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  1. Hughie Luas

    Staying in next Friday?

    Stick a tenner on this in Paddy Powers: Brian Dowling with husband Arthur Gourounlian on surrogacy.

    I’m first.

    1. Kin

      Nice timing
      The man is dead
      So we must all hate a person for his weakness and mistakes and shout it from the hills as he is buried

        1. Kin

          And it works that way with battered male partners
          And there is no excuse but saying that the guy is dead
          Just let himself family celebrate his life and morn their loved one

        2. Kin

          Sorry domestic violence is a mistake once a fist is raised and in his case he was weak and all weak people who use violence are bullies and that is a big mistake
          Sadly people live in fear helpless but maybe shines a light into the abuser and the abused
          Saying that he had loved ones who did love him
          There is a time and a place that is my point
          Many perpetrators of abuse are victims themselves
          But that is no excuse
          Me I would never raise a hand to a woman ever

      1. Dell

        How badly would he have had to beat someone for you to decide he doesn’t deserve respect after he is dead ? Would it have had to be death or maybe some kind of permanent life limiting damage for his victim?

          1. Dell

            I wonder, did Jimmy saville go to prison? Is this your bar? Boy is it set low . The man actually admitted hitting women , because apparently its not hard for a woman to make a man hit her.

  2. stephen moran

    Europe finally seems to be giving the scourge of far right extremists the jack boot.

    The first domino to fall was Bulgaria’s Boyko Borissov, then Andrej Babiš Czech Republic, followed by Janez Janša in Slovenia and of course Marine Le Pen’s convincing defeat in France. And now tonight results from the German regional elections in Schleswig-Holstein show the AfD fell short of the requisite 5% to for parliamentary representation. Obviously there are more results to come from the other Länder but signs that both the far right neo-fascist AfD and Linke are in steep decline look encouraging.

      1. stephen moran

        Yawn – far right parties won what 2.15% of the vote at the 2019 election – your trademark fact free interventions – just like HMV Putin

        1. SOQ

          The US army giving the KKK its own battalion is the equivalent of Azov, and Zelenskyy’s little friend popping up in the Greek parliament was no accident. Except the Greeks have very fresh memories of their own Golden Dawn and knew exactly what they were looking at.

          It is very hard to criticise others about being ‘far right’ when what you are supporting has a habit of waving swastikas. The strip searching and checking for Nazi tattoos by the Russians is ongoing- and God help any they find.

          1. stephen moran

            I deal in facts not wild inane infantile puerile rabbit hole burrowing bs (your chosen specialized subject) – are they any democratic countries you admire or respect- or can you only jerk off to hardcore right wing totalitarian fascism — god I’d hate to live in an of the third world dumps your such fanboy of and I can tell you you’d be first up against the wall if they ever took over as they can’t abide freedom of anything – Reality for you must be a story daily tale of endless erectile disfunctional frustration.

          2. TenPin Terry

            Hey One Vowel™
            I just accidentally saw your Twitter feed.
            The only where you have amassed ONE follower.
            With you constant refrain of ‘ jamrags ‘ and ‘ faeces for brains’ I genuinely thought you were about 12 years of age.
            But your profile pic shows you’re 60ish and the bulb off Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber “Monty” Burns from The Simpsons.
            Man, I was shocked.
            Shocked I tell you.
            Now I don’t know whether to call you One Follower™ or Plantagenet ™ after the royal family that ruled England for three hundred years.
            Given you Brit-hating I think the latter would be rather droll don’t you ?
            Marvellous ™

      2. Tom J

        @ SOQ, Are you including yourself in that we, is the mask slipping, you finally coming out as right wing. The original Nazis were socialists.

        1. scottser

          well, no. they weren’t. they started as an everyman party in 1919 and would possibly have got behind the notions of ‘from each according to his ablity – to each according to his needs’ and ‘workers should own the means of production’. however, when hitler took over, his schtick was ‘the jews won’t give you a pay rise’ and ‘the foreigners are taking your jobs’.
          not the same at all and you’d do well not to conflate the two.

      3. Kin

        Even bono could not resist supporting the Kiev coup by travelling there
        Maybe it was a bullet from a blue sky
        How life changes as you live in the big house on the hill
        But all dissenters will be silenced
        Already they are calling for the head of Clair Daly

        1. SOQ

          What I find strange is how Ukraine is supposedly experiencing horrible genocide and yet every world leader and celebrity can still just drop by a quick photo op?

