The Kid Stays In The Picture


Kid Rock – We The People

‘Fuck Facebook, fuck Twitter too. And the mainstream media, fuck you too, too, too’

You may like this (probably not).

Anti-Fauci, anti-Biden anthem from veteran rap/rock poo kicker Kid Rock.

No need for the language


….via Telegram:

Gen Z have outsourced their youthful rebellion to people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They’re the most conformist generation of the post-war era.


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17 thoughts on “The Kid Stays In The Picture

  1. Hank

    That telegram quote is interesting. I’d definitely say they’re the most conservative generation for a long time when it comes to how they dress, their haircuts etc.
    They appear to have no style equivalent of punks or mods or cureheads or metallers or goths or even indie kids.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      We’ve been here before. Back in the Bronze Age mirrors were invented and people could look and admire themselves all day wherever they went. A bit like instagram now, (which is likely a similar jolt to the collective experience) the story of Adonis is a timely reminder of how that goes. They are also the first generation who have a pretty much zero chance of owning the home they make for their children. Even the birds get their own nest. I think there will be violent backlash in due course.

    2. Nigel

      I’m not sure that kids want to rebel if rebellion means embracing militant patriotism, prosperity-bible Christianity, a demand to be exclusively catered for by increasingly niche media that create bubbles designed to flatter and terrify at the same time, privatised halth care, deregulation, anti-unionism, pro-police, pro-military but also isolationist, xenophobic, hysterical over ‘wokism’ and ‘CRT’ leading to ideological micromanaging of education and book-banning, and opposition to any and all protections and supports for the poor, the vulnerable or the marginalised. THAT’S what conservatism is in 2020, that they’ve branded themselves as rebels is a self-flattering lie. Kids acting with sobriety and reserve IS a reaction against it. So is a kind of decadent nihilsm. Between the two are a lot of kids struggling with despair.

  2. Nigel

    It’s amazing. People in their 40s and 50s have embraced a completely dissociated extremist view of the world whereby they undermine, block, sabotage or reverse efforts to deal with the various crises facing the immediate present and call it rebellion, instead of what it is – a rejection of reality and their responsibility for the current state of the world, whether that responsibility is for causing it or dealing with it. Kids look on in horror at this mid-life crisis by the people who are supposed to be grown-ups, the people who have power and wealth and security and who are courted by the people with even greater power and wealth and security, They’re plagued with anxiety about the pandemic, the climate, the environment, the economy. They can’t afford houses or rent, they won’t get secure jobs and their wages have been lapped several times by inflation, their education is increasingly irrelavant and the older generations don’t want to be threatened by anyone taking action on pandemic or climate change or systemic problems or be bothered by anyone complaining about rents and the gig economy and plastcs in the ocean. They only want deeply conservative leaders who will only change things away from anything that might help or support the younger generation, and if those deeply conservative leaders are crooks, liars and dmagogues well that just flatters their ctncism and show the younger generations that that’s how the real world works.

    And they get Kid Rock to sing their anthem. Because f*ck the kids, the older crowd are young again. They think if the kids dont know how to act young, they’ll show them. They have no interest whatsoever in the reality of being young in 2020 but only in their own image of what being young should be like. They’re rebelling by voting for Trump and Johnson and Brexit and rejecting the pandemic as real becaause they’re a bunch of conservative old people who are scared of change and so rebel by entrenching everything even the bad things.

    1. Darrens

      You had me but then the thing about the pandem.. not sure about that part tbf.. maybe it’s true to say that a generation raised by media controlled entertainment won’t have any better clue about how to introduce change into their lives.. and political beneficiaries are as you say .. but the pandem is clearly very little about introducing change .. if anything the single message throughout last twwo years has been ensuring the necessary adjustments are as similar as possible to the previous normal.

      1. Nigel

        I’m still not sure what dynamics are at work in the rejection of pandemic measures and fearmongering over vaccines. One might be that a pandemic response needs to be systemic and governmental. Conservatism is currently about individualism, capitalism, decreased government power and oversight, and increased corporate freedom. Responding to a pandemic is an exercise in government power. If all government power is by its nature tyrannical, then government emergency power is tyranny multiplied. To object to governments exercising power during a pandemic, you have to reject the reality of the pandemic. The fearmongering abut the vaccine is part of that, and, of course, is no threat to corporate profits since the pharmaceutical industry is the only game in town for vaccines and any government that wants to protect their population is obliged to deal with them.

        Any systemic change is going to come from government. Therefore any exercise in government power is a threat to conservatism. Governments have to be undermined and discredited, faith in democracy destroyed, marginalised people disenfranchised, wealth and power consolidated. A government that can protect their people during a pandemic is a threat to all of that. Next thing you know they might stop subsidising fossil fuels.

        That’s my theory anyway.

    2. Oh! You Pretty Things

      The 40-50 year old kids just wanna rock.
      Seriously, I have a mate, when I was in NATIONAL school, he was the one walking around with a denim jacket with ACDC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden etc on it which I thought was pretty transgressive at the time
      Now he posts guff about the right to be armed and we must stand up for our rights against thieves, quares etc.

  3. ANO

    Glad he’s still kicking, Devil Without A Cause and Cocky got a lot of play round my way.

    Linked track’s beat is pretty poor but it was fun hearing his distinctive delivery again, would’ve liked a second proper verse in there even if I don’t necessarily agree with his choice of targets.

    1. Tarfton Clax

      Not his best work. But glad to see he’s still kicking. As someone who digs Metal, Country and Rap I do enjoy his music. Probably wouldn’t agree with him on much except how Good Skynerd are but that’s fine too.

  4. Nigel

    it occurs to me that older people are ‘rebelling’ against younger people, or the old order against the new – hence anti-wokeism etc – but older people have the money and the power, so it can’t be called a rebellion, it’s more of an occupation. They’re suppressing a movement.

  5. stephen moran

    God next it will be BS extolling the virtues of Ted Nugent. How low can this site sink in the mire of complete neo fascist racist loons. You’ll be talking adverts from The Daily Excrement and fupppot Wallace’s reelection campaign soon.

  6. George

    Sure, Kid. BLM and climate protests don’t count for some reason. They need to be angry about wearing facemasks in shops.

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