‘An Unexplained Type Of Hepatitis’ [Updated]


This afternoon.



This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

The Health Service Executive has confirmed that a child who was being treated for an acute form of hepatitis, has died.

A second child who was also being treated for the same illness has received a liver transplant.

Both cases are being linked to an unexplained type of hepatitis that is being reported in children worldwide.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has said the total number of cases reported worldwide is approximately 450.


The HSE said that over the last two months approximately, six probable cases of children with hepatitis of unknown cause have been detected in Ireland.

The six children were aged between one and 12 years of age. All were hospitalised.

In addition a small number of other cases are being assessed to see if they are linked to this acute hepatitis of unknown origin or if they have another cause for their illness.

The HSE said the cause of acute hepatitis in these children has not yet been found and all possibilities are being investigated at present.

Child dies from acute form of hepatitis (RTE)



…via Daily Exposé:

The question on everyone’s lips though is ‘what on earth is causing this deadly outbreak of liver inflammation among children?’

Authorities such as the UK Health Security Agency have been quick to disregard the Covid-19 injections. At first, they claimed none of the children had been vaccinated, before quickly revising that claim to “not all of the children have been vaccinated”.

But there exists a huge amount of evidence that suggests the Covid-19 injections should not be so quickly disregarded as the root cause of this mysterious and deadly hepatitis affecting children.

Evidence that Public Health authorities would be extremely wise to ponder instead of wasting their time trying to link this hepatitis outbreak to Covid-19 even though less than 20% of the affected children have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

What could be causing the mysterious rise in deadly Hepatitis cases among Children? (Daily Exposé)


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161 thoughts on “‘An Unexplained Type Of Hepatitis’ [Updated]

  1. Kin

    Strange one this one
    Maybe it’s like the Japanese flu that arrived in Ireland December 2019 that I got
    Like quite a few then we had covid 19 then of course with my experience when I did get covid the symptoms were much the same
    There has been so many lies told by our HSE I doubt they will tell the truth
    Maybe it’s a Russian viral weapon or even something brought back from space from Elon musk or even a result of Boris and party gate
    The reality is it’s real and if it’s a result of mutations and a link to the vaccine I suppose we will be prevented from knowing the truth by government

          1. Kin

            Which brings me to another
            There is talk that in space scientists are experimenting with some pretty bad viruses
            And a space station is ideal for developing all sorts of nasties
            Maybe thougH they might be working on a mutated Leo varadkar with an implanted brain or even a mehole that reproduces like an amoeba

      1. Kin

        Well that’s more believable than eating bats in a food market in wuhan
        It’s sarcasm

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          sorry David, most of your posts are sooooo batpoop it’s hard to tell :)

      1. SOQ

        You are actually goading over the death of a child? Yeah that would be your style alright. You have a track record after all.

          1. SOQ

            Ok genius- so if it is not vaccine related hen what is causing it?

            And while you are sharing your in-depth medical expertise, perhaps you would also like to explain the rise in heart issues, soft tissue cancers and various other viral infections.

            We await with bated breath.

          2. Nigel

            What do you mean ‘if it’s not vaccine related?’ Like that’s the only possible explanation and there hasn’t been a massive pandemic of a virus that has been shown to cause long-term damage to people’s vital organs.

          3. SOQ

            No answer then- just more sneering and smearing and hurling insults.

            Do you honestly think Broadsheet wants you here?

            Do you really think they value your contribution?

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            Your ridiculous conspiraloon questions aren’t worth answering. There’s several links to reputable sites that repudiate the scutter you dribble out here.

            Spare me the hissy fits and attempts to bully me off BS. It will take more than sex toys and infantile stinky bum comments from you, KKKCabbage and your alts to drive me out of here.

          5. SOQ

            I am not trying to bully you off anywhere- just asking if you think Broadsheet values your contribution?

          6. Daisy Chainsaw

            Unlike you, my little SOQpuppet, my self worth isn’t connected to people on a website liking me.

          7. johnny

            …are you not touched by the ‘concern’ of two UK nationals for Irish children, think of the children…I mean its totally normal,for older childless UK nationals to have such concerns….who in Ireland does not frequently worry about the state the NHS…….and British kids….its on my mind constantly,i may have find a brit website and spend all day on it as paddy,abusing the other commentators till none are left.

          8. johnny

            show me where i mentioned ‘unionist’ -projecting as usual,are you or are you not a childless older single gay UK national,with crippling concerns for Irish kids and there parents medical history,this may be ‘normal’ for a brit but its just not Irish,just not.

