooned into hundreds of millions as additional evidence of costly megaprojects badly managed – and let’s not start about the costs of the Children’s Hospital.

    In Ireland, I have long since learned to lower my expectations so as to avoid disappointment.

    They are not even competent enough to provide glass recycling bins.

    Is any capital in the European Union worse managed?

  8. Skeptik

    They couldn’t tunnel at night for the port tunnel in case it’d wake someone’s baby. Individual concerns in Ireland always trump the common good. The planning process is a joke (See Intel/Apple projects we lost to other European countries)
    Strategic infrastructure planning and implementation such as the metro should cut through all this bull***. Individuals should not be able to hold up the planning for a metro passing deep under their homes. If there’s actual damage, set up a compensation board with realistic payments, but don’t stop when a crack appears in someone’s shed.
    We have people whinging about losing a tree at the end of their garden when we want to put in a bus lane for gods sake. We’re an international joke and the ambassador is right to say it.

  9. Kali

    This guy wont fix the broken wall on the edge of the Italian embassy in Lucan and wants SDCC to do it. Also don’t the Italians have an issue with buildings and bridges collapsing in their own country. Not exactly the people you’d trust to build your metro

    1. paul

      if they’re renting the building and weren’t responsible for the walls condition then it’s the owners job. If the owner is SDCC then it’s their responsibility.

  10. Kim The Cardassian

    Given how much of a Mad Max movie the Red Line is, can you imagine what an underground Luas will be like….

    1. paul

      I can completely picture certain residents of the Red Line getting off between stations while underground.

  11. SOQ

    If the construction phase of original Metro had to start when it was supposed to, which was about a year and a half before it was cancelled, then it would be built by now- because once started it was cheaper to keep going than not.

    But they procrastinated for so long that once the crash happened, there was no option but to postpone.

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