We spoke of little else.

Good times.

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8 thoughts on “Danger Here

    1. Kin

      Exactly until the FAI are gone this countries football future is well confined to jack charlton
      A cancer has eaten this organisation from the heart of it
      Roy Keene respected his players and was vindicated by the genesis report
      The FAI refused to change
      It’s time not one more red cent was put into it and the bid for the European championships stopped
      Dismantle it and a new island of Ireland soccer organisation formed just like we have in rugby

  1. Ronan

    McCarthy was spot on to send him home.

    Look at what has happened in the changing room across major clubs since managers stopped nipping player power in the bud.

    At the end of the day, we’ve always relied on bang average players coming together with pride to deliver for the country. Keane had plenty of good points about preparation and the state of the facilities, but when you’ve players that are usually hovering between the bench and being clubless, but can raise their game for Ireland (McAteer, etc), what’s a nutritionist going to do to improve performance that heart and soul won’t trump?

    The ireland teams of lower tier players building a team spirit fish and chips and a few pints by and large did better than the top flight reservists wondering how to pick themselves up for an away game in Tiblisi.

  2. LemmyK

    McC was jealous of Keane. Thwarted any attempt made by the obvious leader of the team to improve things. McC was a ‘company man’, Keane wasn’t.

    Very much a case of This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us! Two Alphas with big egos.

    For the record, I like both of them.

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