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    1. Micko

      Ah fair play to them. It’s a terrible policy.

      But when yer man said the policy was “problematic” I broke my crap laughing.

      1. TenPin Terry

        Actually Micko, Patel’s policy is extremely popular in the UK.
        These cross-channel migrants are breaking the law, financing the criminal gangs making a fortune out of other people’s misery and are a potential danger to UK security.
        Why else are young men between the ages of 18-30 so keen to chuck their expensive ‘phones into the Channel when rescue is at hand ?
        It’s also totally unfair on the thousands of people going through official immigration channels to gain entry to the UK.
        If you want to know why the Tory vote held up in Red Wall seats in this week’s election there’s one of the reasons …

        1. bisted

          …haw haw…nice to see you Terry…thought you would be keeping a low profile after the drubbing your boys took in the various elections in brexit land…to spin losing over 500 seats in English councils takes some neck…

        2. Ben Madigan

          “Breaking the law, financing criminal gangs, making a fortune out of other people’s misery and a potential danger to UK security” – sounds like these guys have lots in common with BoJo himself…

        3. Mad

          See also under:
          This fella is REALLY thick though

          Imagine the awful strain this fella and his porcine other half must be putting on the resources of the NHS – not to mention on any of the two bus seats each they happen to ever sit on.

    2. Kin

      And Biden visiting Ireland and at such a time as our neutrality is under threat
      As the stockpile of arms from the USA keeps piling up the bloodbath continues
      The violence just keeps going on and zelensky refuses to back down so dose Putin
      It’s time it stopped and as long as zelensky can access weapons his country is going to be destroyed

      A peace treaty must be negotiated now and Russia will be unhappy so will zelensky but this is going to escalate to WW3
      more death more destruction and more suffering for everyone
      And what about the climate accord
      Clair Daly is spot on about this and apparently the pope has accused NATO for pouring fuel on the fire
      The UN has its part to play in keeping the peace between both sides
      Meanwhile Shannon airport is facilitating the movement of arms munitions and troops
      Time Shannon airport was demilitarised as in no weapons no army personnel allowed through it

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Clare Daly might have had a point before the tanks rolled in. But, that view has no currency now. Russia has walked into a trap that much is certain, and it won’t – or rather, it hasn’t the smarts to get back out. Russia will be bled dry. Glasnost 2.0 on the way and Putin dead. Then the oil and gas will be cheap till they run out. Just be thankful we are on the right side of the most formidable empire, because the alternative isn’t pretty.

        1. Kin

          Like in the days of empires that came and went we spent many lives to leave the last empire now to join another
          This empire is neither formidable or fair as we saw in the crash
          And my look at our new landlords
          We have a housing crises that has never been seen since the famine
          Clair Daly dose have a dam good point and the EU have a massive problem securing energy

          I only hope the EU resists sending the tanks over the border to invade Russia to secure gas and oil
          Which will be echos of WW2
          And it’s going to take maybe two years to source new gas and oil suppliers
          By the way if you think LPG will solve the gas problem
          All gas appliances must be converted to use it
          Course you never realised that
          Then of course you must build the infrastructure to store it
          Bet you never thought of that either
          And why do you think OPEC has not upped the output ?
          Maybe because a shortage keeps prices high

        2. SOQ

          I disagree, respectfully of course. Clare’s view is straight down the left ‘disband NATO’ which IMO should have happened after the USSR fell. Now it is just a military wing of US globalists.

          As for Russia- well, it and Putin is confounding all critics so far. The Rouble has bounced back to original value and more and there is serious questions being asked as if the sanctions are hurting the EU more than Russia. Putin himself is at an all time high in the popularity ratings so it is pretty obvious that the Russians agree with his military exercise.

          Why they agree is another story but we are not going to hear any of that because the Russian media is banned here, but I suspect it is to do with being pitched as a rerun of beating Nazis like the second world war.

          But that means he cannot lose, he may not win, but he cannot lose. There appears to be lots of talk at the moment about Poland taking west Ukraine under its wing, and Russia taking the east. In other words what we now know as Ukraine will be no more. Time will tell.

        1. Covid19000

          Their existence relies on the status quo? Both parties are born of partition?