            …a disgusting comment the absolute dregs,its none your business,i mean you don’t even have any kids,so rude and intrusive,no moral compass at all.

            “What were the exact ages of these children and were the mother’s vaccinated?”

        1. Vlad ‘21 Roses’ Novichok

          You’ve been at that since the first missile hit Ukraine a couple of months back…

      2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I don’t think anyone would desperately want that Daisy, I think it’s genuine concern.

        1. SOQ

          She would- as long as her own is not impacted, anything is fair game- including children.

          1. Chris

            “Therefore proving my relevance” lol, the narcissistic injury is strong in this one.

          2. Chris

            Ah stop, too easy. Ya couldn’t help but take the bait and reply with more self aggrandizing. Narcissists are so predictable..

          3. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

            Disgraceful comment.
            Time to own up to your actions, how much are big pharma paying you to muddy the waters through disinformation?

  2. SOQ

    RIP poor angel.

    What were the exact ages of these children and were the mother’s vaccinated? Not that after lying through their teeth for the past two years I expect the HSE to tell the truth of course.

    Like a lot of other unexplained issues which are arising, depending on the under lying weakness and vulnerabilities of the individual, messing with the immune system can manifest is a variety of ways.

    It may not be vaccine related at all of course, but as it is not following a cluster pattern i.e. breaking out in actual locations, something else is at play.

    In fact, I don’t even know if this type of hepatitis is infectious at all?

    1. jonjoker

      I’m sorry to hear about the child. Unfortunately there is no way to bring him back, but I hope the powers that be will investigate the case properly.

      The reason I say this is because there is quite an amount of official information on the web relating “acute hepatitis” and a covid vaccine.

      It is also possible that this “worldwide” disease could be linked to Covid rather than the vaccine; both situations need to be considered, and here transparency is of the greatest importance.

      1. SOQ

        Agreed- and that is where things get complicated.

        It could be a post infection complication but such usually happens in people who were very ill, which children rarely are. It could be a mixture of the two, meaning exposure to vaccine after infection but it is affecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated and given the age range- probably more the unvaccinated.

        There is an acknowledgement now that some sort of shedding does occur but again, we are in the middle of a live experiment with a medical industry doing their best to cover everything up, so who knows.

        1. anti bot

          children are rarely seriously ill?

          Have you ever been to a children hospital? What is wrong with you other than delusional, all to protect you sick anti vax fantasy. just pee off. Get a job at least in your home country.

          1. SOQ

            Children are rarely seriously ill from CoVid-19. That is a one out of ten on the ‘useless nit-picking’ scale.

          2. anti bot

            Jesus wept. There are kids who are seriously ill. They need to be protected, much like older folk in hospitals and homes. What is the best way of protecting them. Vax among the people, not the likes of you who won’t get a job, are online all day and never leave your house. When does Cavan take over?

          3. SOQ

            If all those children previously had serious Covid-19 then there would be a clear correlation and the media would be shouting about it.

          4. Nigel

            They’re not shouting about either, because there’s no evidence of either, which is as it should be.

          5. Kin

            Yep anti bot kids rarely get sick
            I suppose they visit the childrens hospital for breast enhancement’s

  3. Duncan Wheeler

    Here’s why there’s a three year trial period before releasing any vaccine for human consumption. Hearing RTE bang on about “now you can vaccinate your really young children and pregnant women”. Beggars belief that they’re still flogging this poison. I wonder what will be the next big lie to scare us into accepting some monstrous dictat that’ll steal our freedoms and make good things worthless. The evidence now clearly shows Fauch found funding and began gain of function experments with Covid on bats in China as it was illegal in the state. Which then somehow escaped into our world. He’s not in jail, Julian Assange is. ‘Nuf said.

  4. Chris

    The older children were ‘vaccinated’, the younger were breastfeeding from recently ‘vaccinated’ women is the probable answer.

    1. SOQ

      From memory it is mainly younger children. I am still at a loss as to what type of hepatitis it is?

      I know one can lead to the other but what is the difference between this type of hepatitis and straight out liver failure?

      Or between this and Hepatitis B or C? Some people carry B and C without symptoms their entire lives – without ever knowing in some cases.

      But the immune systems keep them in check which goes back to Dr Robert Malone’s point about T Cells.

    2. Nigel

      ‘is the probable answer.’

      ‘Is the answer I want and will insist is the answer no matter what.’

        1. Nigel

          ‘No answer then- just more sneering and smearing and hurling insults.

