A Limerick A Day


Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan (above) has ruled out nuclear power as an option in the transition from fossil fuel

Now Eamon has made an emission
That as Ireland makes its transition
Toward cleaner fuel
We won’t, as a rule
Be arranging any nuclear fission

John Moynes


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22 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      do you know we are one of the top suppliers of delicious fresh eels because us dopes don’t appreciate their tasty goodness ?

          1. Gabby

            I once enjoyed a pub light lunch of jellied eels with chips and a pint of bitter in a street named Lavender Hill near Clapham Junction. Delish.

  1. Kin

    In all honesty $7.1 billion and that’s for starters then the waste
    Well we could choose the following for sites like the dail
    maybe we have enough WMDs in this country with the present shower
    I say drop eamo mehole Leo Humpty Dumpty and coveney over North Korea and put paid to little Kim

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Out of sheer curiosity does anyone know, or can point me to a source, to look at the use of the style of reactors used on ships and submarines? Like, the reactor for a large aircraft carrier should provide sufficient power for a small town, no? Given the size and poser drain on those.

    Would therefore a practical idea be having several small offshore floating reactors supplying the grid around the coast?

    Of course disposal of waste remains a problem, but would it be an option, how would it run on cost, given the infrastructure that would be needed to connect floating generators to the shore, but surely similar to offshore wind farms.

    I am not promoting it, but looking for information. The reason I ask is I was watching the Maverick trailer, and it hit me as and idea when they were on the big carrier

  3. Kali

    Jesus, Ryan getting something right for a change. What could go wrong with a large nuclear reactor in Ireland, no dangers there. I mean, it could meltdown and kill thousands and make the surrounding areas uninhabitable for the next few thousand years but why worry about that now

    1. Kin

      And can you imagine the fish then yum yum pigs bum
      I remember Fukushima
      Man’s arrogance thinking the can over ride nature

  4. Ian - oG

    There are loads and loads of great ideas for green energy but all Eamonn is able to focus on is bikes.

    Look up gravitricity, a Scottish start up based on the concept of gravity storage, great idea for one example and there are loads out there.

    1. paul

      I do like that gravitricity idea. It makes perfect sense and is a visible storage so not difficult to convince people of its viability. Can be done with water as well as weights, pump a small lake to a higher spot, hold there and then let it flow down again for generation.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        “Can be done with water as well”

        Is that not what they did with Turlough Hill? Using excess power during off peak times to pump the water up, and using the fall for generation during peak times. Helped balance the system as well, as I understand it.

        1. Ian - oG

          I think it’s the same concept but using renewable that is not consistent in power generation.

          So when its dark or heavily overcast etc. for solar and when its calm for wind and so on.

          Smashing idea, have heard it being kicked around in some form or another for quite a few years now.

          1. Nigel

            Alternative storage solutions really could be a gamechanger, but all the clever genuinely (not greenwashed) low-impact tech won’t save us while governments remain logjammed on behalf of fossil fuels.

    2. Nigel

      An Irish Green Party should be supporting things like wind-powered energy and reforestation. Unfortunately in Ireland, they build the turbines on boglands and plant monoculture sitka pine plantations, also often on bogland. Until whatever incentives are in place for this system are removed, you really can’t properly support either, and the idea of an FF/FG government seeking out new green energy innovations is just depressingly laughable. The other depressingly laughable idea is that as junior coalition partners they can’t criticise these schemes as the travesties they are.

  5. Boe_Jiden

    Nuclear power is the most dangerous forms of electricity I cant believe anyone would be stupid enough to ask for it to be brought here the amount of deaths it would cause doesnt bear thinking about we have solar and wind they’re literally free energy what goes through these peoples minds???

    1. Nigel

      Wind and solar and geothermal can all be distributed across a wde area, can be harvested by individuals on a small scale and excess sold on to the national grid. Nuclear power is centralised, literally walled off and wrapped in secrecy for national security reasons, and can be run by massive corporations who can transition their massively subsidised monopolies from fossil fuels to nuclear. That’s why they push nuclear power.

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