‘Over, It’s Over, We Answered Ireland’s Call’


Good grief.


The Late Late Show on RTÉ One.

No defiant tricolours, no Amhrán na bhFiann, anyone?


Ryan Tubridy has said people should be “disinvited” from weddings if they don’t get the vaccine.

Speaking on his RTE Radio One show this morning, the presenter said that those who say they don’t believe in the vaccine should be told to “get out, and you’re not invited and you’re disinvited because you’re a greater risk to everyone else”.

Ryan Tubridy says guests should be ‘disinvited’ from weddings if they don’t get the vaccine (Sunday Worldm September 21, 2021)

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28 thoughts on “‘Over, It’s Over, We Answered Ireland’s Call’

  1. Johnny 'Diego' Keenan

    We had no guests at our wedding. We had 86 friends.

    Goes to show you the company he is keeping.

      1. K.Cavan

        Jeez, Diego, ya cracked the oul time travel? Even though The Vulcan Academy Of Science has declared it impossible? Vulcan eejits.

  2. K.Cavan

    Tubridy really is a lizard, if anyone saw him without his human face on, in a pub maybe, they’d go: “oh look, Ryan Tubridy”.
    Then: “let’s move to the other side of the room”
    (Directors note) Lots of foostering about as everyone gets up, picks up pints, coats & jackets, phones, fags & vapers & the elephant* & moves to a table as far away as possible from the lizardy Tubridy thing.
    Later, squinting across the room: “Y’know, I reckon that’s just a lizard that looks like Ryan Tubridy”.
    “That’s stupid, all lizards look like Ryan Tubridy”.
    “How the hell will we avoid him, then?”
    “Just stay away from lizards”.
    Roll credits…
    * there’s always an elephant in the room.

  3. f_lawless

    That is some truly iconic footage. “Ire-land! Ire-land! it’s ooo-ver – everybody – we’ve answered Ireland’s call!” as the disturbing images are broadcast of a crowd donned in uniform black masks that block the viewers’ ability to infer their emotional expressions. Dystopian stuff.. Gaslighting in the extreme.

    Surely a candidate for the opening sequence of Reeling in the Years 2022 – if RTE were ever to be reformed, that is.

    1. Chris

      Nah, he knows he’s there because of nepotism. He’s actually quite insecure. I can’t elaborate further for litigious reasons but he’s a very ‘paranoid’ fella.

      1. Clampers Outside

        No surprise… with Tommy on Saturday nights showing him how interviews are done properly.

        1. JD

          Yeah… you said. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that you’re an anti vaxxer. Who’d of thunk it… a broadsheet “committee member” and all…

        2. Fergalito

          Tiernan is great, love the conversations he has with his guests. No over the top guff, bluff or marketing. Refreshing, weirdly so. Who’d have thought asking insightful and interesting questions out of nothing more than a genuine interest in someone could be so!?

  4. Boe_Jiden

    I’ve cut ties with multiple family members and friends over covid and the validation I have received online has more than made up for it

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