          Do you honestly think Broadsheet wants you here?

          Do you really think they value your contribution?’

          Oops sorry, that’s what SOQ said.

      1. johnny

        …bunch grave dancing ghouls,one an older attention seeking childless single gay man has ‘concerns’ for others peoples children,the absolute dregs of society,no surprise both are UK nationals now based in Irl,spreading lies and misinformation daily on here.

        “Within a day, a stranger had gone through my old tweets and found confirmation that I had been vaccinated against Covid-19 during my pregnancy. That person created an image of my tweets side-by-side: one from July where I shared my relief at being vaccinated while pregnant and another from September with the story of my loss. A stranger had written “safe … and effective” alongside the screenshots, implying that my being vaccinated in pregnancy had caused my son’s death. The implication captured in this image, which lives on in various corners of the internet, is a lie: The autopsy showed no connection between our son’s death and any vaccinations.’


          1. johnny

            oh look,two brits online 24/7 spreading lies,misinformation and propaganda daily on an Irish web site,to sow division and mistrust,yeah sure sad old queen,how come the other two openly gay men who comment on here despise you and call you a disgrace then ?

            what is self loathing ?

            homophobic much…sad old queen indeed.

            “Well rich gay men certainly are. If such poor women had such a desire to do it, money would not be involved.

            Interesting how feminists are always so silent on this issue. Mother and baby homes- bad. Rich gay men exploiting women- good. The difference is what exactly?”

          2. Chris

            Johnny seems to be growing more irate by the day. What’s the matter terps bro? Is a sliver of reality beginning to seep in? You can only blot it out for so long.

          3. Mr .T

            Jonnys brain has been melted from years of abuse, now he’s increasing angry but not at anything, its a sign of mental health decline. Dont take it personally

          4. SOQ

            It is just this constant trying to drag people into personal scraps gets me- especially when you don’t want to engage with such cretins in the first place.

            If someone has such dislike of a site, then why bother with it in the first place?

        1. anti bot

          Don’t worry the runaway boys won’t challenge with actual facts. They will just respond with personal insults.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    What tiktok did the doctor recieve the information about the J&J vaccine from?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Hahahaha. Ms Conspiraloon out of the traps early on the twitter feed (the updated).

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I see you’ve gone into a childish repetition mode ( on various posters) now that you have nothing to contribute.
          Spewing your scutter on all sorts of antisocial media. He’ll hath no fury than a shortarsed townie not getting her own way.

        1. SOQ

          Yes of course- the first place a a doctor who trained for at least six years, with an established practice would look is there.

          Out of interest, where did you do your medical degree and internship btw?

          1. Fearganainm

            German Vladimirov should be able to give you all the information that you need.

  6. SOQ

    Re: Dr Gerard Waters’s tweet-
    I have read about the potential causation by adenovirus before.

    Is there any link between the number of cases per country and the J & J percentage administered I wonder? I am thinking particularly of England where this appears to be occurring more than anywhere else. The other question would be if the parents, particularly the mother, has been vaccinated and if so- with what?

    We have being listening to a lot of BS about ‘track and trace’ about over the past two years, but maybe it is time to put a real one in place. I suspect this is one of many- for want of a better word- ‘outbreaks’ which are going to occur. They really do need to the root of what is causing them double quick.

    Of course the usual corrupt pharma shills will deny any correlation until the evidence is over whelming, by which time more people will have died and more people will be permanently injured.

      1. Chris

        Being open to the possibility and investigating is good science, not denying it. Is there any subject or field you actually have any real knowledge on? Like anything at all?

        1. Nigel

          Denying it until proven is better than asserting it’s proven when it’s not, and then long after it’s been disproven.

          1. Chris

            Personal questions eh? Plenty of people here have shared what they work at or studied – but not Nigel, his propagandised yammering needs no qualification.

            An authoritarian who’s an authority on absolutely nothing.

          2. Nigel

            That’s an obscure sort ot authoritarianism, that denies things gave been proven until they’ve been proven.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            We are very lucky you know to have such an eminently qualified person as Nigel who has all sorts of degrees in subjects such as

            – Covid
            – History
            – War
            – Trans
            – General medicine
            – US Politics

            so that he can make his pronouncements to us.

          4. Nigel

            We’re lucky to have you, a world-renowned authority on how sentences that use the word ‘if’ don’t count.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            It obviously does when you run away each and every time, leaving a trail of childish incomprehensible gibberish.

      2. SOQ

        Sweetheart- you wouldn’t know good science if it walked up and pee’d on your leg.

