When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth


Summer 1993.

Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Name those jammers, anyone?

Via Photos of Dublin


Ah here.

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10 thoughts on “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

    1. Doxxy Chainsaw

      Back when Micras were a good car. The current ones are nasty tin cans driven by people who think they’re dealing with a juggernaut.

    2. Fergalito

      Tail end of an Opel Astra i think beside the starlet.

      Wanna say Nissan Bluebird for the other car close to the Micra but not sure …

  1. Frank

    Your man meeting your woman at the cinema would have said “it’s your sister I want to go out with” not “date”.
    This is clearly a case for the Journal Fact checker or Snopes

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Toyota Corolla from the far left and Opel Kadett 4 Door from the far right

    Decent choice of films too.

    (Anyone know which model of Dublin Bus that is in the reflection!)

  3. Chris

    The first mention of ‘dinosaurs’ only occurs in the 19th century. For millennia, people have been mining, building roads etc but no mention of dinosaurs.

    Those that you see in museums are plastic models. It would seem that paleontologists found random bones, and let their masonic imaginations run wild.

    Many of the so called species that were modeled, actually are physical impossibilities – there’s no way such an animal would be able to mate/survive etc.

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