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  1. TenPin Terry

    What a marvellous picture of the Rees Moggs.
    It’s like an Edward Hopper painting.
    Difficult one I know but name that jammer anyone ?

    1. Otis Blue

      The Moggster? Bent as a nine Bob note, it seems.

      “The top hat, the tailcoat, the waistcoat, the striped trousers, the white tie, the six elaborately named children (one of them Alfred Wulfric Leyson Pius), the drawl, the languor: matched with a grandad who drove a lorry, such a creation becomes a pitiable mountebank, Alfred Doolittle dressed for a wedding, rather than the courtly eccentric, the “honourable member for the 18th century”, which is how Rees-Mogg likes to present himself.”


    2. TenPin Terry

      A little research shows the Moggster owns two Bentleys – a 1936 model in which he drives around 1,000 miles a year, and a 1968 Bentley T1 he claims can run on the motorway.
      It’s one of them I vouchsafe.
      I rather like the Moggster – always courteous to everyone even those issuing spittle-flecked abuse towards him.
      I often think some of the more unpleasant jackanapes and picaroons on here could do with some of his manners.
      Speaking of which I do miss Papi. I always forgave him his oafish outbursts. The poor chap just can’t help his maladorous behaviour. Poor upbringing and all that.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Charges uses Mogg to launch veiled attack of Papi. A quick google of Charger Salmons tells its own story though.

  2. TenPin Terry


    London is still the top overall destination for financial services worldwide – including as the leading foreign exchange trading centre – according to a new report by the City of London Corporation.
    London beats other cities to the crown – including New York, Singapore, and Paris – thanks to an “unmatched international financial reach” across 95 metrics.
    The City was once again found to be Europe’s top destination for financial services investment, and was given an overall competitiveness score of 61, with New York 3 points behind at 58 and Singapore on 53. Paris, meanwhile, scored just 41…
    Once again proving London is still a global leader in finance and commerce, despite repeated warnings that all this would come crashing down after Brexit.
    Two years on, and that supposed brexodus of talent is yet to materialise…

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Sure Have Inferiority Troubles there Charger. Copying and pasting from the Torygraph. You omitted to copy and paste this from the same article

      “ It found that London trailed Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan in terms of the skill level of its workforce and said that the end of free movement post-Brexit “damaged perceptions of the UK as an attractive business environment for international talent”.

      “Despite the positive findings for the City, London has lost out to rival hubs in recent years in terms of attracting companies to float on its stock market, while it has also lost significant volumes of share trading activity. ”

      And the actual report was written by the City Of London Corporation. Naw – no skin in the game. ROFL.!

      Londongrad – where Russia washes its dirty money.

      1. TenPin Terry

        You missed out this article linked in the Telegraph piece.
        Funny dat … long nightshift in the Portakabin ?

        ” A majority of global finance firms plan to establish or extend their operations in the UK this year, in a post-Brexit boost for the City.

        Nearly 90pc of major financial services firms said they will either seek to set up shop in Britain or boost their current operations, according to a report by EY.

        The survey found that investor confidence in the UK financial services sector was at an all-time high, having risen significantly in recent months as pandemic restrictions recede and Brexit fears fail to materialise.
        ” Before the 2016 referendum, finance chiefs warned that as many as 232,000 jobs in the City would be lost. However, a mass exodus of finance jobs out of London has failed to materialise.

        ” The EY report also found that sentiment around planned investment into UK financial services has risen significantly in recent months as Britain becomes one of the first countries in Europe to relax pandemic restrictions. ”


        1. GiggidyGoo

          Heh heh heh. City Of London Corporation writes positive report about…… heh heh heh…. City Of London. Heh heh heh. Report padded with waffle.
          Sure Have Inferiority Troubles there Charger. Pip pip.

          Londongrad – where Russian dirty money is laundered.

          1. TenPin Terry

            You’re listening to BBC Radio Kent on this glorious Saturday morning.
            Traffic and travel coming up with our reporter Mystic Megoo in the Port of Kent Portkakabin checking the cameras for us.
            Any sign of problems Mystic ?
            ” Er, not yet I’m afraid.All motorways and approach roads clear of traffic with port operations running smoothly.
            ” Mind you I reckon it might get busy later when, you know, things normally get busy but as soon as I see more than three trucks backed up I’ll be on here reporting live from Brexit Ground Zero blaming big bad Boris.
            ” This is Mystic Megoo handing you back now to the studio for some more Bachman Turner Overdrive. “

          2. GiggidyGoo

            And every time you post that kind of rubbish, you have to be told how commerce works.