        Shouting everyone down who dares consider the possibility of a connection is NOT the same as providing alternative explanations for what is going on.

        You and your in denial cohorts have provided zero alternative explanations so far.

        1. Nigel

          Except you have an ideological agenda to connect things like this to the vaccines when no connection has been proven, then asserting that connections have been proven when they’re not and claiming conspiracies of supression and repression to keep the lies alive. I think that might be bad science. It definitely smells like pee.

          1. SOQ

            So yet again no alternative explanations- just more questioning of people’s motives.

            Just stop with the waffle- just stop wasting people’s time. You have no clue about this subject- that much is obvious.

          2. Nigel

            I’m not questioning your motives, your motives are perfectly clear, there’s no question about them, you demonstate the here daily.

            I’m not obliged to provide alternaitve explanations – though I have suggested one fairly obvious possibility – it is sufficent to point out the explanation you are pushing has not been proven.

          3. SOQ

            You are not providing any alternative explanations because you don’t have any- and neither does anyone else- end of.

          4. Nigel

            You’ve already decided on the explanation, based on absolutely nothing but your own need to be right about the vaccines.

          5. SOQ

            Absolutely not- very open to suggestions as to why children are becoming sick and dying of Hepatitis- so fire away?

          6. SOQ

            So why adamant that the medical experts who are coming up with SOME explanation are wrong then?

            What Robert Malone is saying makes sense- people’s immune systems are getting damaged- and there is a wide range of virologists and epidemiologists who agree with him.

          7. Chris

            Perhaps its climate change? Referees whistles? It’s telling that the media will speculate on all kinds of reasons for various conditions – but never the vax! No! That has to be proven before it can even possibly be mentioned.

            And even if it was proven, the drooling idiots would still deny it. Safe and effective remember. Top notch propaganda from the NGOs- tossing their victims around like ragdolls and they cry out for more.

          8. Nigel

            They can come up with all the explanations they want, but they can’t escape the fact that they have an explicit agenda that has nothing to do with whether the explanation is correct, and that currently nobody knows the actual cause.

            Robert Malone is constructing a narrative. For someone who decries constructed narratives you sure are susceptible to them.

          9. Nigel

            Oh are we not allowed to disagree with qualified doctors now? Dr Tony Holohan will be pleased.

          10. Daisy Chainsaw

            Gerard Waters is a qualified doctor and doesn’t know the difference between herpetology and hepatology!

          11. GiggidyGoo

            No i’m not.
            But you are the one who pronounced ‘ Robert Malone is constructing a narrative’
            So – again – Robert Malone is a qualified doctor. And you?

          12. GiggidyGoo

            A spelling mistake? Is that what you’re reduced to, to argue a point now? Hahahahaha.

            And your medical qualification is? A tin of prunes no doubt!

          13. Nigel

            I did. Reread SOQ’s comment, it’s right there. You don’t even need to be a doctor to see it.

          14. GiggidyGoo

            And, yet again – Robert Malone one is a qualified doctor. And you?

            SOQs post.. ‘ people’s immune systems are getting damaged- and there is a wide range of virologists and epidemiologists who agree with him.’

            Your qualifications are?

          15. Nigel

            Tony Holohan is going to be SO thrilled at this new reverence for medical qualifications.

            See? Constructing a narrative, and you didn’t even have to be very qualified to see it.

          16. GiggidyGoo

            And yet again – Robert Malone is a qualified doctor. And you?
            No gibberish now mind. A yes or no will suffice.

          17. GiggidyGoo

            Gibberish. Nigel’s Rocking horse brain finally gives in.
            The final resting place of Nigel – gibberish.

          18. GiggidyGoo

            You haven’t seen the thesis. I also did one on busted flushes. Just a note of thanks for your help.

        2. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

          Again, how much are you getting paid to pump this fear and these lies?
          ‘Shedding has now being acknowledged’
          Disgusting and disgraceful behaviour, I hope you sleep soundly on your bed of pharma blood money.
          Fooling no one anymore with your faux concern and outrage.
          Again, disgraceful.

          1. SOQ

            Your bed of pharma blood money.??? LOL

            This place is like a bloody psychiatric ward at times.

          2. Ten Pin's Fictitious Mrs.

            You are working for 1 of 4 companies paid to flood the internet with disinformation.
            See every false/lying post you have knowingly made about covid and the Russian invasion.
            How much are they paying you?

          3. SOQ

            Oh there definately paid shills on this site- but alas I am not.

