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SpaceX Flight Attendant Says Elon Musk Exposed Himself, Offered Her a Horse: Report (Rolling Stone)



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23 thoughts on “Elongated

    1. Kali

      Genuine question, why is he a creep?

      I’ve not seen anything creepy about him but I don’t know much about his personality. The guy seems to revolutionised online payments, shaken up the car industry, created the first private space company and has goals to reduce travel times and traffic with his boring company.

      This is the first sleazy accusation I’ve seen about him

      1. TessFlynn

        It’s pretty creepy the way he treats his workers in China and is proud of it. He doesn’t even view them as human and forces them to work crazy hours for weeks on end. He is like Trump in the 90’s – gets away with mad stuff because of his personality cult.

    2. Kin

      And if he is correct plenty of grubby little hands over inflating the price of a web company
      The New York security exchange boys need to raid Twitter and clear up the possibility it’s value is false

  1. SOQ

    Musk could be genuine in his endeavours to promote free speech but he is a businessman after all, and the name of his game is profit. Either way, he has a marketing team who are very good at their job.

    Or, it could be all theatre in order for Twitter to regain some semblance of credibility because their political overreach has really harmed the brand. Just like FakeBook vs TikTok or YouTube vs Rumble or Odysse, alternatives are emerging and once people move, they tend not to come back. Telegram for example is really busy these days with some serious big names and no, it is not all ‘right wing’.

    Combine that with the bot fraud allegations which if found to be true are bound to hit the share price, and damage the company even further.

          1. Kin

            Sorry Nigel the spell check
            Penneth As in your contribution
            As for back stop think back a year or so when I said all the time problems regarding our border with the north were going to be a big problem
            Now it’s no longer a back stop but a Northern Ireland protocol
            But in reality it’s the elephant in the room
            You cannot move a border to the Irish Sea for convenience

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Is anyone really surprised that Musk would expose himself to underlings. He treats his workers with distain at the best of times, so this is entirely expected.

    Be interesting to see who defends this.

    1. Mad

      It’s “disdain” you halfwit!
      I.e. what your type routinely show to those who disagree with you

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Sad demanding attention like a little Elon with his little elon out and rubbed raw.

    2. Kin

      Fact is he is no worse than 99.9% of billionaires
      Or oligarchs
      They have no clue as to how the rest of us live and of course are ruthless
      I suppose it’s needed to become as wealthy as they are
      But they can only drive one car at a time sleep in one bed at night and be only one place at any one time
      They have no concept of what it’s like to live a normal life as we see it
      They also surround themselves with yes personnel that tell them what they want to hear
      One thing I regret was that at the Jonny depp liable trial he was not made attend that court as a witness as he was going out with depts wife while she was married to depp
      I believe he had a fling with Marilyn Manson partner or girlfriend

  3. Jo

    Claims he is Republican 48 hours ago, sexual misconduct today.

    How do people fall for this?

    There is a reason the 1% exist, they play with you like puppets.

  4. stephen moran

    That’s the least of his problems at the moment – the Twitter boards have him over a barrel. He’s already pissed off the SEC numerous times with his cavalier approach to securities law that would have landed most other mortals in jail (the taking Tesla private ruse with phantom funding from Saudi which never existed) – he really should have read the terms and conditions before he signed. Buyers remorse – caveat emptor . Sure it will end up in court but the case law doesn’t look promising when for him given he waived his right to do due diligence and Twitter have a massive disclaimer in their SEC filings anyway – as I said previously he will have to prove that the number of bots he finds (and the burden of proof is on him) will affect the LONG TERM profitability of Twitter by 40% or else he’s 100% on the hook for $54.20

    His frees speech crusade for Twitter is a total bs sham as well given only 30% of the world could be classified as democracies to start with an the EU already laws incoming that he will have to adhere to or lese or face draconian fines. Its ironic that those who harp on about the joys of free speech here are such rent boys for all regimes in the world where free speech doesn’t exist at all.

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