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KN writes:

The definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ in certain countries includes a booster dose which if applied here would mean just over 50 per cent of the population are ‘up to date’ with their jabs…


Via Vaccine Ireland Progress


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8 thoughts on “Fully, How?

  1. ANO

    The other 25% of first jabbers were all killed by Billy’s 5G activated poison!

    Put ‘KN’ on the Broadsheet payroll, they’ve earned it.

  2. SB

    There’s a fair amount who can’t get the booster for a few more months, due to Omicron infection recently

  3. Micko

    I’d say there’s a few factors at play here

    People who can’t get a booster due to Infection.

    People who can’t be bothered due to Covid being milder now.

    People who feel they didn’t sign up for continual boosters.

    People who won’t bother, now the vax pass isn’t a factor anymore.

  4. SailorGerry

    And the few that are slowly waking up to see the jabs and the rules were all just a massive waste of time and money.

    My sister just tested positive, again for Covid.

    She is proudly double jabbed and boosted, but tested positive, with flu like symptoms, about 6 months apart.

    I cannot see the point in getting jabbed when they just do not work and I think the more rational people will eventually arrive at a similar conclusion.

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