            How in your twisted little mind can someone who has been consistently anti Big Pharma be paid by Big Pharma? Just go away clown.

      1. Ian - oG

        Ben from Reptile Haven on Fishamble street is an actual herpetologist, really nice bloke and very helpful, I used to have water dragons for pets and thanks to his help and advice they lived right up to their expected lifespan.

        Not allowed anymore though, in fairness they do fair stink no matter how often you clean the tank.

    1. SOQ

      It is a hepatologist I assume he means, not a herpetologist?

      Also, a hepatologist is no more educated than a GP, just more specialised. If anything, a General Practitioner is in a better positioned to identify the link between two viruses than a hepatologist, because they are liver specialists.

      1. Ian - oG

        ”Also, a hepatologist is no more educated than a GP, just more specialised. ”


        Then the rest….

        Ah man, thanks for the laugh dude, you’re highly amusing.

          1. Ian - oG

            ”Also, a hepatologist is no more educated than a GP, just more specialised. ”


            Specialising literally means getting additional education on top of what a GP does you numb brained halfwit.

            Posting links to what each does is irrelevant in the face of your specific claim, a claim that is simple to prove to be wrong.

          2. jonjoker

            @Ian óg
            There was a time when a recently-graduated MD could set up as a GP.
            As far as I’m aware, these days being a GP requires post-graduate training. In other it too is a speciality – a GP is a specialist in general medicine.

          3. SOQ

            WRONG- both start with a medical degree but the Hepatologist then studies gastroenterology and liver issues, while a GP completes a three-year residency program.

            The education and training schedule is roughly the same.

  7. wearnicehats

    I hesitate to get involved in this high-brow medical discussion but this issue has been around for about a month now.

    Dr Meera Chand – who is leading the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) investigation into the rise in cases – told a briefing 3 weeks ago that children were not being exposed to the hepatitis virus in their early years due to lockdown restrictions. A lack of social mixing could be a factor in why it was hitting their age-group the hardest. The agency said there is no link to the Covid vaccine as none of the currently confirmed cases in under 10s in the UK are known to have been vaccinated.It appeared to reflect a rise in cases of adenovirus after restrictions were eased, she said. “Because of the physical distancing restrictions during the pandemic, there were only a few cases in 2020 and 2021,” she added. “But there was the high circulation in the beginning of 2022, especially in the age group under five.”

    Apologies but I don’t have a tiktok link to this

    1. Fearganainm

      Here’s a link for you:


      Dog ownership is another possible contributory factor that’s currently being explored.

      For some bizarre reason SOQ thinks that people should be checking out 4chan for information.

      “Yes of course- the first place a a doctor who trained for at least six years, with an established practice would look is there. ”

      Mind you, he was referring to a suspended, 72-year-old doctor so perhaps the latter has more time to navigate the child porn, school shooter/mass shooter, murderer, QANON conspiracy theory etc. threads in there.

      1. SOQ

        It was sarcasm- you’ll probably learn to recognise that when you grow up. Unless you are on the spectrum of course.

        1. Fearganainm

          Of course it was sarcasm. Sure it was. It’s all very comical.

          When pressed for the source of his claim that he’d “just received information that it is not the spike protein causing the childhood hepatitis but the J&J adenovirus which was used as a vehicle to facilitate entry to cells which was not properly neutralized and has gone rogue.” answer came there none, from old Dr. Waters.


          A repost – which he has now deleted – from the anonymous ‘source’ on 4chan, complete with his “This idea is no doubt known to the herpetologists (doctors) involved in these cases” blooper.

          So now you’re left with old Dr. Waters not having any source at all.

          Hilarious all right.

          1. SOQ

            What are you talking about? Both Robert Malone and Peter McCullough have already spoken about adenovirus as a possible cause- the correlation is very mainstream.

            Well mainstream among those not in Pharma’s pocket anyways. Always attacking the messenger but never addressing the message- very shill like behaviour.

          2. Fearganainm

            So let’s get this straight. You’ve not only dropped Ryan Cole but also Gerard Waters, and now you’re bring Malone and McCullough on as subs, is that it?

          3. SOQ

            What exactly did Dr Ryan Cole do that you disapprove of so much? Prescribe ivermectin? Here is a tip- if a doctor offers it to you- refuse.

            But when it comes to the rest of us, we will make our own health decisions, which is around about way of saying- mind you own business.

            All sorts of post vaccine heart issues, viruses and cancers popping up- and all you can do is throw poo at those sounding the alarm?

            You crowd are looking more ridiculous by the day.