            – On weekdays, companies load vehicles during the day. That’s why, every evening, you see the queues as truck arrive after loading. There wouldn’t be much demand during the mornings then.

            – At weekends, there’s very little loading of vehicles, so weekends will be quiet. And a saturday morning won’t have much movement of freight.

            Those camera links you gave were just great.

            Does any education ever get into that head of yours? Awful to have to coach you, and yet you still come back with the same. ROFL

            Tell us again, how many Stobart trucks arrive in Dublin these days?

            Sure Have Inferiority Troubles there Charger, as you immerse yourself in Iggy Pop
            “ Standing on the poop deck of a wreck
            Inferiority complex
            Waiting for the tugboat of respect
            Inferiority complex…”

            In the meantime, Cressida Dick repaying Boris. Cressida Dick? Out of a Monty Python sketch?

            Heh heh heh

          3. GiggidyGoo

            You should try it sometime Mad. It might enable you to write more than one sentence at a time.

            Not sure if you can scan intelligence in though. Try it though.

          4. TenPin Terry

            Marvel at Mystic Megoo’s majestic meltdown in all its glory.
            When you’re excusing you’re losing.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Lame post, even for you Charger. Come back Monday for some further coaching.

            In the meantime, Dame (courtesy of the Conservatives) Cressida Dick plays ball with Boris & Co. Even not investigating the cash honours scandal. She’s well bought.

            Sure Have Inferiority Troubles still Charger. ROFL!

          6. TenPin Terry

            I’m still ROFL about the idea that Britain’s logistics and trucking companies all load up during daytime hours only to hit the same early evening ferries out of Dover causing massive Brexit-related queues which never seem to feature on the TV news.
            Between them P&O and DFDS run up to 50 crossings a day from Dover – with on average a ship departing every 30 minutes 24/7/365.
            I kind reckon anyone worth their salt in the haulage business would know this.
            The port handles 2.6 million lorries a year.The nearby channel Tunnel fed by the same motorway network another 1.6 million.
            Every so often there’s hold-ups. Bad weather.Roadworks.
            Ferries out of service for annual maintenance.
            But hey, what do I know ?

            * knowing wink *

          7. GiggidyGoo

            Ah but there you are. Showing your ignorance if a business you know nothing about. Not every load goes accompanied. Much of the ferry business handles unaccompanied trailers. Those are dropped at the port throughout the day. Spread over a long period of time. They are not urgent transports and the ferry companies ship them as space allows. That is usually on not busy sailings, during the day. The accompanied trailers are the ones taking goods for urgent delivery – next day delivery and 2 day delivery. And that’s where your 8km queues come from late afternoon/evening because of the inability of the UK government to get it’s act together. Driver accompanied trailers are the ones with the paperwork problems.
            Hope you’re taking notes. You should do, as you’re making a right Cressida of yourself every time you post on the subject.
            ROFL STRIKE!

          8. Mad

            Charger you wouldn’t really learn much about logistics from counting trucks going by a gate or delivering strawberries and spuds out at roadsides

          9. TenPin Terry

            Lordy indeed.

            * Facepalms *

            ” The Port of Dover told us that increased customs checks were “not the sole reason for queues”.

            It pointed to other factors including the volume of freight, work going on in the port and a number of ferries being out of action.

            Three ships were out for refitting last week, which is a quarter of the fleet. One of these will be returning this weekend, according to port authorities.

            A government spokesperson said: “It is untrue to suggest that that short term delays to freight movements at Dover last week were caused by new customs processes. The primary cause was ship-refitting, which reduces capacity across the short straits, and higher than expected freight volumes.

            “The Goods Vehicle Movement System and other customs systems are online and working as planned. Indications since 1 January are that traders and hauliers are adapting very well to the new processes. ”


          10. GiggidyGoo

            The BBC report, although it says 23 hrs. old, is actually repeating its reporting from 19th January. And you hardly think that HMRC or Dover Port are going to accept that they’re at fault?