          1. Kin

            SOQ seems Nigel’s mask is slipping
            With his comment below
            About if the Holocaust was so bad why is there still Jews?
            maybe he thinks Jews are cockroaches and the Holocaust was a myth
            Maybe he really needs to apologise
            We all know what neo nazi Ukrainian members of the SS did to Ukrainian Jews and they did it with relish
            Nigel Jews survived full stop much like Slavs gays and any life form regarded as sub human by nazis

          2. Nigel

            And the Ukrainians are being invaded and murdered by the thousand, but foregn dignitaries can still visit the capital because Putin’s attempt to take it failed. Ukrainians aren’t cockroaches either and Putin’s invasion and attepmted genocide isn’t a myth either.

          1. Kali

            It’s a strange road we’ve gone down in Europe. We’re cheering on actual nazis in Ukraine and deriding the Russians for defeating the nazis in the 40s

          2. Nigel

            You mean we condemn an act of military agression and reject a corrupt dictator’s hijaking of the remembrence of the ending of one war to celebrate the prosecution of a new one. Obviously that ‘we’ does not include you.

          3. bisted

            …only the yanks have surpassed the nazis in acts of military aggression since WW2…

          4. SOQ

            @ Kali- that is exactly it- and people are too stupid or too brainwashed to see it.

            “Oh they are not all Nazis” is the mealy mouthed excuse right now- except it has been proven over and over and over again that they sit at all levels within the Ukrainian government and military.

            We have a bizarre situation today where people who played a major role in the eradication of Nazism are banned from today’s celebrations- by people who are actively training, funding and supporting Nazis- complete BS.

      1. Kin

        She certainly did
        If macron cannot achieve the impossible for france a utopia of retire ment at 65 and froi gras and fillet minion for all with a Champaign and truffles then the french will turn on him and we might just see le pen in power next time

          1. Kin

            Seems micron is not loved
            Lived in the south for a year in carcassonne which is pretty right wing
            And many areas are
            Seems they have a problem with immigrants from their ex colonies
            I found most french people pretty intolerant regarding Roma and North African migrants
            Google Roma camps north Paris and be prepared to see how france treats its Roma gypsies
            Pretty horrific then the camps near calais like the jungle
            Imagine the outrage if our direct provision or treatment of Ukrainians were like that

          1. Kin

            Tom J Maybe getting elected is better for the political party than not but
            Fact is
            You cannot change people and what they are
            Macron better get his act together because the baying mob are on the move and a massive recession is on the way
            Only today Japanese restuarant owners are moaning about the price of soba noodles going through the roof a staple for the Japanese people
            Ask why? Because due to sanctions the biggest producer of buckwheat is Russia

        1. stephen moran

          Le Pen LOST , heavily – get over it – but then there’s is a cade of BS regulars who are not big fans of democracy now are they ? – maybe of few should experience the delights of the workers paradise of North Korea

  3. f_lawless

    Important message from German MEP, Christine Anderson, regarding her attempts to get clarity from EU Commisioners on the WHO’s pandemic treaty. This is in light of the recent admission from Stephen Donnelly that he doesn’t deem it necessary to put the treaty to a public referendum before signing it into law.

    Anderson: (translated)

    “…The composition of the WHO is not based on democratic elections. [Under the incoming WHO pandemic treaty] the decision-makers there are then authorised to issue instructions to you, but are not accountable to you and cannot be held politically responsible by you. You, as a citizen will no longer even have any political influence on whom you entrust with the administration of fundamental rights..

    ..I asked the EU Commission to what extent it would ensure the principle of people’s rule and the political responsibility of elected representatives are preserved – and that citizens are not subjected to the arbitrariness of an unelected body and that ever increasing de-democratisation is not fostered here. The answer I received to my question a few hours ago is clear and brief: not at all!….”

    1. SOQ

      That a power hungry reptile like Donnelly would pass such without a referendum is no surprise, but it must be challenged in the courts surely? Just look at WHO’s funding to see who is calling the shots there- dodgy AF.

    2. Kin

      You do not get it EU law supersedes every EU members constitutional laws
      If the EU adopt WHOs little plan then it’s tough
      Ever wonder why it’s one of the reasons they left the EU

    1. Kin

      And unless of course you can physically make the area just north of Donegal part of the Irish Sea I think there is going to be a big problem

  4. Mad

    Took a flight recently.
    Still astonished at the sheer number of Mickos ( I was gonna write grown adults there but that would be inaccurate) who refuse to wear a mask onboard.
    With the face recognition technology we have now and the digital implants etc surely to Dog it would be relatively easy to just slap a lifetime ban on flying on these reprobates? Would do wonders for the local economy as well, particularly Courtown or Bundoran which would be delighted to accommodate these sorts.

    1. SOQ

      If it is not law then they are perfectly entitled to refuse.

      At this stage, anyone who thinks masks make a blind bit of difference is a lost cause.