  8. U N M U T U A L

    Science: Covid-19 source – definitely wet markets, no doubt about it.

    Also science: mystery hepatitis in children – dunno, eh dogs maybe?

    Bat Soup Crazy…

  9. SOQ

    Army Veteran Pam Long Lists Alarming Numbers From the DMED Data Base

    Myocarditis – Up 2800%
    Cancers – Up 300% to 900%
    Infertility (Both Genders) – Up 500%
    Miscarriages – Up 300%
    Neurological Disorders – Up 1000%
    Demyelinating Disorders – Up 1000%


    HIV- UP 500%- what now?

    Are people becoming more susceptible to catching HIV or was it lying dormant?

    Didn’t even know it could lie dormant.

  10. Fearganainm

    While you were sleeping…

    Old Doctor Gerard Waters got himself kicked off Twitter:


    Before he vanished he retweeted more 4chan material (confirming, it would seem, where he ‘received information’ with regard to his Tweet at the top of this thread), so his account died as it had lived, recycling wild, unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims from anonymous people using extremely dubious platforms.

    1. Fearganainm

      Old Doctor Waters might just hang on to his 47,000 followers if he bows the knee to Twitter and removes whatever offending posts pushed him over the line. Since he was suspended from his GP’s practice his Twitter account has been the only thing keeping him off the streets. Still, you have to hand it to him – he’s proved that getting suspended is something of a gift that he has.

  11. Fearganainm

    IF ONLY old Doctor Waters hadn’t tried to pretend that he was in possession of some arcane knowledge when in reality all he’d done was pass off something that originated on a 4chan post. If he’d done a little research he could have learned the basic fact that Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t authorized anywhere in the world for use by persons who were not 18 or older.

    Then he could have queried whether any one of the 348 probable cases that have so far been reported in 21 different countries had occurred in places where Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine has actually been used.

    But no, he wanted to let on the he was ‘in the know’ and rushed to uncritically recycle material from 4chan, whilst not acknowledging that that demented cesspit was the source of the ‘information’ that he claimed to have received. Maybe the old fool doesn’t know what 4chan is – he didn’t make any effort to disguise the distinctive 4chan posts when he later reposted them.

    1. Fearganainm

      “The safety and efficacy of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine have not been established in individuals younger than 18 years of age.”

      One study was conducted with a group of thirty three 16-17 year-olds.

      A second study is currently ongoing with a group of 12-17 year-olds.

      Outside those trials Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine has not been given to any under-18s anywhere in the world.


  12. Fearganainm

    Most children with case of severe hepatitis were previously healthy – HSE


    “Most of the children struck by a severe form of hepatitis – which has led to one death in Ireland and another child needing a liver transplant – were previously healthy, it emerged yesterday. Ireland’s disease watchdog said almost all the cases have been in children under 10 years of age. The oldest here was aged 12. None of the children here caught it from another infected patient…”

    1. SOQ

      None of the children here caught WHAT from another infected patient?

      It’s not Hepatitis A, B. C, D nor E so- what is it? Is it a virus at all? Or- is it just the body’s immune system attacking the liver?

      If it was infectious then it would be spreading in clustered patterns, but it is not.

    1. Fearganainm

      Coronavirus may be linked to cases of severe hepatitis in children

      “May 16 (Reuters) – The following is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19. They include research that warrants further study to corroborate the findings and that has yet to be certified by peer review.

      SARS-CoV-2 could be at root of mysterious hepatitis in kids

      A chain of events possibly triggered by unrecognized infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus could be causing the mysterious cases of severe hepatitis reported in hundreds of young children around the world, researchers suggest. Children with COVID-19 are at significantly increased risk for liver dysfunction afterward, according to a report posted on Saturday on medRxiv ahead of peer review. But most of the children with acute hepatitis – which is generally rare in that age group – do not report a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection. Instead, the majority have been found to be infected with an adenovirus called 41F, which is not known to attack the liver. It is possible that the affected children, many of whom are too young to be vaccinated, may have had mild or asymptomatic COVID infections that went unnoticed, a separate team of researchers suggest in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology. If that were true, they theorize, then lingering particles of the coronavirus in the gastrointestinal tract in these children could be priming the immune system to over-react to adenovirus-41F with high amounts of inflammatory proteins that ultimately damage the liver. “We suggest that children with acute hepatitis be investigated for SARS-CoV-2 persistence in stool” and for other signals that the liver damage is happening because the spike protein of the coronavirus is a “superantigen” that over-sensitizes the immune system, they said.”


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