            Did you even read the BBC report?

            The ITV report is from just 2 days ago, a day when you (as you’ve done today) have shown your complete ignorance of anything to do with transport/logistics.

            Take some of your own advice. Stop digging. I’m running out of plates. I’m fed up handing you your ass.

          11. Mad

            You’re an awful fupping eejit Giggidy
            The type that lifts the toilet seat after someone take a piss to see did they squirt out some

          12. GiggidyGoo

            If you’d put a full stop after Giggidy, you’d have managed two sentences. Better luck next time.

    2. Horsethieving Dopesniffer

      Let’s play a game.

      Which of companies listed here is owned by UK citizens:

      OK, ’nuff of that.

      What hapened to great British railway system, especially cargo transport? Once it was backbone of a great empire.

      But, surely they control they own energy supply. We ARE in 21st century, right?

      But surely, they are investing in industry, in order to remain competitive against thoe pesky savages from the continent?

      But…what about the future?

      What else can you expect from a country being ruled by German aristocracy.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        But but but – Trade deals with Greenland. Trade deals with Albania. Trade deals with Peru. Selling british tea to China.1966. Blighty. Rule Britannia and all that.
        Or trade deals with Cameroon, Guatemala, Ivory Coast etc.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      I just listened to that, putting my own beliefs aside (or lack thereof) I found it pretty interesting. The fact that some people do believe particularly the dark stuff and form their lives around it is more than disturbing.

      1. Chris

        Even with a materialist reading, the world makes more sense when you realize that those in positions of influence, are heavily compromised.

        The active selection of people that will act against their conscience for lesser roles, is also disturbing.

        I very much doubt the current paradigm can be turned around, but there’s decent people more than capable of administering things if we hopefully, happen to exit it.

    2. TenPin Terry

      I’m still amused by the idea that anyone who goes to Oxford University is a toff.
      But then people in Ireland never did understand the class system in Blighty.
      His father owned a factory, eeh bah gum.
      Delingpole is a not very successful jobbing hack.
      Middle-class would be more appropriate.

      1. Mad

        What’s amusing is that the assumption was made that because he’s a toff who worked with Johnson etc that this conferred some kind of sage-like status on the lad.
        You’re an embarrassing eejit Chris but fair play for standing up to be clearly counted as one

        1. Chris

          Your inference is nonsense. I was merely setting the tone for those unaware of who he is. He admits himself his previous world view was one of abject ignorance, one that is still sadly shared by many that are too lazy or cowardly to question.

  3. Hank

    Irish celeb in their 40’s questioned on suspicion of producing fake Covid certs.
    I wonder which is it, Claire Byrne or Tubs??

      1. f_lawless

        “building on vaccine passports technology, every EU citizen and resident in the Union will be able to use a personal digital identity wallet’ says Von Der Leyen
        I read this article recently, and thought it was a decent explanation of what’s unfolding:

        The digital ID wallet is designed to be the holding place for every bit of online data you generate. This data is to be used to generate your “digital twin” that will reside in the “Metaverse” – a comprehensive digital simulation of the real world that’s to be monitored by AI technology. The simulation will dictate real-world policies.

        I thought it was all a bit fantastical the first time reading about it, but have eventually come to the grim conclusion that it is in fact a very real technocratic system of global governance that global policymakers are actively trying to impose upon the wider world.

        At the same time, the digital twins function as tradeable commodities (‘human capital data markets’ ) for the billionaire elite class who are provided with a new mechanism to circulate their vast wealth and extract even more (via so called “social impact investing” – a system predicated on human suffering) .

        The digital wallet is being spun as “you, the individual will be in control of your own data” and you’ll “be “safer” but take away the window dressing and you’re left with an entry point to an exploitative ,totalitarian tech-dystopia.

        As the article above says, the first step to mounting a resistance is to have some grasp of what we’re up against and not sleep-walking our way into it.

        1. Mad

          As if that’s not here already?
          You are increasingly going through the motions with this and really need to find another hobby.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      easier in countries where people are already used to carrying identification infact are obliged to

        1. jungleman

          Micko is JAQing, as is his shtick. I’m merely pointing it out.