          Can’t see how they’re economically similar, but they both have rich donors, corrupt practices and reply on stupid people/know it alls to keep them in seats. Think of the alternative!!

          Not trying to start an argument BTW. I found the FG/DUP compare puzzling.

          DUP are fucked cause of brexit and no longer being needed to prop up the tories.

          1. Kin

            All depends on Sinn Fein taking their seats in the UK parliament and that depends on them taking the oath to the queen
            So unless of cause that Labour form a government and remove the need for any politician in the UK not to take the oath of allegiance to the British queen

            Then another Obstacle is that a gun would have to be held to the queens head for her to agree.

            Then to bring in a republic and send the royal family packing and the breaking up of the union?

            Maybe Sinn feinn will go against their Republican principles as they taste power in the UK
            If both sides cannot share power like it’s been since day one then it’s a dormant building and westminister will have to take charge
            Maybe they should just change the name of stormont to dormant
            I see no change in Northern Ireland
            It will be the same bickering but with less unionists but more republicans
            Sure look at the last few years
            It was like a kindergarten

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Ah go on now. Tell us why you’re so ignorant and stupid. Go on. No? Why do you always run away from that question? C’mon, tell us. B9

          1. anti bot

            what is B9? you didn’t even answer the question? What is the link between Fg and Dup? Runaway boy

          2. anti bot

            why no response Goo? Just run away, much like loads of people on here who are called out.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Ah go on. Figure it out. Why can’t you? You never answered why you’re so thick. Runaway lad

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Why no answer B9 anti bot? i’ve asked a few times now why you’re so thick. No answer though. C’mon there. Don’t run away. Answer the question.

          5. anti bot

            Well done Goo another Gobsheen on here with personal attacks. You didn’t answer the question. How are fg and dup linked. Please explain in a coherent answer. Go on I dare you

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Go on thicko. Tells us why you can’t read?. Why are you so stupid?. Go on, tell us. Afraid? Run away lad!

          7. TenPin Terry

            I thought it was your MAD username on the thicko insults ?
            You’ve oviously forgotten who you’re meant to be.
            Now it’s a tag team of tosspots.

          8. GiggidyGoo

            Poor Charger. Complaining about user names? Everyone’s Giggidy. Everyone’s Stephen. Schizophrenia much? Hahaha.
            Bumbahole Boris’ cheerleader. The ship is sinking, women and children first, follow me, your leader, love Boris.
            Get yourself ready for the karaoke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWQ_vJYt7DA

          1. TenPin Terry

            The unintended irony of an Irish person calling another Irish person thick.

            Whoosh …

          2. Mad

            Hey Fat Tan

            When the diet is over how will you guys celebrate? Triple Big Mac Meal?

            I’d say Happy Mother’s Day to Fat Tart but sadly you’ve only been able to shoot blanks all these years. Have you guys ever considered hiring a sire? I’m away at present but I’ll consider it on my return if the price is right.

      1. jonjoker

        And all the extra votes TUV got went straight back to the DUP, electing DUPes instead of Jim’s colleagues.
        While in 2017, the DUPes alone got a thousand-odd votes more than SF, and TUV got 20.5k more besides, this time around together they got 600 less than SF. That’s the way things will be from now on, as elderly unionists die in greater numbers than elderly nationalists.
        The demographics havve changed and they ain’t coming back.

  1. Mad

    While it’s nice to see the North returning to some kind of civil society after a century in the wilderness I do worry about their Protestant knacker kids
    And how they will face up to being part of Ireland
    Our own low life scumbag kids are problematic enough

    1. SOQ

      I think that when it does actually happen, the Protestants will have low expectations and therefore won’t be so disappointed. The nationalists however, are in for a bit of a shock when they discover that their promised land is not exactly as well… promised. Health and housing being the two most obvious differences.

