Dublin city centre on Saturday night


This morning.

Any excuse.

Earlier: Ain’t She A Beautiful Sight?



Fake medic (see comments)!


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13 thoughts on “Bad Feels

    1. thebeanmachineeee

      Jeez, what has this website become. I think I’ve had enough and from tomorrow will try to not use again.

        1. TenPin Terry

          And on this occasion you only stopped by to tell us you only stop by to lament what once was.
          Why bother ?
          Someone announcing they’re leaving an internent forum simply elicits the reaction of ” so what ? ”
          You should follow Papi’s example and gently slip away like Scott of the Antarctic with a final ” I am just going outside and may be some time. ”

        2. Verbatim

          Don’t feel bad, read on another site, & chuckled thinking this was a parody, only to be informed that it is not!

          “Tesco Ireland are changing the boost value of Clubcard Vouchers from 1st Feb. Currently vouchers are worth 4x their value, this is changing to 3x their value.
          The good news is you can still get 4x the value when you exchange your vouchers by 31st Jan.”

      1. ANO

        To be fair, BS is a content aggregator blog so in that context it shouldn’t be judged based on or held to any kind of editorial standards.

        That said, by design or not, BS has a definite editorial voice that comes through loud and clear on any given day so you shouldn’t be surprised by what you see when you drop by.

    2. Ian-oG

      Actually says in the bio that it’s pArOdY?

      Wonder how many people miss that or if it was just a recent addition?

    3. Hank

      You don’t think the name Dr Adam Aneevit was a bit of a clue that it might be not be a real doctor??!

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