          I didn’t click on your link.

      1. Micko

        Jesus the “just asking questions” line – again!

        Every feckin time JungleMan

        You’re about as original as the plot of a Steven Seagal movie.

        Gimme the good stuff man

  4. SOQ

    Must admit- despite the weather, Canada is becoming a much more attractive place to visit these days. In Trudeau’s recent speech he used words which I suspect he will regret. He called the truckers ‘a small fringe group’ and that their views were “unacceptable”.

    These have now been turned into trucker slogans. That he feels he has the right to decide what views people hold as unacceptable is a pretty good indication of what type of person he is- like a bit like a few on this site.

    Anyways- here is a video of Trucker supporting far right racist Nazi err.. Sikhs- they’re the worst.


    1. Johnny-ny.

      The cheek him having only won three federal elections back to back,serving as Canadian PM since Nov 2015,

  5. SOQ

    I posted this on the ‘Plough On’ thread last night but is seems to have disappeared.

    On Thursday, the Canadian Truckers put out an appeal to small businesses to open up. Small Businesses responded with a statement.

    Small businesses will no longer complying with mandates as of Saturday, January 29 in solidarity with #FreedomConvoyCanada #weareallessential


    1. johnny

      are we truckin on to small business then,assume its the kids later or think the truckers children tomorrow ?
      any ticktocks/live feed from Ottawa or another ‘news’ blackout,not again :)

  6. TenPin Terry

    Breaking News.
    U2 have threatened to have more music added to Spotify unless Joe Rogan is removed …

    1. SOQ

      If @spotify doesn’t immediately remove @joerogan, I will release new music onto the platform.



      Ok- it is getting serious now- please God no?

      Joni Mitchell is storming off in a huff too apparently. Can they actually do that or is the final say not up to the publisher/record company? In other words- global corporations. It would certainly be in agreement with them.

        1. The Millie Obnoxious™

          Joni Mitchell sold her catalogue to an indie company called Reservoir Media last year. I posted a link in response to your comment earlier but it hasn’t appeared. The article is from Variety.

          Apple Music and Amazon are now promoting NY and JM apparently, in a clear dig at Spotify. Also, according to Variety, Spotify lost more than $2bn in market value over this move.

          I’d like to attach the links I mentioned but I’d rather not have my comment needlessly deleted. Bodger, can you see if I’ve done something to irritate the gremlins you have working over the weekend.

        2. U N M U T U A L

          Re: Neil Young

          Blackstone and Hipgnosis team up with $1bn music investment

          Blackstone has taken a big step into the world of music rights as valuations boom, announcing a tie-up with Hipgnosis Song Management, the company run by music mogul Merck Mercuriadis.

          “The private equity group will put $1bn into a new fund run by HSM that will buy music rights, catalogues and royalties.

          It will also take a stake in the music publishing company itself, which separately runs the London-listed Hipgnosis Songs Fund and has been on a fast-paced buying spree, snapping up songs by artists such as Blondie and Neil Young”


    2. Cú Chulainn

      I was thinking about you Charger. You are a quiet exceptional wind-up merchant, and you do it using characters. That’s comedy really. A little like an early Everage/Sir Les, before he became more tongue in cheek with his BBC chat show. Would you consider giving it a go. Tic Tok would be a great place to start and you test run your different creations. I think you could have a future doing it you know, and, you’d have a ball of fun..

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Here you go Charger: https://youtu.be/iXOKh1AG_LM
        You could be Colonel Chargers, retired British army living in Ireland. Then you have Langer Murphy – that just writes its self. I’d pay to see what you’d do with an Irish mammy…

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Given what happened in Washington last year Trudeau is right to give a wide berth to the noose carriers of the FluTruxKlan.

      1. SOQ

        You honestly think that those hard working people complete with their trucks are going to wreck their livelihoods by pulling a stunt like that?

        Although there is a lot of talk of your pantifia friends attempting to infiltrate. Fortunately none of them have decent wheels, so should be easier to spot.

          1. Mad

            It would be smashing if you were someone who is fun or intelligent, but let’s face it you are none of the above. You are ugly, belligerent and offensive

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