      1. Kin

        Well SOQ
        ON TOP OF THAT
        We could well see the men of violence behind Northern Ireland’s unionist politicians starting their crap and of course mainland UK will not face the same as it dod 1960s onwards until the GFA
        But the republic
        A sort of mirror of the troubles before
        By the way all those NI pensioners and people retiring will find out their UK paid contributions will not be honoured
        I found that out two years after I retired
        €50 a week cut off my pension and the 8 years of paid contributions in the UN are excluded
        But I could pay 2 years back payments then I qualify for a small fraction of the UK pension
        So imagine all those pretty peeved off northern Irish pensioners so envious of their Southern Ireland state pensioners
        Can you imagine living on a UK STATE PENSION HERE
        but of course the Sinn Fein money tree will be growing in every government building in the republic

        1. jonjoker

          Unlikely, Kin, as unionists are a decreasing breed, and the territory they inhabit (as a majority) is shrinking year by year.

          Also you must remember that the reason catholics revolted back in the 1960s/70s is because they were discriminated against, particularly in terms of housing in some areas, and of course employment. Something similar would have to happen in reverse to kick off a PUL revolt. And while there are sink estates in various places, overall the PUL population is and always has been relatively well-off.

    2. Kin

      It’s not the peaceful unionists to worry about
      It’s the few thousand that will take up violence that we must worry about
      They of course could start their moms em e in the republic just like the provos on mainland Britain
      Anyway if there ever a time we can see how committed unionists and republicans are now is the time
      And brexit will make it a far harder task
      The last thing needed is a border poll

  2. Kali

    “Slash red tape, boost growth and make UK thrive” – amazing, why didn’t they do this earlier. Surely not because it’s just a BS soundbite

    1. stephen moran

      It’s the Daily Excrement – a sub jamrag comic for what can be charitably called low information voters. The same paper that’s been informing the barely literate serfs and peasants of Perfidious Albion that “Ireland is on the brink” (Irexit) for the last 6 years backed up by one quote from fupppot Roy Bassett who makes the self delusional revisionist amnesiac Frost (who is living proof of the Peter Principle for unelected Whiskey salesmen) seem less than completely and utterly incompetent. But some English folk like scratching their bottoms with broken bottles

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Now Stephen, don’t be giving Charger ideas.. he might hurt himself..!!!

      2. TenPin Terry

        Jamrag ?
        It’s like being back at school again.
        Still, at least One Vowel™ has stopped calling Muslims ” ragheads “.
        That must mean he’s reached puberty …

  3. Fearganainm

    Was VP of Pfizer arrested after document dump?

    Snopes says no:

    “In less than 24 hours, a fabricated claim from a self-described “satire” website was copied and shared, without a disclaimer, from one end of the internet to the other…”

    “…This was not a genuine news item, and the central claim is false. Rady Johnson has neither been arrested nor charged with fraud or any other crime. No legitimate news sources have reported such an incident…”

    “…In 2021, a similar “satirical” claim concerning the supposed arrest of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla went viral. It, too, was false.”


    1. SOQ

      Yes is probably is fake but I sometimes wonder what is the point of such? Is it to promote the Pfizer document release or to discredit the injured? What is the game?

      Anyways, what is not under question is that the FDA have now restricted the use of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine due to blood clot risks. Only those who cannot receive a different vaccine can now take it although I am not sure why people cannot receive the others.


  4. bisted

    …you’d think someone might have explained to Leo the difference between republicans and nationalists…hint: it’s not the nationalists that he needs to worry about…

    1. Mad

      Surely he’s not going to last much longer
      Someone needs to put him out of our misery

      1. bisted

        …sadly, not in this generation…FFG have a rump of voters who will vote for them regardless…like the treacherous greens this time, they will always have a third leg to their stool…they may have to resort to the genepool next time though…

    2. SOQ

      Every single minor party who have gone into a collation have gotten roasted. Sinn Féin were very aware of this and played the long game, which is now paying off. The Greens are now toast and will not make any progress until there is a new leadership.

        1. SOQ

          Thanks Clamps- I like that, nice vibe. It’s got a precession which probably needs a really good sound system to appreciate- reminds me of the German ‘andhim’ production style.

          On my repeat at the moment is Odesza – The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette).


          I absolutely love it- best thing I have heard this year so far.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Enjoying that, nice one!