      1. Tom J

        It’s a requirement not a law. The airline has a right to enforce the mask wearing and everyone knows before they board the plane what’s required.

      2. Tom J

        People have been wearing masks long before the Covid 19 outbreak. Masks have been used in smoggy countries and to help against pollution from exhaust fumes for many years now. So yes they do make a big difference. So you must be a lost cause.

        1. SOQ

          Not in the west and even in countries where they had such a culture, it never impacted on the hospitalisation and fatality numbers.

          Masks neither reduce nor prevent spread. The science is settled on that one.

          1. SOQ

            To prevent the spread of bacteria.

            Even the box they come in says they do not prevent the spread of CoVid-19.

          2. Tom J

            What makes you think I don’t know how to use a search engine, how the fupp do you think I’m able to post on Broadsheet you tool.

          3. SOQ

            Because you keep asking me to explain things to you that you can easily find out yourself?

          4. Tom J

            Then why do you insist on posting stuff when people can find out for themselves.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Added any more protestants to your hate list? Ooops sorry – you hate them all. Why is that?

      1. Mad

        Hahaha good one Giggidy
        I got a lift
        I am like the Queen you know – people drive me around.
        Or Micky D

    2. Micko

      Wait a mo, I thought the current guidelines were as follows?

      Walk around the airport / security without a mask

      Put mask on as you enter the plane and sit in your seat.

      Place bottle of water in front of you.

      Remove mask and let it dangle on your ear while you “consume” your water for the duration of the flight.

      Place mask back on as you exit the plane.

      Remove when in the airport.

      God I fuppin love following the rules!!!

    3. Kin

      One reason Mad why I will never take a flight again as you are travelling in a sealed container breathing in all the germs of others
      But the airlines state they have state of the art filtration units to clean the air
      Then the other reason is I cannot bring my dog on the plane
      The day they use trees on board as part of their carbon neutral statements I might just take a trip and my boy will be happy
      It’s the biggest joke airlines carbon neutral so I would say the filters are as dependable as their bull over the climate

  5. TenPin Terry

    Today’s Fun Fact.
    Of the 193 member states of the United Nations Blighty has invaded 171 of them.
    I mean fair dues to the lads back then, they were punching well above their weight.
    Imagine creating an empire so vast that the sun never set on it anywhere on the planet.
    Anyhow, just thought I’d pop in to say hello and wish everyone a marvellous week ahead.

    1. Otis Blue

      Todays Other Fun Fact:

      It’s Europe Day, the annual celebration of the signing of the Schuman declaration, one of the founding documents of the EU.

      So let’s all celebrate by playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” channeling our inner Verhofstadt/Von Der Leyen and wrapping ourselves in the nearest EU flag. Yay!

      1. Kin

        Actually Otis blue it was signed in 1950 to establish a steel and coal agreement
        And the EU was not foundered then
        The forerunner we joined was the EEC and both Britain and Ireland were excluded until the 1970s
        So get your history correct

        1. stephen moran

          Otis is totally correct – the Schuman declaration was presented on May 9th 1950 – it is regarded by everyone as the foundation stone of the EU as it proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community to prevent a recurrence of WW11 by taking away the means to do so. The rest is mickey mouse semantics about moniker changes – De Gaulle was opposed to UK membership and and blocked them twice. Given our bilateral trade dependency at the time (long since dissipated partially due to membership to 8/9% today) on the UK market we couldn’t aspire to join solo.

  6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I can see it’s gonna be that kind of Monday on here….
    I believe we have lost Milly now too from the old reasonable regulars list.

    1. TenPin Terry

      It’s the circle of life.
      Broadsheet re-invents and renews itself.
      There’s more than one Lying King on here though.
      Wahaay !
      The one I really miss is Brother Barnabas but he was never the same after he was consigned to Chump’s Corner.
      It was a mortal blow from which he never recovered.
      Even Bodger’s email missives couldn’t bring him back.
      Shame.A decent chap to banter with.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      I think it will be an interesting case study in years to come for a researcher on the decline and fall of BS. What happens when you let men behave as they want, anonymously. Back to the jungle where one lot spend the day shouting at the other lot, who reply in kind. Both going home at the end of the day feeling they’ve achieved something. I wonder what the non-shouty ones get up to ? Hope you’re doing well Janet.

  7. TenPin Terry

    Decline and fall ?
    Like the Roman Empire ?
    You mean Bodger fiddled while Nick went to Cafe Nero for his skinny oatmeal latte ?

