Stop that.

Rona response roasting comic Grace Ann Kelly (above) writes:

Just got this made! PRO SMILE! Free the smile. My new line for people who query why I don’t wear the mask is quite simply “I’m on my God given mission to spread love & a few smiles!”


Grace Ann Kelly (Instagram)

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42 thoughts on “Smile High Club

      1. The Millie Obnoxious™

        Or a ‘This all a load of divisive, childish nonsense, do none of you have hobbies’ mask.

        On second thoughts, it might fit better on an apron

  1. Doxxy Chainsaw

    Sovereign soul… InSTAZIgram… Fakebook. Another entitled snowflake who strops against the social media accounts she won’t quit!

  2. Kim The Cardassian

    “Rona response roasting comic”

    “God given mission to spread love and laughs”

    *Face palm*

  3. Nigel

    Did she roast the rona response by mocking exhausted and stressed out healthcare workers? Or did she stick to safe culture war targets?

    1. Cui Bono?

      Exhausted and stressed from performing dance routines for social media.

      The hospitals were not much busier than previous years.

      Keep ignoring the data Nigel.

      1. Nigel

        Wow, I guess health care staff ARE an approved culture war target after all. They all have to be in on faking the pandemic, I suppose.

          1. Nigel

            You’re calling them liars and fakers. All those accounts of pandemic-related overwork, exhaustion, stress, grief, catching covid, wearing PPP for entire shifts, all lies, according to you.

          2. Cui Bono?

            No, I’m not calling them liars. I’m sure there is a lot of work and stress working in hospitals.

            I’m simply stating the fact that hospitals were not much busier than previous years.

          3. Nigel

            Except mutliple first hand accounts by hospital staff dealing with covid patients all over the world describe the work, stress, exhaustion and emotional toll as ongoing and devestating, to say nothing of hospital staff that have gotten ill, and that have died from covid.

          4. Doxxy Chainsaw

            They’re all paid crisis actors though, Nigel. They get paid to make stuff up about the stress and overwork and couldn’t possibly be REAL medical staff!

            This is the current level of ratlicker psychosis!

          5. Cui Bono?

            Yes, and I’m sure they’re delighted that people can finally hear and pay attention to how busy they are every year. The hype and media fear mongering from covid definitely would have frightened them going to work everyday too.

            As I said the data shows it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Hospitals can get very busy especially during the winter months because of colds and flus hitting the old and vulnerable.

            I hope you were reacting like this for the terrible flu of 2018.

          6. Nigel

            Your data shows nothing out of the ordinary, their actual experience is that it is, that it has been exceptional and horrible, and not helped by people acting as if the pandemic isn’t real. I suspect your read on the data is flawed.

            The terrible flu of 2018 did not last for two years. Covid is way more contagious than flu.

          7. Cui Bono?

            Covid’s IFR is similar to the flu and that is even when including the flawed counting of covid deaths. You ignore the data and have completely bought into the hysteria.

          8. Nigel

            Covid is way more infectious than the flu. Your appeals to readings of data which do not correspond with actuality are not credible.

        1. K.Cavan

          No, Nigel, like you, I assume, they’re just doing as they’re told. They don’t run or own the hospitals, you know, they just work there. For money.

        2. K.Cavan

          In mid-February, 2021, we had our highest level of hospital bed occupancy by people who’d had a positive PCR test, 17% of our beds in total. Within a week that had dropped considerably, within two it was below 10%.
          Considering the number of cancelled procedures & the Mysterious Miracle of the Disappearing Flu (hallelujah!) there’s no possibility of our hospitals having been put under stress, no matter what absent anecdotal evidence you hang your ridiculous claims on. I mean, I’d believe you, really, but the facts deny your assertions, rather firmly. We all know you’d never let reality get in the way of your fantasies, of course.

      2. K.Cavan

        It wasn’t just Ireland, the percentage of the world’s population that passed away in 2020 was exactly the same, to two decimal places, as it was in 2019 and that was exactly the same as 2018.
        That figure was 0.76%.

    2. K.Cavan

      Nigel, dearest, Healthcare workers just had the two easiest years for decades, as all the vomitous tiktok dance videos attest. You know this is true but prefer to believe the media narrative but, get this, journalists don’t actually work in hospitals & apart from doctoring the truth, have no connection with medicine, at all.

    1. K.Cavan

      Ah, Sailor Jerry, you see, Nigel, bless his little cotton socks, he loves the drama. Given half a chance he’ll eat the scenery. And your brain.

    1. K.Cavan

      Well, hmmm, you could easily make a tight-fitting mask out of plastic that would be fairly effective in stopping molecular-sized virions from making it into your airways. Unfortunately, it would also prevent air from getting in there, you’d turn blue, then die.

        1. K.Cavan

          Well, you somewhat undercut your own assertion by responding, didn’t you, jungleman?
          Oh, smart boy wanted…

  4. Steph Pinker

    No offence to Grace Ann Kelly, but were I lost, I wouldn’t know which way to go if she pointed me in the right direction – I’d end up as confused as Descartes.

  5. Optimus Grime

    Measures my belief in her comic abilities against her belief in the pandemic – Hmmm, about the same

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