            True on the track I posted… Needs a good volume :)

    3. Kin

      Leo thinks rockhall is a just a rock in the middle of the ocean
      He never cops if rockhall is part of the republic then the waters around it for a few miles are Irish
      He has no concept and why would he
      He gets paid to serve his EU master

  5. Mad

    That Dalkey fire story is some reading
    Have there been any further developments since?

      1. Mad

        Yeah it’s on the Popular Posts
        The Unforgettable Fire
        Brace yourself Bridget as SOQ says

        1. Hughie Luas

          Thanks for pointing it out. I knew Jimmy. I remember hearing about the tragedy on BBC radio in the morning as I was going out for school. RIP.

          The story itself is complete BS from the usual suspects. Not one person in Dalkey or Sallynoggin over the last 50 years has heard it before now.

          1. Mad

            It reads like it’s complete and utter dung but you never know. Perhaps there are some truthful elements in it all the same.

  6. Clampers Outside

    I’m just going to leave this here…

    Perfect for a sunny morning… Hope y’all are having a lovely weekend :)

    Soley – The Sun Is Going Down (Rocque and Weslewski Edit)

    SOQ, get this into ya :)

  7. K. Cavan

    Great news that Biden is coming to watch us begin freezing to death in October. I wonder what his message to the people of Iceland will be, perhaps something about chimate clange or some child-grooming tips, maybe he’ll urge support for the Iraqi people in their war against Rush (& Skerries), anyway, bad guys, whoever they are, come on, man.

    1. TenPin Terry

      Given the rate of Sleepy Joe’s cognitive decline I doubt he’ll even know what continent he’s on by October.
      His polling figures are in the toilet and his bonkers Veep is kept away from the media as much as possible because she’s bionic – every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it.
      That’s if the Covid doesn’t get Mr Magoo before then.
      The White House Correspondent’s Dinner, held in a basement of a Washington hotel, has turned into a superspreader event.
      Not that the US media is keen to tell everyone.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Surprised he got down there with the size of his head.
      A snipers dream.

      Anyone find it strange that there’s a war going on, and all sorts of celebrities and politicians have no issue queuing up to visit a place under attack? I didn’t see such visiting in Baghdad.

  8. Hughie Luas

    Jeffrey Donaldson and co in the bunker will be breaking out the Lugers and the cyanide capsules, if only.

    1. stephen moran

      If you told the Northern Taliban to dig their own graves they’d start and argument with you and demand a bigger shovel. Luddite dinosaurs.

      1. TenPin Terry

        I’d say you’d get a wee stiffie at the sound of a scraping shovel One Vowel™

        1. stephen moran

          Au contraire – I actually got kicked out of history class in the local “Christian” Bros hedge school at the height of the hunger strikes for suggesting that the solution to the Norn Iron issue was to buy some German drilling equipment, saw if off and get a fleet of tugs boats to attach it to the Faroe Island for a generation until both sides had learnt some manners.

          But I agree Unionists would be far better off in an “all Irelande” parliament where they’d represent 15%-20% of the seats rather than at Westminster where they get thrown under the nearest passing bus once the Conservative and Unionist party of GB and parts of Northern Ireland no longer had use for them as their gimp. But it think that opinion might garner a bit of shade when you travel on “that train from Dublin up to Sandy Row” (as Van croons on “Madam George”)

      2. SOQ

        Sorry but no- Northern Presbyterians are the most pragmatic bunch you will ever meet.

        I for one look forward to both the DUP and the UUP in Dáil Éireann- cat among the pigeons doesn’t even begin to describe it- we will be glued to the live streams.

        1. Mad

          It will be moved to city west or Drogheda’s D Hotel most likely in order to accommodate both “traditions”

          1. SOQ

            Both will be full with the Ukrainian roman salute type people I think.

            The real deal- not a Green Party gay member from the UK.

          1. SOQ

            Do you even understand why employing a VPN is recommended before posting on the internet?

            Probably not.

          2. SOQ

            It is certainly better than accusing someone of lying to make a troll persona relevant?

          3. Sara

            Well Johnny, this is my sister, who’s also my mom and wife. Now you understand why I spend all my time in Wicklow writing batsh*t crazy stuff.

        2. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

          Putin himself is at an all time high in the popularity ratings so it is pretty obvious that the Russians agree with his military exercise.

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