  8. TenPin Terry

    Sir Beer is in deep trouble.
    The CCHQ attack unit has forced the spotlight away from the local election results onto Sir Kneelaot’s hypocrisy and now the Old Bill are involved – or as it’s Durham police pehaps that should be Wayeyee Five Oh.
    This morning Politico reports developments …
    – Labour Party staff were drunk at the Starmer curry and beer gathering in Durham
    – Starmer’s office sent an email to 40 staff inviting them to an in-person Christmas party in Dec 2020.
    London was in Tier 2: indoor household mixing banned, rule of 6 outside.

    Schadenfreude is my favourite German expression.
    My least favourite is whatever is German for ” So nil-all after extra time and now this crucial tie between England and Germany will be decided by penalties. ”


      1. TenPin Terry

        You’re preaching to the converted here brother.
        England’s finest squad of players ever assembled in the hands of a timid journeyman manager.
        He single-handedly lost us the Euros.No great confidence for Qatar.Semis at best.
        Still, at least we’re there …

        1. paul

          it was a squad of dreams alright, even browsing there. I’m reminded of the Panini Premier League sticker albums, stars the lot of them. Penalties are always tough, the longer they go on the less about skill they become.

          Qatar will be tricky. I’ll check out the results each day (and may even have a little bet on with the wife; runner up buys a printed tea-cup with a suitable message for the winner) but supporting a modern slave state like Qatar is too much for me.

          1. Gerry

            England will have a very good team and a great chance in Qatar — good players, experience, upward trajectory. You’ll need a bit of luck too

          2. TenPin Terry

            Plenty of luck I’m afraid.
            Maguire having a rotten season, Sir Harry is inconsistent and I nearly lob a brick through my Sony Bravia 85″ screen every time Sterling appears in an England shirt which is too often for my liking.
            We lack a bully in the team.
            A Roy Keane or a Stuart Pearce.
            Anyhow, expectation management is the name of my game now.

        2. bisted

          …not like you to be selling Blighty short…semi at best…are Iceland playing…or Tesco?

          1. TenPin Terry

            Even a semi is better than nothing at all.
            As your partner probably frequently opines …

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That’s some scoop alright. People invited to a party that was subsequently cancelled as it was realized it would be against the rules. Therefore – No party. Therefore – no law broken.
      And people supposedly drunk after they attended a working dinner – well that’s more a failure of those that were supposedly drunk to hold their drink. One can still work when pissed. (You’re living proof of that, even if it it’s cheapo beer / cider you use).

      A bit different from Bumbahole Boris acting as pub landlord for 18+ months mind you.

      If Starmer is found guilty, he should resign of course. If that happened, Bumbahole would be in a lot of trouble then.

        1. TenPin Terry

          They do for me.
          Lady TenPin just brought me a gin and tonton as I negotiated with a local plumber to fit a new shower to one of our rentals.
          I love the first Bombay Sapphire of the week.
          Slice of lime and a bottle of Fentiman’s Naturally Light Tonic Water since you’re asking.
          Bottom’s up.

          1. TenPin Terry

            Just the one Tom.
            Then she drops me down to the local for a quart before din-dins.
            It was Shepherd’s Pie tonight.
            Lady TenPin’s Shepherd’s Pie is a thing of sheer beauty.
            Accompanied by a glass or two of Douro.I’ll sleep like a top tonight.

    2. TenPin Terry

      Three days into Beergate and Sir Kneelalot has gone to ground.
      He cancelled a speaking engagement this morning at the last minute and is said to be still deciding his best position to take should he receive a FPN.
      Captain Hindsight has been promoted to Major Indecision.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Mate, seriously, no-one in England gives a toss about the election result in NI.
        Tbh, no-one gives a toss about Huddersfield either.It’s a dump ‘oop north.
        But you carry on soiling yourself in excitement over a painted postbox.
        It’s tremendous entertainment.
        You poor thing.

        1. Fearganainm

          You’re at the stage now where signs of your cognitive dissonance are becoming more and more frequent. You’re literally incapable of comprending whether people are being serious or not.

          Have you got your teeth in?

          Do you want to sit by the window?

          Have you been?

          1. TenPin Terry

            Beret Boy™ – you’ve done a small wee in excitement over some Paddy in Huddersfield painting a postbox green.
            Remember, whoever painted it prefers to be in Huddersfield rather than Ireland.
            And no-one with any sense would choose to live in Huddersfield.
            Think of Offaly but without the sophisticated nighlife and Michelin-starred restaurants.
            But crack on pal.
            You’ve gotta get your jollies somehow …


          2. Fearganainm

            I’d say that involuntary incontinence was more your thing, now that you’re at the stage of mixing posters up, replying to the wrong people, rowing with some as continuations of rows you’ve had with others. You’re more likely to pee in the airing cupboard these days if you ever do make it to a small room.

            You’re floundering badly, plus you need new material to ‘work with’.

            Here, try this:


            *** Caution – NSFW ***

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